2024 IAGTO European Convention: meeting with colleagues and friends

Four remarkable days in Malaga. With the same enthusiasm our team brings to their daily work, Tee Times Golf Agency participated in the 2024 IAGTO European Convention (IEC), a testament to our unwavering commitment to the golf tourism market.

Carlos Ferreira, CEO and founder of Tee Times, and Jorge Diogo, Director of Sales and Marketing, represented the agency at the convention. Held from May 13-15 on the Costa del Sol, this event is recognized as the premier golf tourism trade meeting in Europe, attracting around 750 delegates from across the globe.

The 2024 IAGTO European Convention, held at the FYCMA Exhibition Centre, is renowned for its innovative approach to networking, offering two days of pre-scheduled 20-minute meetings. Unlike traditional forced appointments, this unique format allowed parties to connect with key stakeholders and potential partners more organically and productively, underscoring the value of the event.

IAGTO European Convention Golf Tournament

Ferreira and Diogo’s active participation extended beyond the meeting rooms, demonstrating Tee Times Golf Agency’s deep-rooted passion for golf. They not only participated in the IEC Golf Tournament, showcasing their skills, but also finished third in the contest played in Real Guadalhorce on a team with Domingo Gavira and Ignácio Sanchez, a testament to our team’s talent and dedication.

The Welcome Cocktail Receptions on May 13 and the IEC Celebration Dinner on May 14 offered additional avenues for networking in a more relaxed setting. These events, filled with engaging conversations and shared experiences, further solidified relationships with peers and potential clients, demonstrating our commitment to building strong and lasting connections in the industry.

The 2024 IAGTO European Convention in Malaga was a key event for Tee Times Golf Agency. It highlighted the company’s active engagement and influential presence in the golf tourism market, offering since 1993 incredible packages and breaks for those looking for their best Portugal and Spain golf holidays.

Natural masterpiece: the allure of Oitavos Dunes Golf Course

Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and close to Lisbon lies a golfing gem epitomising the marriage of natural beauty and masterful design: Oitavos Dunes Golf Course. Crafted by the reputable Arthur Hills and unveiled to golfers in 2001, this par 71 course stands as a testament to Hills’ prowess in seamlessly integrating the course with its surroundings while offering an exhilarating challenge to players of all levels.

As one of the premier offerings from Tee Times Golf Agency for those looking for their best golf holiday experiences, Oitavos Dunes promises an unparalleled journey through Portugal’s golfing paradise. 

From the moment golfers set foot on the meticulously maintained greens of Oitavos Dunes, they are treated to a visual feast of rolling fairways, imposing sand dunes, and sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. The course’s name pays homage to its distinctive feature – the natural sand dunes punctuating the landscape, providing aesthetic allure and strategic intrigue.

Oitavos Dunes distinguishes itself not only through its stunning vistas but also through its commitment to environmental stewardship. As the first golf course in Europe to be awarded the prestigious Audubon Gold Certificate, Oitavos sets a gold standard in sustainability, harmonising the thrill of the game with respect for the natural habitat.

Golfers embarking on a round at Oitavos Dunes are met with a diverse array of thrilling challenges, from navigating the undulating terrain to strategising around well-placed bunkers and the occasional winds that sweep in from the ocean surrounded by the splendour of nature at its most awe-inspiring.

The international acclaim bestowed upon Oitavos Dunes is a testament and a guarantee of its status as a world-class golf destination. It proudly stands as the lone Portuguese course to grace the illustrious Top 100 Golf Courses of the World list by Golf Magazine, with enduring appeal and universal acclaim within the golfing community.

For those seeking an exclusive and unforgettable golfing experience with Tee Times Golf Agency in Portugal, Oitavos Dunes beckons with its unparalleled blend of natural beauty, architectural brilliance, and environmental stewardship. Whether drawn to the challenge of the links-style play or simply yearning to immerse oneself in the serenity of nature, Oitavos Dunes stands ready to create lasting memories for golfers from around the globe.

