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Portugal Golf Holidays - Praia del Rey Golf Course

With more than 90 golf courses, Portugal is considered the quintessence of the legendary Scottish sport. The combination of luxury hotels, sensational gastronomy, unmatched weather, and the challenge of playing on locations designed by the most prestigious architects and golfers results in unique alchemy to enjoy perfect golf holidays in Portugal.

Why is it an excellent decision to choose Portugal as a destination to play golf? Well, simply take this data as an example: between 2014 and 2018, the country was selected as the Best Golf Destination in the World by the World Golf Awards, and between 2014 and 2019, the Best Golf Destination in Europe.

Beauty is present in Portugal golf resorts

Portuguese golf courses are distinguished by their undulations and also by their fantastic views. Whether against the background of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea or the mountains, the courses' fairways usually wind through almond, olive, oak and an infinite variety of plants and flowers typical of this region of Europe. Undoubtedly, beauty is present in Portugal golf resorts and leaves each of its visitors breathless.

If that were not enough, seven Portuguese courses are considered the best 100 recently built in Europe. Among them, we find the famous Monte Rei signature course, designed in Tavira by Jack Nicklaus in 2007; West Cliffs, located in Obidos and built under the supervision of Cynthia Dye; Praia D'el Rey, also in Obidos and nestled in a unique landscape by the sea; and Penha Longa, the creation of Kyle Phillips on the outskirts of Lisbon.

Excellent golf breaks begin with the help of experts

The international airports of Lisbon, Porto and Faro are the gateway par excellence to golf breaks in Portugal. The same happens if you access from Spain by car or by train. In Portugal, everything is so close that it is simply a matter of purchasing the most suitable golf vacation package, organizing yourself to travel and starting to dream of unforgettable days with friends or family. Absolutely, excellent golf breaks begin with the help of experts who carefully select the most refined hotels paired with the finest rates to achieve the best golf packages on the market.

For millennia Portugal has been a historical witness of different civilizations. Celts, Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Germans, among others, have forged the Portuguese's culture, language, and social behaviour. This mixture, present in every corner of Portugal's magical cities and landscape, gives a unique imprint to the terroir and is one of the many reasons to visit the Lusitanian country.

Beauty is imposed everywhere in Portugal. The Algarve region and the surroundings of Lisbon are the most visited destinations for golf holidays in Portugal. The same happens with Madeira's internationally renowned golf courses. It should be noted that prestigious golf competitions are held annually in Portugal, with the best players from the European Tour participating.

Similarly, everything in Portugal happens within a context that invites you to enjoy world-famous cuisine and the most delicious wines. Bread varieties, cheeses, olives, fish and meat of all kinds are part of a wide range of simple yet very tasty dishes. In other words: the thousand and one combinations to eat delicious fish or roast suckling pigs is just the tip of the iceberg of the fabulous local cuisine that, over the years, has earned a privileged place among experts and industry insiders.

In short, now you know: planning the best golf holidays in Portugal is the perfect mix for those looking for a few days of leisure at the highest level and playing golf on some of the best courses in the World.

Portugal Golf Holidays - July was the best month ever for tourism in Portugal

Posted on 08 Sep 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - July was the best month ever for tourism in Portugal

According to Rita Marques, Portugal's Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce, and Services, July was the best month ever in terms of visitor arrivals and total nights spent in the country, a statistic that speaks to Portugal's growing international competitiveness.

The National Statistics Institute (INE) released preliminary estimates showing that tourist arrivals were up 6.3% in July and overnight stays were up 4.8%. These numbers compare to July 2019, the year before the pandemic, and show a significant increase in both categories (179.8 thousand more visitors and 397.2 thousand more overnight stays).

Despite "two very challenging years", Portugal is "once again standing out as one of the most competitive destinations internationally", Rita Marques said in a statement.

Rita Marques also highlighted that these figures show that the tourism sector is, today, again, an essential engine in the national economy.

INE estimates records 3,029,100 guests and 8,628,400 overnight stays in tourist accommodation in July, compared to 1,633,800 guests in July 2021 (85.4% more) and 4,538,600 overnight stays (90,1% more).

Of the total overnight stays, 2,906 were from residents, 9.1% more than in July 2021, and 5,722 from non-residents, translating to a year-on-year growth of 205.2%.

The share of overnight stays from non-residents, which was 41.3% in July 2021 rose to 66.3%, which Rita Marques considers translates as a "replacement of the natural structure of the Portuguese tourist market".

Golf has played a very important part in the tourism recovery of the country. Portugal is already a very famous holiday destination and is now becoming more popular as a golf destination as well, especially the sunny region of the Algarve, mostly with the golf crown jewels Vilamoura, Vale do Lobo, and Quinta do Lago.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Porto region day tours for wine, history, and pastries

Posted on 18 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Parque Nacional do Peneda-Gerês. Porto region day tours for wine, history, and pastries

Intense nightlife, charming streets, and an abundance of excellent restaurants make it difficult to leave Porto. However, the city itself is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot to visit in the Porto region during your golf holidays in Portugal.

On a day excursion from Porto, you may explore the mountains, historic castles, and vineyards perched high above the valleys below. Porto is an excellent starting point for seeing northern Portugal's natural attractions, such as the rough paths and cascading waterfalls of the Minho region.

The main attraction around Porto is the Douro Valley. There are immaculate rows of terraced vineyards winding along both banks of the Douro River in the Douro Valley, which is an upriver destination and the core of Portugal's famous port-wine industry.

Most wineries and quintas in the Douro Valley provide vineyard tours and tastings, which enhance the overall experience (note that some close over the cooler months). It's best to take a one-hour river cruise from Pinhão to get a full sense of the valley's size or the "Rabelo" (traditional wooden cargo boat).

After visiting the Douro Valley, check out Amarante. A one-of-a-kind destination for those interested in fine art, architecture, and downright revolting baked products. To increase your chances of finding love, rub the statue over the tomb of São Gonçalo's church and monastery after having a taste of their trademark cake.

To the left of the church, the Ponte de São Gonçalo spans the Tâmega, providing access to both sides of the river. A Portuguese victory against the French took place on this arched bridge during the Peninsular War, and it today serves as the primary traffic entrance to town for visitors and residents. Below the bridge, a trail follows the Tâmega River as it gently curves. To get a taste of the region's famous smoked meats and vinho verde, cross the bridge and explore the narrow alleyways on either side of the river.

After Amarante, go north and visit Braga. Beautiful water features and charming shops dot the ancient metropolis of Braga, making it an ideal destination for anyone who enjoy walking. Take a trip around the Jardim de Santa Bárbara and visit the Sé, the oldest cathedral in Portugal, to get a glimpse inside. Awe-inspiring examples of some of the country's finest architectural styles are on display here.

Bom Jesus do Monte, a five-kilometer drive from Braga's center, is one of the city's most popular attractions. The baroque stairway zigzagging up to the church at the bottom of the hill is as much of a draw as the building itself. If you don't have time to climb the 580 stairs on foot, use the funicular to the peak: the views from the top are spectacular.

Those who love nature will surely love the National Park of Peneda-Gerês. This park is full of small villages, stunning views from the mountains, waterfalls, and hiking trails. There’s also a chance of finding snow in the winter.

Near Braga, visit Guimarães. This city is the birthplace of Portugal and the main attractions are the Guimarães Castle, the statue of Portugal’s first king Afonso Henriques, the palace of Bragança’s Dukes, and the main square, where you’ll find great traditional restaurants with authentic Portuguese food.

Portugal Golf Holidays - 2 Portuguese regions have been considered two of the best places to visit in the world

Posted on 15 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Madeira. 2 Portuguese regions have been considered two of the best places to visit in the world

The well-known American magazine TIME has already released its list of the 50 best places in the world for 2022. Alentejo and Madeira are among the 50 destinations worth visiting this year.

