7th edition of “Tee Times Open Championship”: the best of Quinta do Lago ready to celebrate golf and friendship

Golf fans, get ready to pack your clubs and head to Portugal for the Tee Times Open Championship. Celebrating its seventh edition, the tournament promises three exciting days (19-21 January) of golf and camaraderie on some of the most challenging courses in the Algarve region. 

Participants will play in pairs and be privileged to take on the magic of golf in Portugal on three outstanding courses: Quinta do Lago North, Quinta do Lago South, and Quinta do Lago Laranjal. These courses offer not only strategic challenges but also impressive views and the guarantee of a unique experience on every hole. Portugal has become a premier golf destination, and the Tee Times Open Championship highlights this with its three incredible courses.

Tee Times Open Championship Welcome at Chez Carlos Restaurant

The tournament kicks off with a warm welcome at the famous Chez Carlos Restaurant on January 18. Participants can relax, share anticipations, and enjoy delicious Portuguese cuisine. 

Portugal has established itself as a premier golf destination with world-class golf courses. The seventh edition of the “Tee Times Open Championship” highlights the excellence of golf in the country and offers participants the opportunity to enjoy Portuguese hospitality and the scenic beauty of the Algarve.

Portugal Golf Breaks

Golf courses in Portugal are known for their innovative design and strategic challenges, and the “Tee Times Open Championship” is no exception. Participants will experience first-hand why Portugal is a world-renowned golf destination.

Thanks to Quinta do Lago, which welcomes the tournament just like last year, and the sponsors (Hilton, Penina Resort, NAU Palm Village, Quinta do Vale, Espiche, Benamor and Quinta da Tor Wines) who make this competition possible, golfers can enjoy a memorable experience in Portugal’s golf majesty. 

In short, from January 19 to 21, Algarve will be the epicentre of the seventh edition of this exciting tournament that summarizes the camaraderie and more than 30 years of work of Tee Times Golf Agency. From the welcome at Chez Carlos Restaurant to the challenges on the courses at Quinta do Lago, this event promises lots of fun and immersion in the majesty of golf in Portugal. Prepare to score your perfect shot and enjoy three unforgettable days with friends at the Tee Times Open Championship.

The Michelin Guide Portugal 2024 Gala illuminates the Algarve: a culinary feast for the senses

This year, culinary anticipation reaches new heights with the news that the Michelin Guide Portugal 2024 Gala will take place in the charming Algarve on February 27. With its stunning beaches and unique gastronomic tradition, this region promises to be the perfect setting to honour Portugal’s culinary masters.

The event is expected to attract many tourists, especially those interested in golf in Portugal, as the Algarve is home to some of the best Portuguese golf courses.

Chefs Dieter Koschina from Vila Joya (2 Michelin Stars) and Rui Silvestre from Vistas Rui Silvestre (1 Michelin Star) will lead the Algarve chefs in charge of the Gala dinner. Guests at the NAU Salgados Palace & Congress Center in Guia, in Albufeira, can enjoy some emblematic dishes of Portuguese gastronomy.


Gastronomic and Portugal golf courses

The Algarve is a famous destination for Golf in Portugal, attracting worldwide enthusiasts golfers to its world-class golf courses. Apart from them, the Algarve’s exquisite gastronomic offerings make it a preferred destination for tourists seeking culinary experiences. The Michelin Gala in the Algarve adds a unique glimmer to the already rich culinary offerings of the region, making it an ideal choice for those who seek the best of both worlds.

After a day on the golf courses, visitors can relax in the Algarve’s restaurants, where the Michelin Gala adds a special touch this year. Fusing the game’s excitement and gastronomy’s sophistication creates a unique experience for those seeking the best of both worlds.


The flavours of Algarve

Located on the southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve is a culinary treasure that fuses the freshness of the sea with the richness of local ingredients. The Michelin Gala will highlight the diversity of flavours, from the emblematic cod to the fresh seafood characterising the region.

Portuguese cuisine is distinguished by its authenticity in dishes that combine fresh vegetables with fish and the best meats. In this context, cod is its ambassador. This fish is presented in various preparations, such as grilled cod or cod cataplana. Olive oil, another essential ingredient, adds its golden touch to iconic dishes, creating a symphony of tastes in every bite.

The Michelin Guide Portugal 2024 Gala in the Algarve will be more than a culinary event; We are facing a celebration of the rich gastronomic heritage and tourist attraction of Portugal. For fans looking for Portugal golf breaks, from the greens to the award-winning dishes, the Algarve offers a banquet for the senses that leaves visitors with unforgettable memories and satisfied taste buds. Welcome to a Portuguese feast!

Showing the Algarve charms: our experience at the Vakantiebeurs Tourism Fair in the Netherlands

Showing the Algarve charms: our experience at the Vakantiebeurs Tourism Fair in the NetherlandsTee Times Golf Agency participated with the Associação de Turismo do Algarve in the prestigious Vakantiebeurs Tourism Fair in the Netherlands (January 11-14), which provided an extraordinary chance to immerse ourselves in Dutch travel culture and present the wonders of the Algarve region to golf lovers and those seeking Portugal Golf Holidays.

The Algarve region is well-known for its picturesque landscapes and world-renowned golf courses, which were highlighted on our stand. From vibrant Lisbon to the stunning cliffs in the Algarve region, we presented the diversity of experiences travellers can enjoy in this unique destination.

The Vakantiebeurs Tourism Fair  

Our specialized approach to golf with the Associação de Turismo do Algarve stood out from the crowd. We highlighted the world-class golf courses designed by golf legends that make Portugal a paradise for enthusiasts of this sport. From fields on the Algarve coast to the hills of Sintra, each shot becomes an unforgettable experience.

“Vakantiebeurs Tourism Fair (in Utrecht) is focused on the public in the Netherlands. We were promoting our Tee Times Golf Agency and the golf packages in the Algarve and Portugal. Our main objective is to make known our brand and the services we have provided for 30 years”, said Jorge Diogo, Tee Times Golf Agency Director of Sales & Marketing.

“It is worth noting that Portugal was chosen the best golf destination in the world for 2023 at the 10th edition of the World Golf Awards, held in Abu Dhabi”, explained Jorge.

Holidays in Portugal: Beyond Golf

Beyond the golf courses, we highlighted the diversity of vacation options in Portugal. From tasting wines in the Douro Valley to exploring the rich history of Lisbon, our stand showcased the unforgettable experiences the Algarve region and Portugal offer.

Our visit to the Vakantiebeurs Tourism Fair was the perfect opportunity to inspire travellers to discover the Portuguese magic and inquire about the Portugal Golf Breaks we offer at Tee Times Golf Agency.

We are sure that we have once again sown the seed for an unforgettable vacation in this corner of the world. We look forward to welcoming many more golf lovers and adventurers willing to explore all Portugal offers! Visit Tee Times Golf Agency’s website and book your Portugal Golf Holiday today.