The best golf tournaments of the season await with Tee Times

Tee Times Golf Agency is gearing up for a thrilling year of golf tournaments in 2024, showcasing some of the finest courses and competitions Portugal and Spain offer. With various events catering to golfers of all levels, the calendar is set to deliver excitement and camaraderie on the greens. We invite you to click on the name of each tournament for more information. Let’s take a closer look at the lineup.

Golf tournaments calendar

25/05 | XXXIII Sir Henry Cotton Trophy 2024

The XXXIII Sir Henry Cotton Trophy is one of our most important golf tournaments, paying homage to the golf pioneer who laid the foundation for the sport in the Algarve. Held at the iconic Penina Hotel & Golf Resort, this team event promises one day of thrilling competition amidst the lush surroundings of the Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course. With its par 73 layout and breathtaking vistas, players are in for an unforgettable experience.

25/05 – 01/06 | 1st Border Cup 2024

Crossing frontiers, the 1st Border Cup brings together golf enthusiasts from Portugal and Spain at the scenic Vila Galé Isla Canela Hotel. With four rounds of golf intertwined with delightful wine tasting, this tournament fosters friendly rivalry and cultural exchange against the stunning backdrop of the Algarve.

27/05 – 31/05 | 1st Edition Cabanas Golf Week

Embrace a week of golfing bliss during the inaugural Cabanas Golf Week. Set against the luxurious AP Cabanas Beach & Nature Hotel backdrop, participants will traverse four distinct courses over four days, each offering unique challenges and charms. From better-ball stableford to modified scramble, every day promises a fresh golfing adventure.

02/06 – 05/06 | 1st Monte Rei Invitational Tournament 2024

Prepare for a lavish golfing retreat at the 1st Monte Rei Invitational Tournament. With four nights of luxury accommodation and three rounds of golf at the renowned Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, players will indulge in top-tier hospitality and competitive golf amidst stunning surroundings.

20/11 – 23/11 | 7th Edition Tee Times Prestige Tournament 2024

Experience the epitome of golfing prestige at the 7th Edition Tee Times Prestige Tournament. Over three days, players will tackle the formidable layouts of Monte Rei North, Quinta do Lago North, and Quinta do Lago Laranjal, showcasing the Algarve’s finest golfing gems.

23/11 – 30/11 | Quinta do Lago Golden Tournament 2024

Gild your golfing journey with the Quinta do Lago Golden Tournament, a five-day extravaganza of golf, camaraderie, and celebration. With a blend of individual and pair competitions across three stunning courses, participants will vie for coveted prizes while basking in Quinta do Lago’s renowned hospitality.

24/11 – 29/11 | XXIV International Amateur Golf Tournament 2024 

Elevate your golfing prowess at the XXIV International Amateur Golf Tournament, where the San Lorenzo golf course sets the stage for a week of unparalleled competition and luxury. Immerse yourself in five-star indulgence amidst the Algarve’s scenic splendour.

30/11 – 07/12 | East Algarve Golf Festival 2024

Rounding off the year is the East Algarve Golf Festival, offering a comprehensive package of accommodation, dining, and golf across five spectacular courses. From Castro Marim to Quinta do Vale, this week-long extravaganza promises golfing bliss in the heart of the Algarve.

08/12 – 11/12 | 2nd Edition Sotavento Golf Trophy

Lastly, make sure to attend the 2nd Edition Sotavento Golf Trophy, where Monte Rei, Quinta da Ria, and Quinta do Vale unite for a thrilling Stableford competition. With special prizes and captivating courses, this tournament is a fitting finale to a year of golfing sensation.

Join Tee Times Golf Agency for an unforgettable journey through the fairways and greens of Portugal and Spain for your best breaks, where every swing tells a story, and the best golf tournaments leave a memorable mark on each golfer.