For those of you who enjoy exploring new areas, here is another collection of ideas. According to TIME's international network of journalists and partners, destinations that "provide unique and fascinating experiences" are the focus of this year's list.

From the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, to the ultra-tech city of Seoul in South Korea, through the Alentejo and Madeira, TIME's top 50 features both distant and close destinations.

Portugal enters the list represented by two places: Alentejo and Madeira. For the magazine, the Alentejo, between the Lisbon region and the Algarve (and therefore very close to both regions), is considered "the most rural and least populated region in Portugal", and described as the "idyllic getaway". For TIME, it stands out for being "dotted with charming towns divided by cork oaks and olive groves".

In Alentejo, TIME recommends visits to the new Berardo Estremoz Museum in Estremoz, the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park trail or the cities of Elvas and Évora, both classified by UNESCO as world heritage sites.

TIME calls Madeira "the European tropics", making it an adventurer's paradise. Authors suggest numerous island activities such as spotting the dawn from Pico Ruivo, Madeira's highest point, or going on a hike or diving expedition.

Next time you decide to book your golf holidays in Portugal, consider these two amazing Portuguese regions with so much to offer.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Two Portuguese cities on the podium of the least polluted in Europe

Posted on 12 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Funchal. Two Portuguese cities on the podium of the least polluted in Europe

The cities with the best air quality in Europe in 2020 and 2021 were the Portuguese cities of Faro and Funchal, and Umeå, in Sweden, according to a document released by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Umeå is Europe's cleanest city, followed by Faro and Funchal, according to the most recent barometer on city quality in Europe, which incorporates data from over 340 cities. The Portuguese capital, Lisbon appears in 82nd place, having a quality that can be considered reasonable.

In the last three positions, as the most polluted, are Padova and Cremona, in Italy, and Nowy Sacz, in Poland.

From the analysis of the data, the AEA concludes that air quality was considered good in only 11 cities, with PM2.5 levels below the values established by the World Health Organization (WHO) for long-term exposure to fine particles.

According to the EEA report, in 2020 (the latest information available and not yet fully verified by the Commission), the biggest challenge is the reduction of ammonia emissions from agriculture, with 11 of the countries having to reduce the levels of these emissions.

The EEA also analyzed the progress of member states in relation to emission reduction commitments, under a directive according to which countries are required to fulfill national commitments to reduce five air pollutants, and concluded that less than half of the states had fulfilled all of the goals.

Only 13 countries met their commitments on each of the top five pollutants and the remaining 14 did not meet their commitments on at least one of the pollutants.

Portugal obtained good results in this barometer, showing that is a perfect destination for your next golf holidays.

Portugal Golf Holidays - The Algarve is hosting moonlight bathing this summer in a salt lake

Posted on 08 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - The Algarve is hosting moonlight bathing this summer in a salt lake

Belamandil, in the municipality of Olhão, right after Faro, is home to one of the Algarve's best-hidden secrets. There are around 2000 m2 of water in the lake, and it has a salinity level on par with the Dead Sea. Relaxation and health advantages can be gained from floating in the water, as well.

The big news this summer are the night baths, every Saturday, under the stars, under the moonlight, and with ambient music. The new experience joins the already customary, but still quite secret, baths in the “Dead Sea”, which take place next to the salt pans of the Ria Formosa, in Cova da Onça, in the Belamandil site, in the municipality of Olhão.

In the lake, with a salt concentration equivalent to that of the Dead Sea and a water temperature of around 30°C, you can float, relax and benefit from the properties of the magnificent experience. Relaxing the muscles relieves stress and activating blood circulation helps to reduce muscle pain. The aesthetic aspect is not left out of these benefits. The application of 100% biological mud from the salines themselves, on the body and face, purifies and hydrates the skin, helps in cell renewal, and provides a firmer skin.

From May through October, the "regular" daily baths take place between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. In light of a century-old family tradition now in its fourth generation, Salinas do Grelha, a company specialized in traditional sea salt and salt flower production, offers this experience. The ancestors' wisdom and knowledge are incorporated into the production process in order to ensure that the final product is of the highest possible quality.

Guided tours are available by appointment throughout the year to help visitors learn more about this art form and the steps involved in creating it. Traditional sea salt and the famed flower of salt are explained in a one-hour tour (€10). The salt flats habitat, which is located in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, is a great location to see seabirds. The "Dead Sea" baths (€15) can be added to the visit and last up to three hours.

Alternatively, you can spend €7 for three hours relaxing around on the shores of the lake. Sun loungers and mud pots (starting at €2) are available for purchase, so you may take use of the floating bath's many benefits right where you are. Between 8:00 and 10:30 p.m. on Saturdays in July and August, there are night baths (€10).

This is a great activity to complement your golf holidays in the south region of Portugal.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Portugal received almost 10 million tourists last year

Posted on 07 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Benagil. Portugal received almost 10 million tourists last year

Despite an increase of 48.4% compared to 2020, the number of visitors to the country fell well short of the over 25 million who came in 2019. However, tourism still brought €2.3 billion in revenue last year.

According to INE, the Portuguese National Institute of Statistics, Portugal welcomed 9.6 million non-resident tourists in 2021, which represents a growth of 48.4% compared to the number of tourists it welcomed in 2020 but is still 61% lower than the 24.6 million tourists it welcomed in 2019, which was the last year before the pandemic.

“2021 was also marked by the effects of the constraints arising from the covid-19 pandemic, especially the confinement measures in the first half of the year and at the end of the year, with negative effects on the tourism sector which, despite having grown compared to 2020, year of unprecedented contraction of tourist activity, it was still below the levels of 2019”, reads in the '2021 Tourism Statistics' of INE.

According to INE, “Spain remained the main source of international tourists (share of 30.2%), having registered a growth of 57.3%”.

The French market (16.1% of the total) continued in second place, increasing by 46.2%, and in the number of tourists from the United Kingdom (total of 10.6%) there was also a positive change of 24.0% in 2021, while the German market (8.0%) grew by 39.1%.

Considering the generality of tourist accommodation means (hotels, rural tourism/housing, local accommodation, camping, and youth hostels), in 2021 there were 16.0 million guests and 42.6 million overnight stays, translating into increases of 36.9% and 40.7%, respectively (-60.4% and -61.1%, in the same order, in 2020).

Compared to 2019, there were decreases of 45.8% in the number of guests and 45.2% in overnight stays.

The Portuguese regions with more tourists are Lisbon and the Algarve.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Historical monuments to visit in the Algarve

Posted on 07 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Tavira. Historical monuments to visit in the Algarve

When people think of holidays in the Algarve during the summer, their minds immediately travel to the beautiful beaches in the south of the country, but know that this region has something more to offer its visitors.

While the Algarve is well-known for its stunning beaches, award-winning golf courses, and 300 days of sunshine each year, there is much more to discover in this region of Portugal. Here are some suggestions of monuments to visit in the region.

Near Lagos, in Sagres, take a look at Fortaleza de Sagres. The imposing fortification of Sagres is the human extension of the natural rock and was for centuries the main battleground of a geostrategic maritime defensive system.

In Estoi, next to Faro, the Milreu ruins are one of the most important traces of the Roman presence in the Algarve.

Speaking of the Romans, another important trace of their presence in the region is the Roman Bridge of Tavira, over the Gilão river, in the old part of the town. It was reconstructed a few times during the past centuries, and it was the stage of an epic battle 700 years ago between Portugal and Castilla.

At Aljezur you’ll find a beautiful castle built by the Moors. The Aljezur Castle dates from the 10th century and offers a nice view over the surrounding area.

Paderne is the home of another important castle in the region. Near Albufeira, Paderne Castle is located more than 70 meters above sea level. In this place, there was a military fortress from the times of the Roman Empire, forming part of a line of defense of the via lusitanorum and its passage over the Ribeira de Quarteira.

