Portugal Golf – A colony of 550 Flamingos were born in the Algarve

A colony of 550 Flamingos were born in the Algarve

A colony of 550 Flamingos were born in the Algarve

For the first time, in Portugal, a colony of flamingos has nested in the Castro Marim & Vila Real de Santo Antonio Nature Reserve. About 3000 flamingos remained in a salt pan at Cerro do Bufo, where they built about 800 nests with eggs, which, when they hatch, gave rise to about 550 offspring.

The species usually migrates from Portugal in the summer, but the drought and pandemic may help explain the unprecedented nesting in the national territory.

This nesting and its positive result may be confirmed next year and become a recurrent situation, which would represent an important adaptation of the species to different conditions than it has always had in the usual places, thus enabling the diversification of the nesting places and maintenance of the species population in the geographical area of the Mediterranean.

In the Sado and Tejo Estuary Nature Reserve, around fifty nests were built simultaneously in each of them. However, either due to the change in physical conditions that occurred in the places or because there were a very small number of couples, the nesting was not completed. In these last two cases, the nests were abandoned.

The construction of nests has been known since the late 1990s in the main protected areas in wetlands, namely the Tejo and Sado Estuary Nature Reserve and Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António Nature Reserve, and, still, in other places. However, the construction of the nests does not constitute, in itself, confirmation of nesting, since juveniles born in those places were never observed.

Diverse people and entities also contributed to the results obtained. ICNF is especially grateful for all “the collaboration provided by the company Compasal and other various entities in terms of its availability to maintain all environmental and safety conditions, thus enabling the successful nesting”.

They also thank the photographer Agostinho Gomes for the photographic report with which he followed the entire process and for all the care and sensitivity with which he did it, having made it available to ICNF and the public.

Thanks are also extended to the Nature Watchers of the Algarve’s Regional Directorate of Nature and Forests Conservation, in particular those of the Castro Marim Nature Reserve and Vila Real de Santo António, for all their efforts to maintain safety and tranquillity on site, which has allowed the nesting and development process to be maintained, without disturbances that could compromise it.

For Tee Times Golf Agency, this wonderful nature event reinforces the quality and tranquillity of the environmental conditions in our Algarve. In any of the regions, a golf break or family vacation will always be splendid and full of magical and breathtaking moments.

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Source: jornaldoalgarve.pt

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Portugal golf holidays – Golf Holidays Breaks in Algarve Portugal

Salgados Golf Course. Golf Holidays Breaks in Algarve

Salgados Golf Course

Golf Holidays Breaks in Algarve

The Algarve, being the most southern province of Portugal, offers a semi-tropical climate, a cold winter and hot, but very pleasant summers, providing conditions for fantastic golf breaks all year round. There are 39 Golf Courses in the Algarve from west to east and almost all of them offer several options for multiple games, “golf packages”, where the player gets advantageous discounts. We have the example of dynamic packages that start from 2 or 3 rounds and offer an additional discount, such as the Vilamoura golf courses or the Amendoeira Resort. Vilamoura also offers Taylor made packages on its 5 golf courses, the traditional Old Course, the emblematic Victoria golf course and the popular Pinhal, Millennium and Laguna golf courses owned by the Dom Pedro group and therefore the options are many and with different types of discounts. A Group of 8 or more golfers have a free round for 1 player. Golf professionals also benefit from amenities and special conditions.

Quinta do Lago also offers combinations of 3, 5 or more rounds on its three golf courses, Laranjal, Quinta do Lago South and North, offering one free player in 16 and special conditions for the golf professionals.

Vale do Lobo on the two golf courses, Ocean and Royal also offer 1 free player in 8, a package of 3 rounds with 1 free round, excellent for those who want to play more than one round of golf at Vale do Lobo golf courses in the centre of the Algarve.

For the best golf holiday, we at Tee Times Golf Agency have around 60 golf packages to choose from all golf courses in the Algarve.

The most important areas of the Algarve for your golf holidays are Vilamoura, Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago, Lagos, Portimao Carvoeiro and Tavira, all of them have a set of very important Golf Courses such as Palmares, Boavista and Espiche, in Lagos.

Portimao has the legendary Penina Golf Course designed by Sir Henry Cotton and the excellent Morgado and Alamos Golf Courses, set in a peaceful environment at the foot of the Monchique mountains. The Morgado golf course, more demanding, recently home of the Portuguese Open and the Alamos golf course shorter but very demanding golf course in the short game, very wavy greens. Two good options in the region. In Carvoeiro, we have the Vale da Pinta & Gramacho golf courses and in Albufeira, the Salgados golf course is a lot of fun and not too far to the north after the highway, golf players can find the amazing Amendoeira Resort, Faldo and O´Connor golf courses and the popular Silves golf course.

In the Tavira area, in the eastern part of the Algarve, we have the best golf course in Portugal, and one of the best in Europe, the Monte Rei North golf course with the signature of Jack Nicklaus.

A little further south two excellent golf courses, Quinta da Ria & Quinta de Cima, plus the Benamor and Castro Marim golf courses, both very popular and pleasant to play and a course designed by the legendary Severiano Ballesteros that is Quinta do Vale, complement the golf offer in Tavira which is quite comprehensive and suitable for all types of players and provide also some great golf holidays in that part of the Algarve.