Elevating experience: Almenara Golf Club integrated into Sotogrande Golf Resort

Sotogrande Golf Resort proudly announces Almenara Golf Club‘s management integration for 2024. This strategic move (since past January) aims to improve the resort’s golf offerings, making it one of Europe’s premier golf destinations and a top choice for Spain golf holidays.

With over twenty-five years of luxury hotel management experience, hotel General Manager Stephane Menou will lead this initiative to elevate service standards and reinforce Sotogrande’s reputation as a unique and exclusive golf destination recommended by Tee Times Golf Agency.

“I am excited to lead this new milestone in the history of Sotogrande, helping it grow and position itself as a world-class destination. We will focus on achieving excellence and providing unique experiences for our guests and golf fans. We are excited about the future of Almenara Golf as an essential part of SO/ Sotogrande and committed to offering more comprehensive services,” says Menou to Golf Industria.

Sotogrande Golf Resort: where luxury meets passion

Integrating Almenara Golf into SO/ Sotogrande Spa & Golf Resort offers guests a comprehensive experience combining exceptional service, meticulously designed surroundings, and proximity to a renowned golf course just steps from the resort’s rooms.

Almenara Golf Club, featuring a twenty-seven-hole course designed by Dave Thomas, offers a unique blend of challenge and serenity amidst the natural beauty of Los Alcornocales Natural Park. Renovated in 2021 under Manuel Piñero’s guidance, the course features deep bunkers, water hazards, undulating terrain, and scenic vistas, promising an unforgettable golfing experience for players of all skill levels.

The resort’s culinary offerings and wellness amenities further enhance guests’ experiences, with four restaurants showcasing Andalusian essence and fresh produce, a spa & wellness centre spanning 3,500 square meters, and a fitness centre boasting natural light and Mediterranean views.

Sotogrande Golf Resort is blessed with over three hundred days of sunshine annually and offers the perfect backdrop for golf enthusiasts seeking tranquillity and excitement. With Almenara Golf now seamlessly integrated into SO/ Sotogrande, guests can enjoy the serenity of this unique destination alongside the thrill of playing on an exceptional course.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled golf experience at Sotogrande Golf Resort, where luxury meets passion for the game amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Sotogrande. Plan your Spain Golf Breaks with Tee Times Golf Agency’s recommended destination and enjoy the perfection of this unique golfing experience.

Revolutionary: Penha Longa Resort introduces cutting-edge robots

Penha Longa Resort proudly announces a transformative leap in sustainable golf course management in Portugal with the integration of nine robots to assist in maintaining the 13-hectare fairways. This pioneering initiative, a first in the Iberian Peninsula, marks a monumental advancement in the golf industry.

These state-of-the-art robots not only ensure immaculate fairways but also promote environmental responsibility. Using this innovative technology, Penha Longa has reduced its carbon footprint by an impressive 18,729 kg of CO2. This decrease is equivalent to planting approximately 825 trees, underscoring the commitment to environmental conservation.

Located 45 minutes from Lisbon, Penha Longa is a golf gem and one of the most sought-after destinations among the best Portugal golf breaks.

By autonomously tending to the grass with unparalleled precision, these robots elevate the standard of care beyond traditional methods. Equipped with integrated GPS technology, they guarantee unmatched cutting accuracy, while their lightweight design and daily maintenance program uphold superior fairway quality.

From an agronomic standpoint, this innovative technology not only enhances the excellence of the course but also promises to reduce the need for inputs such as fertilizers, herbicides, and water in the foreseeable future.

Penha Longa remains dedicated to pioneering sustainable practices and setting a standard of excellence in golf course management.

Penha Longa Resort: an award-winning golf jewel

Ranked among the top 30 golf courses in continental Europe and the top 10 in Portugal, Penha Longa Resort‘s 27-hole course, designed by the renowned Robert Trent Jones, Jr., epitomizes escapism in golf. With bold fairways, daring approaches, and artistic greens, it offers an adrenaline rush and a relaxing journey through one of Portugal’s most inspiring landscapes. Exciting at every turn, this championship challenge and host of the Portuguese Open is a masterful test of variety and excitement for all who visit Lisbon.

The Penha Longa Golf Club features two courses, the Atlantic Championship and Monastery, offering completely different experiences along the stunning hills of Sintra. Founded in 1992, the Penha Longa Golf Club accommodates over 100 golf members, extending Penha Longa Resort’s five-star service to members and visitors alike, offering personalized activities such as competitions with other golf clubs and social events. 

Penha Longa Resort is among one of the most requested destinations in Tee Times Golf Agency among those looking for their best Portugal golf holidays. What are you waiting for to discover this golf paradise?

Why choose golf holidays in Spain? What you need to know

Are you a golf enthusiast looking for the ultimate golf experience? Look no further than Spain for your next golf break! With year-round sunshine, world-class courses like those in Marbella, and diverse coastal and mountainous landscapes, golf holidays in Spain are a superb option. 

Spain is a premier European golf destination, offering unparalleled conditions for playing this beloved sport. Here are some reasons why Spain should be your go-to choice for golf vacations:

  1. Year-round golfing: with temperate climates across the country, Spain allows year-round golfing without worrying about cold weather or rainfall. Whether it’s the balmy temperatures of the Canary Islands or the sunny days of Andalusia and the Mediterranean regions, the golfing season in Spain is extensive.

  1. Diverse golfing landscapes: from coastal courses with stunning ocean views to rural settings, mountainous terrain, and courses in major cities, Spain offers diverse golfing landscapes to suit every preference.
  1. Marbella, the golf capital of Europe: located on the Costa del Sol near Malaga, is renowned as the European golf capital. With numerous prestigious courses in and around Malaga and the Costa de Luz in Cadiz and Huelva, Southern Andalusia is a haven for golf fans.
  1. Convenience and accessibility: major golfing regions in Spain are conveniently located near international airports with extensive flight connections. Airports in Malaga, Alicante, Barcelona, Girona, and Madrid provide easy access to top golf courses, making golf holidays in Spain accessible anywhere in Europe and other world regions.
  1. Combining golf with other pleasures: Spain allows you to blend golfing with other pleasures seamlessly. Indulge in Michelin-starred cuisine along the Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz, and Costa Brava, or explore cultural landmarks in cities like Madrid and Barcelona. Luxurious resorts often feature top-notch golf courses alongside amenities like spas and gourmet dining options.

  1. World-class golf course designers: many of Spain’s golf courses are designed by renowned architects, allowing players to experience expertly crafted layouts. From Robert Trent Jones-designed courses like Valderrama and Sotogrande to Cabell Robinson’s creations in Finca Cortesin and La Reserva de Sotogrande, Spain boasts courses designed by golfing legends.
  1. Extended leisure opportunities: with longer daylight hours, Spain provides ample time for leisure activities beyond golfing. Enjoy theme parks, outdoor concerts, and dining experiences. As the night falls, Spain’s vibrant nightlife comes alive, offering various dining, music, and entertainment options.

If you want to experience the best golf in Spain while enjoying the country’s rich culture, cuisine, and leisure offerings, Tee Times Golf Agency can help you craft unforgettable golf holidays in Spain. Book your golf vacation with us and prepare for an outstanding golf journey!