The Megalithic Monument of Alcalar, in Portimão, allows us to see how society was structured by observing the megalithic tombs that have survived to this day. These tombs display certain details to identify the death of a tribal chief or a particularly prominent member of a family. This megalithic monument is, at least, 5000 years old.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Lisbon ranked 3rd in the world for quality of life

Posted on 07 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Lisbon ranked 3rd in the world for quality of life

Monocle's annual survey of cities with the best quality of life ranked Lisbon third, a sharp rise since 2021. The Portuguese capital was ranked seventh last year.

What made the capital stand out were the low levels of pollution and the ambitious efforts to make the city greener. "The plan for the city is to reduce emissions by 60% by 2030, and a third of the council's budget has been dedicated to making this plan a reality", said Carlos Moedas, Mayor of Lisbon.

The entrepreneurial spirit was also highlighted as one of the factors that made Lisbon rise in the ranking. “It's been a good year for business. With tourism numbers returning to pre-pandemic levels, spending has increased and helped the city’s independent shops and restaurants”.

The good weather in Lisbon, practically throughout the year, was one of the main reasons for Lisbon to occupy the third position in this ranking of 25 cities, only behind Zurich (Switzerland) in second, and Copenhagen (Denmark), in the first place.

But that's not all! Other characteristics that emphasised Lisbon as one of the cities in the world with the best quality of life include the rising tourism offer, which includes more and new attractions; the typical neighborhoods, as well as the people who live in them; and the scenic beauty.

The only obstacle that Monocle identified according to its criteria was the issue of the housing crisis that is taking place in the city. “Despite the beauty, brightness, and charm of Lisbon, there are still challenges and real estate is the most urgent. A new law that limits what types of buildings can be rented on a short-term basis would definitely help residents, and there's also a must-use program that estimates more than 48,000 homes are unoccupied”.

Every year, Monocle combines a series of objective and quantitative factors to determine this ranking, namely the crime rate, employment status, income inequalities, among many others.

A combination of Lisbon's ability to bounce back and the new dynamics of entrepreneurship have helped the city move up from seventh to third position in this ranking, further establishing itself as a robust, modern, and extremely active metropolis.

Lisbon is the only Portuguese city on this list, while Spain has two: Madrid ranks 15th and Barcelona 18th.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Mainland Portugal no longer requires Covid digital certificate and negative test

Posted on 06 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Mainland Portugal no longer requires Covid digital certificate and negative test

The abandonment of these restrictions is justified by high immunization rates, new medications against serious diseases, and a national and international epidemiological scenario.

According to the Portuguese National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), passengers flying to or with stopovers in Portugal will no longer be needed to show a digital certificate or a negative test for covid.

In a statement, ANAC states that air carriers are no longer obliged to require passengers, “when boarding flights with destination or stopover in mainland Portugal”, to present proof of carrying out a test for Sars-CoV-2 with a negative result, of a covid EU digital certificate or of vaccination or recovery certificates issued by third countries, accepted or recognized in Portugal.

“With the entry into force of this new regime, air carriers and passengers are no longer subject to the restrictive measures applicable to air traffic, in the context of combating the pandemic caused by the Sars-CoV-2 virus, which lasted until 30 June 2022”, says the statement.

According to the diploma that came into force on June 30, “the epidemiological situation experienced in Portugal following the covid-19 disease pandemic has remained relatively stable, as a result of the high vaccination coverage, the emergence of new medications for the serious disease and greater knowledge about the infection”.

Additionally, “also in the international context, namely within the European Union, the evolution of the epidemiological situation no longer justify the adoption of exceptional measures in terms of air traffic, airports and maritime and river borders”.

It was also stated, by the Presidency Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva, in a press conference following the Council of Ministers, that the isolation time imposed by covid-19 would be reduced from 7 days to 5 days.

“Apart from these two changes, the change from seven to five days and no longer requiring a certificate in travel, the rules remain the same, with the indication of wearing a mask on public transport and with the recommendation of wearing a mask when we are in contact with more vulnerable people, when we have symptoms or when we know that we have had a contact at greater risk”, Vieira da Silva explained.

However, it’s important to remember that these changes only apply to mainland Portugal (airports of Lisbon, Porto, and Faro), and not the regions of Azores and Madeira.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Events in the Algarve in July

Posted on 04 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Events in the Algarve in July

From July 28 to 31, in São Brás de Alportel, the local Serra Fair will take place, and will receive some of the biggest names in Portuguese music, such as the band D.A.M.A and the singer Carlão. Family fun is a sure thing in this fair.

Once again, Faro will host the traditional International Motorbike Meet, from July 14 to 17. From vintage motorbikes to the most recent ones, this international meeting has it all, and it’s perfect for anyone that loves the world of motorbikes.

Algarve Stadium, in Loulé, will be the place for many friendly matches this month: Benfica will play against Nice (15) and Fulham (17), Sporting will play against Villarreal (14), Roma (19) and Wolverhampton (30), and even Portimão’s team Portimonense will play against Monaco (9).

Portimão will host one of the most famous endurance championships of the racing world, the Creventic 24H, from July 8 to 10, in the Algarve International Circuit.

From July 13 to 17, every night from 6 p.m to 1 a.m, Silves will be the venue of Silves Beer Fest, and the entrance is completely free.

Albufeira will receive a photography exhibition about the “Diaspora of the Fearless People” during the entire month, starting on July 8.

Lagos will host an exhibition with photos from natural areas from the Arctic to Antarctica, called “From Pole to Pole”, to call out for the environmental crisis that is affecting the entire planet.

For those who love classic cars, be sure to check out the 29th edition of Algarve Classic Cars from July 8 to July 10. The contestants and the cars are going to meet at Vilamoura Marina and the “race” is going to stop by São Brás de Alportel, Armação de Pera, Albufeira and Loulé.

On July 30, there will be a tribute concert to Amália Rodrigues, the biggest name in the Portuguese fado, with known Portuguese artists such as Aurea and Cuca Roseta, in Albufeira Sports Hall.

If you like Portuguese sweets, you must pay a visit to the Sweet Art Contest Fair, in Lagos, where you’ll find live music, food stalls, entertainment, and many traditional sweets. This fair will take place from July 27 to July 31.

For the outdoor cinema fans, visit Jardim dos Sentidos in Guia, Albufeira, on July 29 at 9:30 p.m, to watch The Unbearable Weight of a Massive Talent, considered one of this year's best movies.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Lisbon is ranked the happiest city in the world

Posted on 01 Jul 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Lisbon is ranked the happiest city in the world

Travel, vacation, and happiness go hand in hand. That's why, when choosing a holiday destination, the tendency is to look for places with green spaces, sun, and where we are welcomed in a warm and friendly way.

According to the American company iVisa, Lisbon is the happiest city in the world. There were five evaluation factors used to determine the happiest city: quality of life, the amount of sunshine it gets, how much work people do, the friendliness of the locals, and how much it costs to live there.

The Portuguese capital receives 2,801 hours of sunshine a year, with locals working an average of 31 hours a week – with plenty of time to enjoy its many rays of sunshine. Apparently, it's also the second friendliest city in the world, so there's no shortage of opportunities to make new friends in the city.

Lisbon was also considered the third most avant-garde, safe, sustainable, and inspiring city in the world where you can live everything in 2022.

iVisa also points out that Lisbon is one of the world's most beautiful cities, having ranked fourth in the U City Guide rankings for 2022. When it comes to must-see attractions in the city, the company recommends the Jerónimos Monastery, the Belém Tower, and the city's famous custard tarts, locally known as Pastéis de Nata.

“Lisbon is a city of excellence, a vibrant, inviting, and warm city. Being recognized as the happiest city in the world is a stimulus and a challenge to continue the work of improving the quality of life of residents and making Lisbon an increasingly attractive and qualified destination”, says Carlos Moedas, president of Lisbon City Council and the Lisbon Tourism Association.

These are the ten happiest cities in the world, according to the study:

1 - Lisbon, Portugal

2 - Barcelona, Spain

3 - Athens, Greece

4 – Rome, Italy

5 - Sydney, Australia

6 - Madrid, Spain

7 - Toronto, Canada

8 - San Jose, Costa Rica

9 - Istanbul, Turkey

10 - Bangkok, Thailand

Lisbon continues to prove that is a popular tourist destination not just because of its natural beauty but also because of its abundant contentment.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Tourism in Portugal is edging closer to the numbers from 2019

Posted on 30 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Tourism in Portugal is edging closer to the numbers from 2019

According to the most recent data from the Portuguese National Institute of Statistics, the volume of tourism activity is getting closer and closer to what it was in 2019.

In May 2022, there were 2.5 million guests and 6.5 million overnight stays, a 162.1% and 221.8% year-on-year growth, respectively, in the tourist accommodation sector. However, there was a drop of 3.2% and 0.7% in comparison to May 2019.

In the fifth month of the year, the domestic market contributed with 1.8 million overnight stays and the external markets totaled 4.7 million. Compared to May 2019, the domestic market grew by 11.6% and foreign markets decreased by 4.7%. In the first five months of 2022, overnight stays increased by 355.2%.

The increase in overnight stays was recorded in all of the Portuguese regions. The Algarve concentrated 28.6% of overnight stays, followed by the Lisbon region (26.3%), the North (16.4%), and the region of Madeira (12.1%).

In May, significant growth was seen in all 17 of the main outbound markets, which accounted for 88.2% of overnight stays by non-residents in tourist accommodation establishments. In comparison to May 2019, the British market, which accounts for 21.7% of total overnight stays, experienced a fall of 0.8%.

Compared with May 2019, the most significant increases were registered in the Danish (38.2%), Romanian (36.7%), Czech (32.8%), and North American (21.9%) markets. The biggest decreases were registered in the Brazilian (-25.8%), Swedish (-18.0%), and Austrian (-11.7%) markets.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Portimão is full of events in 2022

Posted on 30 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Alvor Beach. Portimão is full of events in 2022

Portimão is the second-most important city in the Algarve region. The Portimão City Hall's campaign slogan is "Check-In", which was first presented at Lisbon’s Tourism Fair (BTL).

MotoGP (which took place in April), three music festivals, the Sardine Festival, and the International Masters Futsal tournament. These are just some of the many events that, in the words of the mayor Isilda Gomes, will make Portimão «a festival» until the end of the year.

There are dozens of events that will take place in the city until the end of the year. Some of the most important events that already took place in the previous months include the Moto GP, the Photographic Race, and the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup.

The Secret Project Festival, which will focus primarily on electronic music, will take place in Portimão from the 17th to the 19th of June. This festival is the first of three musical events that will take place in Portimão this year.

The second music festival, Afro Nation, will take place from July 1 to 3. The last festival is Rolling Loud, considered one of the biggest hip-hop events in the world, from the 6th to the 8th of July.

More than 200 musicians from all over the world are scheduled to perform in Portimão, together with more than 150 thousand spectators, of which 90% are from other countries, with 216 hours of musical performances, and representatives from 40 nations.

Furthermore, an economic impact of around 309 million euros is expected in total with these three festivals alone.

However, this program involves not only major events but also several Portimão-based organizations. Lota Cool Market, from July 21 to 24, or the unloading of fish to open Sardine Festival (August 2nd) are just two such examples.

In the world of sport, there will be the return of the pre-season Masters Cup tournament, in futsal, on the 27th and 28th of August, at Portimão Arena. The Portuguese giants Benfica and Sporting are confirmed for this tournament.

As for the Rota do Petisco, where you can taste the best of the local food, it is scheduled for the 14th of September to the 16th of October.

Also in October, the Superbike World Championship will take place, and, from the 4th to the 13th of November, the Feira de São Martinho, to celebrate the traditional Portuguese "Magusto".

In December, “A Christmas Dream” returns, with initiatives from December 1st to January 6th.

Portimão is home to many prestigious golf courses capable to provide amazing golf holidays and golf breaks to any tourist, such as Penina Championship and Morgado.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Porto’s airport recognized as the best in Europe

Posted on 28 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Porto’s airport recognized as the best in Europe

According to ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, the Airport Council International (ACI) has named Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport as the "Best European Airport 2022" for its category of 10-25 million passengers.

ACI Europe, the worldwide organization for airports, has recognized Porto Airport for the first time as the Best European Airport 2022. VINCI Airports' environmental commitment was emphasized by ACI Europe, which praised the recovery of activity following the pandemic crisis, as well as the quality of service and the efforts taken in accordance with this commitment.

With the development of the taxiway, innovative solutions were created and implemented, and environmental commitments were reinforced as part of VINCI Airports' environmental policy during this critical moment for aviation.

The focus on the development of routes allowed to achieve connectivity values in 2022 higher than those of 2019, along with the attractiveness of the North region, has allowed to obtain very positive results of traffic recovery and connectivity increase. The announcement claims that Porto Airport's connectivity has already surpassed that of the summer of 2019, with 100 regular routes now accessible (in 2019, there were 99).

Stakeholder Forum for Global Carbon Management, water reuse projects (such as from rescue vehicles and passenger bottles, for irrigation and cleaning at airports), and innovative waste sorting systems are highlighted by ACI Europe in terms of environmentally friendly projects.

The quality of service provided as well as the implementation of measures taken during the pandemic crisis in the operational, health and safety, and commercial management areas were the primary considerations used as evaluation criteria for this year's awards. These considerations were evaluated within the context of the airport's strategy for sustainability and its financial recovery.

The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport has been recognized by the Airport Service Quality (ASQ ACI) on multiple occasions, earning a variety of accolades and placing among the highest in its category over the course of the past 15 years.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Tourism was responsible for a third of Portuguese GDP recovery last year

Posted on 27 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Tourism was responsible for a third of Portuguese GDP recovery last year

After the pandemic pushed national tourism to historic contraction levels, the sector showed clear signs of recovery last year. As a matter of fact, in 2021, tourism accounted for "a little more than a third of GDP recovery".

With 14.5 million visitors (+39.4% compared to 2020) and 37.5 million overnight stays (+45.2%), tourism saw a boost in 2021. The United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and France were Portugal’s main outbound markets.

The statistics office said that between January and December of last year, direct and indirect tourist consumption regained its weight in the gross domestic product (GDP), to 8%, representing 16.8 billion euros, up from 6.6% in 2020 but still lower than the 11.8% recorded in 2019.

The year 2020 was marked by a strong contraction of economic activity, which translated into an 8.4% decrease in GDP in volume. The reduction in tourist activity contributed with -5.6 p.p. for that result, which corresponds to about two-thirds of the reduction in GDP.

The gross domestic product had a volume rise of 4.9% in 2021, with tourism accounting for 1.8 percentage points of this figure.

Portuguese Statistics Institute (INE) clarifies that this recovery is due to the growth, last year, of accommodation, catering and similar services, transport (especially air transport) - in practice, the products that most contribute to the tourist GDP.

After a heavy fall in 2020, there was an expressive growth (between 14.4% and 59.1%) compared to the previous year, "with the exception of rental services, which continued to register a decrease".

Portugal is very dependent on tourism, its main tourist destinations are the Algarve and Lisbon, followed by Porto and Madeira.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Lisbon invests 6.1 million euros to promote tourism

Posted on 27 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Lisbon invests 6.1 million euros to promote tourism

Companies will contribute 1.8 million euros, the Lisbon tourist tax will provide 2.5 million euros, Entidade Regional do Turismo da Região de Lisboa (ERT-RL) will give 1 million euros, and Turismo de Portugal will donate 810 thousand euros.

Lisbon Tourism Association (ATL), in a partnership with companies in the sector, will invest 6.1 million euros this year in promoting tourism in the region, which also includes important tourist destinations such as Sesimbra or Cascais.

Three million euros of the anticipated investment will go toward commercialization and sales plans for enterprises in foreign markets, which includes participation in international events, internet campaigns, and promotion and sales activities with operators or other channels.

The marketing and sales plan in the domestic market, on the other hand, includes a value of 392 thousand euros and “is aimed at the tourist centers to be promoted or under development defined in the strategic plan” (Tejo, Costa da Caparica, Arrábida and Mafra), as well as to “the transversal products, such as 'surf', sun and sea, golf and nature”.

“Here we intend to give a boost to less developed areas of the Lisbon region”, justified Vítor Costa, the president of Entidade Regional do Turismo da Região de Lisboa.

Additionally, 510 thousand euros is set aside for bringing in conferences, business, and non-profit events, as well as other types of events.

Regarding the program for the internationalization of festivals and other cultural events, a sum of 250 thousand euros is available, intended to co-finance advertising plans abroad likely to attract an additional international audience, with applications having already been approved for events such as the famous Portuguese music festivals Rock in Rio and NOS Alive.

The remaining almost two million euros are intended to finance actions organized directly by ATL, with the participation of its members, namely international fairs, international workshops and webinars, promotional materials, among other events.

So far, the joint promotion programs between ATL and the companies count on the participation of 367 entities.

“Promotion must be consistent and solid. Lisbon is becoming increasingly fashionable and we cannot miss it”, says the Mayor of the Portuguese capital, Carlos Moedas.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Algarve tourism recovers

Posted on 24 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Algarve tourism recovers

With assistance from the Irish, Dutch, and Belgians, the Algarve tourism industry is continuing its road to recovery.

The occupancy rate of hotel rooms in the Algarve was 64.8% in May, which is 7.4% lower than the figure that was recorded in the same month of 2019 before the pandemic crisis began.

According to the Algarve Hotel and Tourism Association (AHETA), the number of tourists coming from Germany and the United Kingdom, two of the most important outbound markets in the region, has fallen.

Occupancy rates have increased by a whopping 275% in May compared to May 2021, according to AHETA.

Portimão (+2.7pp, +3.7%) and Lagos (+1.7pp, +2.6%) saw the highest rises in the Algarve, but Tavira and Albufeira (-17.9pp, -26.9%) saw the biggest decreases (-12.9pp, -16.2%), when compared to the same month of 2019.

Areas such as Faro and Olhão (78%) and Portimão (75.5%) had the best occupancy rates in May, while the lowest occupancy rates were seen in Monte Gordo and Vila Real de Santo António (40.7%), according to AHETA.

However, by markets, AHETA found that "certain markets saw rises", like the Irish market, which grew by 17.8%; the Dutch market (which rose by 10.9%), and even the Belgian market (which increased by 24.2%).

In the opposite direction were some of the most important international markets that send tourists to the Algarve, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, which presented, in May, decreases of 41.3% and 8.1%, respectively, in a trend that was also reflected in accumulated in the first five months of 2022.

Despite this, the majority of overnight stays in Algarve hotels were booked by visitors from the United Kingdom in May, accounting for 39.8% of the bookings. This was followed by visitors from Portugal (13.1%), Ireland (10.9%), and the Netherlands (7%). with the British again coming in first place in terms of the number of guests, with 32%, followed by the Portuguese (20.6%), the Irish (8.6%), and the French (6.6%).

Portugal Golf Holidays - Portugal is the 3rd safest European summer destination

Posted on 24 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Portugal is the 3rd safest European summer destination

According to a Forbes Advisor survey, Portugal is Europe's third-safest summer holiday location.

This data shows that there are significant variances across Europe when measuring aspects such as bathing water quality or crime levels, which can be a decisive factor when individuals think about where they want to spend their holidays.

According to this ranking, Portugal received a score of 82.1 out of a possible 100, which placed it in seventh place in terms of the quality of bathing water and in fourth place in terms of the pollution in the atmosphere. The quality of health treatment was given the lowest grade possible, earning it the position of 10th place.

Switzerland, which received a rating of 88.3 points, is ranked first on the Forbes Advisor ranking of safest countries. This is because, according to the study, Switzerland is the country that has the best health care system out of the 29 European countries that were examined. The Netherlands and Denmark are ranked second and third in terms of health care, respectively.

Even though Switzerland's bathing water quality was ranked sixth in Europe, other variables including its low crime rate and low pollution rate help the country maintain its high rating.

This year's second-place finish went to Slovenia, which scored 82.3 points because it has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world, and an "excellent performance" in water quality and air pollution.

Other nations that make the list of safest places to vacation this summer include Austria (81.4), Germany (81), Spain (78.8), and the Czech Republic (76).

The climate and the safety make Portugal the perfect place for golf holidays and golf breaks, with breathtaking golf courses all across the country, from the North to the Algarve, including the islands of Madeira and Azores.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Global Peace Index - Portugal is the 6th safest country in the world

Posted on 22 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Global Peace Index

According to the Global Peace Index 2022, Portugal is the fifth safest country in Europe and the sixth safest country in the entire globe. A list of all 163 countries is topped by Iceland and New Zealand in first and second place, respectively, and is then followed by Ireland, Denmark, and Austria.

A "slight increase in political instability" and "a greater rate of arrests" are said to be the reasons why Portugal fell one spot in the rankings of the safest countries in the world when compared to last year.

As a result of ongoing conflicts, Russia, Ukraine, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Haiti are among the five countries that have experienced the greatest decline in terms of peace and security.

The report also indicates that the world has already started to recover from the covid-19 pandemic, but that the effects are still being felt, namely in delays and problems in supply chains, lack of products, higher energy, and product prices. food. Rising inflation, especially in food and fuel, “has increased food insecurity and political instability globally, but especially in regions of low resilience, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East and North Africa”, indicate the authors.

84 of the 163 countries studied by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) have deteriorated during the past 14 years, while 77 have improved and two have not altered.

The Global Peace Index, which is currently in its 16th edition, is an analysis of trends in peace, economic value, and how to develop peaceful societies. It uses 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators in three domains: the level of security and social protection; the scale of conflict ongoing domestic and international development; and the degree of militarization. These domains are: the level of security and social protection; the scale of conflict ongoing domestic and international development; and the degree of militarization.

It is important to note that Portugal occupied the 18th spot in the list in 2014, having improved its position in the table in a steady manner over the course of the past few years.

You will feel safe in such a peaceful country like Portugal. Enjoy your golf holidays and golf breaks in any of the country's regions. From the North to the Algarve, including the islands of Madeira and Azores, Portugal has a lot of gorgeous golf courses to play in.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Porto ranked as the top trending destination for UK tourists for this summer

Posted on 20 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Porto ranked as the top trending destination for UK tourists for this summer

The city of Porto has been named as the most popular summer vacation destination for British tourists, according to HomeToGo, the largest platform for vacation rentals in the world.

While COVID-19 restrictions have been in place for the past two years, we've seen a spike in domestic tourism, with tourists seeking out rentals in rural destinations for summer stays", says Dr. Patrick Andrae, Co-founder and CEO of HomeToGo,. "International travel is picking up steam, while city breaks and vacations with friends and family are becoming more popular, making vacation rentals a popular choice for many travelers. We expect these types of excursions to define the peak season in 2022", he concludes.

In a recent HomeToGo worldwide consumer study, 34% of British participants identified pleasant weather as the most important criterion in their choice of destination. Holiday accommodation searches in places like Málaga, the South of France, and the Algarve are up +468 percent year over year, +248 percent, and +207 percent in destinations like these, showing that British tourists will be heading to brighter coasts this summer.

City breaks are also on the rise, with the likes of Porto in Portugal (+548 percent) and Murcia in Spain (+238 percent) witnessing a surge in searches for summer vacation lodging. Searches for long-haul destinations like Toronto, Indonesia's Bali, and Mexico's Cancun have risen by 385 percent, 227 percent, and 66 percent, respectively, during the high season.

Porto is leading the ranking of the top 10 trending tourist destinations according to HomeToGo, however, San Sebastian, in the Spanish Basque region, comes in second. Málaga, in the Costa del Sol region, comes in fourth, and the Portuguese capital Lisbon ranks ninth in this HomeToGo ranking.

The Portuguese second-most important city leads a ranking that also counts with top global cities like Toronto, in Canada, and Istambul, in Turkey.

According to HomeToGo's global data as of 2022, searches for summer vacation lodging have risen 60% and the average length of stay has risen 9%, showing that tourism is finally “coming back to life” after two long years affected by the pandemic crisis.

Porto has a very nice offer of golf courses for any golf tourist, which includes the oldest golf club in Portugal, the Oporto Golf Club.

Portugal Golf Holidays - The main Portuguese cities to visit according to the Portugal City Brand Ranking

Posted on 15 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Albufeira

The "Bloom Consulting Portugal City Brand Ranking" for 2021 evaluates the socioeconomic performance of Portugal's 308 municipalities in terms of attracting new investors, tourists, and residents. This evaluation is based on variables such as official statistical data, online searches, and surveys by the municipalities, as well as the municipalities' performance in their respective areas. websites, as well as social networking sites.

An algorithm uses these numerical data to generate three rankings – one for "living", one for "visiting", and one for "business" – which are then weighted to get a final overall ranking.

Bloom Consulting also awarded the “Marca Estrela” distinction to municipalities that achieved outstanding results, reaching important positions in the respective regions or in the dimensions of the ranking. The “Marca Estrela” was awarded to Setúbal (National dimension), Braga (Business), Vila Nova de Gaia (Living) and Albufeira (Visiting).

According to the list, the best cities to visit in the Algarve are Albufeira and Portimão. In fact, Albufeira was considered to be the 3rd best city to visit in the entire country, right after Lisbon and Porto. Finishing the top 10 of the best cities to visit, according to this ranking, are the cities of Sintra (5th), Cascais (6th), Vila Nova de Gaia (7th), Funchal (8th), Setúbal (9th), and Nazaré (10th).

Faro leads the Algarve in the general list, being the best city for business and living, but it was surpassed by Albufeira and Portimão in terms of the best Algarve city to visit. Loulé (the municipality where Vilamoura and Quinta do Lago are located) and Tavira finish the top 5 of the Algarve cities to visit.

Ponta Delgada, the “capital” of the Azores region, was voted as the top city to visit and also takes the top spot on the overall list for the region.

In the Center region, Coimbra and Aveiro dominate the general ranking. In the “visit” ranking, Nazaré leads, followed by Coimbra, Viseu, and Aveiro, the 3 main cities of the region.

In the Lisbon region, the general top 3 and the top 3 cities to visit are the same: Lisbon, Sintra, and Cascais. These cities are followed by Setúbal and Oeiras.

In Madeira, Funchal and Porto Santo are the top 2 cities to visit and also dominate the general ranking.

In the North region, Porto, Braga, and Vila Nova de Gaia are in the lead of the general ranking and the “visit” dimension of the ranking just like in the previous years.

The Portugal City Brand ranking was suspended in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, and this year marks the 8th edition of this important ranking, which was created in 2014.

Even though its most direct competitors in this Top 10 list have had excellent performances, the nation's capital continues to stand out in all dimensions and in the majority of the variables under study, establishing itself as the most powerful municipal brand in Portugal, with a strong international projection for its brand.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Tourism is essential for the Portuguese economy

Posted on 14 Jun 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Tourism is essential for the Portuguese economy

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) declared today that the travel and tourism sector will lead Portugal's economic recovery, surpassing pre-pandemic levels in 2023.

Travel and tourism employment are expected to rise by 4.8% in 2020, according to a forecast by the World Travel and Tourism Council, an international business platform for the industry.

The entire contribution of the industry to GDP might reach roughly 39.5 billion euros next year, or 17.4 percent of the national economy, according to the latest WTTC Economic Impact Report.

More than a million people will be employed by the end of 2023, according to industry projections of 3,200 new positions.

By 2032, GDP connected with travel and tourism is predicted to expand at an annual average of 3.4%, more than three times the rate of the Portuguese economy, to more than 50 billion euros (20.2 percent of the total), according to WTTC data.

With an average of more than 19,000 new positions added per year, this industry is expected to add about 193,000 jobs over the next decade, reaching a total of more than 1.13 million by 2032.

"After the devastating impact of covid-19, Portugal is showing a strong recovery and by the end of this year the sector's total contribution to GDP is expected to grow by 54.7%, to more than 35.8 billion euros, which corresponds to 16.2% of total GDP", the statement reads.

According to the same statement, employment in the sector is predicted to expand 5.6 percent in 2022, to about 953,000 jobs.

Portugal is anticipated to be Europe's fourth most popular summer destination this year, with a rise in international visitors of 179% year over year, according to ForwardKeys, a partner in the WTTC data study.

New data shows that pre-pandemic flight bookings have surpassed pre-pandemic levels with bookings from the US (41%), the Netherlands (36%), Denmark (29%), and Germany (11%).

There was a 17.1% (37.6 billion euros) contribution to GDP in 2019, which declined to an 8.7% (17.4 billion euros) contribution in 2020, according to the research.

Before the pandemic put an end to foreign travel and led to a loss of 160,000 (15.6%), dropping to 850,000 in 2020, the industry was also responsible for more than a million jobs.

According to the report, this industry grew by 32.6% in 2021, reaching 23.1 billion euros. Only 50,000 new positions were generated, bringing the total to 900,000, as the job market recovered more slowly.

The world tourism body maintained "that the sector's contribution to the economy and employment could have been higher had it not been for the impact of the Ómicron variant, which has led to a wavering recovery worldwide, with many countries reintroducing restrictions strict on travel".

In terms of golf tourism, Algarve has the most golf courses in Portugal (40), followed by the Lisbon region (17), and the North (14). 91 golf courses are currently open to tourists in Portugal.

With 756 thousand rounds played in 2021, the increase in rounds played was over 5% compared to 2020, but still a 44% decrease from 2019. However, the main outbound market is still the United Kingdom.

It is expected that, in 2022, golf tourism in Portugal will reach levels close to 2019, with no more major setbacks.

In fact, the number of rounds played in the Algarve until June 2022 are remarkably superior, compared to 2019 in the same period.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Entrepreneurial women assembled in Vilamoura

Posted on 17 May 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Entrepreneurial women assembled in Vilamoura

More than 30 female entrepreneurs from various industries met in Vilamoura for "the region's first networking event of this kind".

The Glee Boutique Café at Vilamoura's Tivoli Marina hotel held a gathering dedicated to women's empowerment and affirmation in the field of entrepreneurship.

The theme of this event was empowerment, with the goal of establishing roots to develop a sustainable ecosystem of female entrepreneurs who will stimulate the Algarve region throughout the year.

Personal fulfillment, time management and priorities, the creative process, and the problems of balancing professional and mother life are among the subjects explored.

«I felt the need to meet other women who had or wanted to create their own business or critical business partnerships in the region, and I felt the need to communicate, share, and promote female entrepreneurship. In a nice environment conducive to creativity and sharing, we discuss ideas and exchange experiences. After two years of the pandemic, it was critical to actively continue face-to-face events, and I believe we have made significant progress in this regard. This inaugural event was a success, and we are already planning the second edition for later this year», said Célia Meira, founder of the Algarve is Fashion project's Networking group for women entrepreneurs.

The event also included an Ideation Playground session hosted by Carla Yanina, co-founder of thedesigncreators, with the goal of finding and recognizing female entrepreneurship indicators in the territory.

Tee Times has many golf packages for women (and men) who are interested in golf. Visit https://www.teetimes.pt/golf-holiday-packages-algarve/portugal/ and find out more.

Source: Barlavento - Semanário Regional do Algarve

Portugal Golf Holidays - MIMO Algarve at Pine Cliffs Resort is the gastronomic experience you won’t want to miss

Posted on 17 May 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - MIMO Algarve at Pine Cliffs Resort

Pine Cliffs Resort's MIMO Algarve is the place to be if you're looking to sample a variety of culinary delights. There is an espresso bar, a gourmet shop, and a cooking school open during the day, where students can learn how to make various meals and drinks. There are a number of options for dining at Praceta dos Limoeiros in the evening, including the outside terrace for wine and snack sampling, or a reservation at the Chef's Table, which serves up a gourmet menu with wine pairings. Activities for groups, business events, or team-building events are also available to the general public.

MIMO is located in Praceta dos Limoeiros, it’s faithful to its Algarvian roots and it’s ideal for families and groups. Pine Cliffs golf course is within a short distance.

Espresso Bar is a great place to spend some quality time with a cup of coffee and some of the best Portuguese cakes around. It's up to you if you want to eat outside or inside.

There are various distinctive Portuguese goods, mostly from the Algarve region, in the gourmet store. It's worth noting that our Vale do Freixo brand is selling regional items like olive oil or honey.

Bring the whole family to MIMO’s cooking school and create lasting experiences. This is the ideal setting in which to pick up cooking and drinking tips, tactics, and insider knowledge in a lighthearted manner.

In order to end the day on a high note, snacks and regional wines are served on the terrace, where you can relax and take in the Algarve's balmy nights in style.

Chef's Table offers gourmet cuisine with wine pairings for diners. A remarkable encounter that appeals to the senses.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Eurotel Altura Hotel & Beach Resort

Posted on 13 May 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Eurotel Altura Hotel & Beach Resort

Feel the sand under your feet breathe the salty ocean breeze and let your mind drift away, until your next tee time!

Eurotel Altura is the ideal place to stay for family vacations, romantic getaways, and get-togethers with friends on golf breaks, thanks to its prime location right on the beach and stunning views of Alagoa Beach from every room and suite.

This hotel is located in Altura (58km from Faro Airport), right in front of Alagoa beach. It has a pool, a fitness center, a tennis court, a spa (includes a hydrotherapy area and a Turkish bath), and many activities for everyone. You can’t get bored in Eurotel Altura and you’ll have the most relaxing holidays of your life.

Where to play golf:

Eurotel Altura has many golf courses nearby, some of them are within 10 minutes of distance, like Benamor, Quinta da Ria and Monte Rei golf courses. You’ll be able to play golf while admiring some of the most amazing views in this unspoiled Algarve region.

What to visit:

Take advantage of your holidays to explore the Portuguese heritage that this region has to offer. Check out the great beaches nearby, visit the historic towns nearby like Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, the border between Portugal and Spain and the amazing views it offers. For those who enjoy a vibrant nightlife, visit the nearest casino: Monte Gordo Casino.

What to eat:

Altura has a strong presence of traditional Portuguese cuisine like every other small town in the region, so it’s the perfect place for you to taste Portuguese food. Near the hotel there are a lot of Portuguese traditional restaurants, like A Chaminé. All of these restaurants are specialists in regional wonders like Caldeirada and Cataplana.

Link: https://www.teetimes.pt/eurotel-altura-golf-holidays/

Portugal Golf Holidays - Pine Cliffs Resort celebrates 30 years of existence

Posted on 13 Apr 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Pine Cliffs Hotel Luxury Collection

The motto of the campaign commemorating the 30th anniversary of Pine Cliffs Resort in Albufeira is "the meaning of life."

The advertising movie tries to demonstrate the Algarve luxury resort's historical identity, which is linked to issues such as family, gastronomy, sport, and well-being. "Pine Cliffs Resort is more than just Europe's largest and best luxury resort. In a press release, the resort emphasizes that it "presents itself above all as a location where life has a purpose, where life happens."

Pine Cliffs Resort also has a full calendar of events planned for this year to commemorate its 30th anniversary. The resort is hosting a new version of the gastronomy festival Mimo Algarve after hosting the Winners' Cup golf, tennis, and padel event. The festival, which already has an espresso bar (a first this year) and a gourmet shop dedicated to local products, will soon add a traditional cooking school, where visitors can learn recipes and discover food and drink secrets.

Pine Cliffs Resort will hold the Algarve Smooth Jazz Festival for the second year, dedicated to soul, funk, and jazz, from May 3 to 8. The reopening of the Zest restaurant (now with a new image), the Pine Cliffs Summer Night, the Full Moon Party, and the Christmas Market will all be part of the festivities.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Algarve wants to conquer the international market through nature, food and creativity

Posted on 07 Apr 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Algarve - Beach

The Algarve was once again exhibiting at one of the world's major tourism shows to promote the region's offerings. Great pedestrian pathways, cycle tourism, creative tourism, gastronomy, golf and wines are just a few of the attractions in the south of Portugal this year.

The Algarve was one of nearly 7.000 enterprises in the sector from 107 nations competing for travelers' attention to the destination's authenticity. Active tourism is a good bet this year, with major points of tourist interest in the Ecovia do Litoral/Eurovelo 1, the Rota Vicentina, the Via Algarviana, and the Grande Rota do Guadiana.

There are many experiences that the Algarve intends to promote, in addition to enjoying nature walking or pedaling (for those who prefer the bicycle as a mean of transportation on those four major routes). Creative tourism, as represented by projects such as Loulé Criativo, TASA, Algarve Cooking Vacations, and the new Algarve Craft & Food, is another option for those who want to learn and participate in activities related to traditions, culture, or heritage.

"Loulé Criativo" is an initiative that focuses on valuing the identity of this Algarve territory, with creativity and innovation as driving forces. It promotes the training and activity of artisans and creative professionals, thereby contributing to the revitalization of traditional arts and the promotion of new approaches to the intangible heritage of the Algarve region.

TASA's mission is to innovate craftsmanship, establishing it as a future profession. TASA bets on design to elevate the Algarve's traditional arts while retaining their usefulness and cultural matrix and wants to save ancestral techniques that are on the verge of extinction due to mass production, adopting sustainability values.

Algarve Cooking Vacations is a project that aims to establish the Algarve as a global icon of gastronomic tourism.

Through creative residencies, technical workshops, a seminar, and ten new cultural and creative tourism programs, the Algarve Craft & Food project aims to stimulate the development and internationalization of cultural and creative industries based on crafts and local food products from the Algarve until June 2022.

The classic sun and sea product, backed by the Algarve's re-election as "Best Beach Destination in the World" at the World Travel Awards, and gastronomy and wines in an area with more than 30 wine producers, round out the Algarve's attractions.

With the current health situation and the 2020 tourist retraction, the Algarve's presence in international fairs is critical. In 2021, we have already seen a lower drop than in 2020: the income drop was 40% compared to 2019, whereas the drop in 2020 was more than 60%. Despite this slight recovery and our expectation that the sector will continue to grow in the region in 2022, this increase will be lower than those seen prior to the pandemic. As a result, it is critical to strengthen the promotion and visibility of the Algarve brand at events and in nearby markets, capitalizing on people's clear desire to continue traveling.

For your golf holidays and golf breaks, the Algarve has plenty to offer, with hotels like Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa or Crowne Plaza Vilamoura and golf courses like Vilamoura Dom Pedro Old Course and Vale do Lobo Royal.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Algarve is the best destination in the world, for 2020

Posted on 29 Mar 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Monte Rei Golf Course

The IAGTO Awards were won by the Algarve region, which was voted on by 700 tour operators from over 60 countries.
The Algarve has been named "the best golf destination in the world for 2020" by the International Association of Golf Tourism Operators (IAGTO), a distinction that the head of Turismo do Algarve attributes to the region's 40 golf courses.

"As a consequence of the diversity and recognized excellence of the 40 golf courses, as well as the known hospitality and professionalism of the region's agents, the Algarve has attracted millions of tourists but also the top professionals in the world," he said, congratulating the president of the Algarve Tourism Region.
The ATA clarified that IAGTO, "which represents the golf tourism industry on a global level, within the scope of the 20th edition of the IAGTO Awards," chose the Algarve as the best golf destination for 2020 in a "vote that counted with the participation of more than 700 tour operators, specialized in this industry, and coming from more than 60 countries.

"The Algarve stood out as a favorite when it came to providing the best experience for tourists who practice this sport, beating out a number of other world-class golf destinations," the ATA added, noting that this is "the third time that the Algarve has been recognized by IAGTO," following its wins for best golf destination in Europe in 2006 and 2014.

"The Algarve is once again the preferred destination of specialized operators, but now on a global scale," according to the ATA, citing factors such as "the quality and diversity of the infrastructures that the Algarve offers for golf, the ease of access to the destination through the existence of frequent connections with Faro airport, and the cost/benefit ratio."

"To these are added other arguments such as the wide range of accommodation options, the region's natural beauty, the good climate that allows you to play golf all year, and even the huge variety of attractions and additional motivations that allow you to enrich the stay for players who visit the region in the company of family and friends," he added.

The president of IAGTO, Peter Walton, was quoted in the ATA statement as saying that "the Algarve has always put the golf visitors' experience at the top of its agenda" and congratulating "all golf courses, hotels, and suppliers. services in the area of golf tourism in the region" on the honour, which he called a "extraordinary achievement."

The Oitavos in Cascais (best hotel experience in Portugal) and The Monte Rei Golf & Country Club in Tavira was named "Best Golf Course in Portugal". The title for "Best Golf Hotel in Portugal" went to the Hilton Vilamoura Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa in Vilamoura, and Tee Times Golf Agency, based in Vilamoura was named "Best Inbound Golf Tour Operator in Portugal."

These were the Algarve winners of the 7th edition of the World Golf Awards, as determined by a vote of professionals from across the world, who recognized the Algarve's outstanding efforts in the golf tourist business.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Against cold and wind, Sofia Sá's golf game

Posted on 31 Jan 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Montado Hotel & Golf Resort

Among the vice-leaders in the opening day of the International Amateur Championship of Portugal at Montado Golf Course in Setúbal, Lisbon.

Sofia Sá started with the right foot in the 92nd International Women's Amateur Championship at Montado Hotel & Golf Resort a recommended place to stay and visit on a good golf holiday. Under difficult conditions, the 17 year old absolute national champion shot 70 strokes, 2 under par, to join the quintet of the second place, the French Maylis Lamoure and the German Helen Briem, both with 69.

Sofia shares third place with Spain's Anna Cañado Espinal, Italy's Sophie Bierstorfer and Francesca Fiorellini, France's Carla de Troia and Norway's Silje Torvund Ohma.

"Today the golf course was not easy at all. It was very cold and throughout the morning the wind started to pick up. I hope to continue this record in the next three days, shot by shot," she said.

The Portuguese, 12th in the 2021 edition, the best national mark since the tournament went from match play to stroke play in 2008, played in a luxury group, with the Scottish Louise Duncan, 19th in the world amateur ranking and current champion of the Women's Amateur Championship; and with the French Vairana Heck, runner-up in the last edition.

Has playing with them made her feel more motivated? Sofia answers: "No, I didn't even notice how they were coming. I remember that Vairana had some bad moments in the second round. I tried to keep my head down as much as possible. But I really enjoyed playing with them."

Louise Duncan is one rung below with 71 (-1), tied for 9th with France's Emma Falcher. And, as for Vairana Heck, Sofia is right: the Frenchwoman, after completing the first 9 holes in 36 (par), made 2 triple bogeys and 1 double bogeys, which were attenuated by 2 bogeys, for a back nine of 42 (+6) and a score of 78. She is in 50th place.

As for Sofia, the temperature warmed up and the wind died down, playing the first 11 holes with 9 pars and 2 birdies. She made her first bogey on 12, reacted immediately with birdie on 13, made her second bogey on 15, reacted immediately with birdie on 16. She closed par-par for an eye-catching display.

Among the 90 players in the golf course, only 10 managed to beat par and only three matched it. Also notable for this was the performance of the Portuguese Constança Mendonça, who, with 74, is in the top-20, in the group of the 18th ranked players.

Inside the provisional cut, that will be made at the end of the first three rounds for the first 40 and tied, is also Ana Costa Rodrigues, with 76, in the 37th. Ivete Rodrigues and Inês Belchior scored 79 and Luciana Reis and Francisca Rocha 80.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Sofia Sá will try to surpass the 12th place of 2021 in the International Golf Championship of Portugal at Montado Golf Course

Posted on 27 Jan 2022

Portugal Golf Holidays - Montado Hotel & Golf Resort

"I've prepared well. Now it's about letting my golf show"

The 92nd International Women's Amateur Golf Championship of Portugal started Wednesday and runs until Saturday on its traditional stage at the Montado Hotel & Golf Resort, in Lisbon an excellent destination for your golf holidays. In the national hosts, the attentions are focused on the absolute national champion Sofia Barroso Sá, only 17 years old and number 228 in the female amateur world ranking. In the last edition (held in May and not in the last week of January, as is usual due to the pandemic), she obtained the best classification of a Portuguese woman since, in 2008, the tournament changed its format from match play to stroke play.

The previous best Portuguese mark belonged to Marta Vasconcelos (Oporto GC), with a 13th place precisely in 2008, in an edition held in Benamor Golf Course in Tavira and which had only 55 participants. In 2021 there were 104 participants and Sofia played four rounds without losing to the Par 72 of the course, totalling 285 (-3) strokes (72-71-70-72) and reaching the top 10, with the same aggregate of the French Charlotte Liautier, who won in March the International Amateur in Italy and who played exactly the same results.

Sofia could have been 11 shots behind the winner, France's Lucie Malchirand, who scored -14, and 7 shots behind the runner up, also Frenchwoman Vairana Heck, with -10. But only five strokes separated her from third, Spanish Andrea Revuelta Goicoechea (-8). Lucie Malchirand was from another galaxy, as two weeks later she would commit the feat of winning the Ladies Italian Open, of the Ladies European Tour, the main European professional circuit for women.

Lucie Malchirand became professional in the meantime, so she will not be present in Montado Golf Course to defend her title. But among the 90 competitors in this 92nd Portugal International there are several players of global renown, such as the Scottish Louise Duncan, currently ranked 19th in the world and champion of the Women's Amateur Championship, one of the amateur majors; the South-Korean Jeong Hyun Lee, 28th in the world; or the Italian Franc Francesco Domenico, 28th in the world. South Korean Jeong Hyun Lee, 28th in the world; or the Italian Francesca Fiorellini, 56th in the world, who won several titles in 2021, including the French Under 21 International, and was 10th in the last Portugal International, one stroke behind Sofia Sá. Also competing is the 2021 runner-up Vairana Heck.

In the following interview, the Portuguese star from Belmonte, in Castelo Branco district, but representing the Quinta do Lago golf course, in the Algarve, where she has her coach, José Ferreira, puts aside any additional pressure, even if this is her last chance to shine in the Portugal International. In August she will go to the USA, to Texas Christian University, in Fort Worth, to study and play for the Froggs golf team, following in the footsteps of her arch-rival Leonor Medeiros, who has been at the University of South Florida, in Tampa, since last summer.

Besides Sofia Sá, the national team in Montado Golf Course, led by the National Assistant Coach Hugo Pinto, counts with Ana Costa Rodrigues (CG Miramar), Constança Mendonça (CG Orizonte Golf Courses), Francisca Rocha (Oporto Golf Course), Inês Belchior (Quinta do Perú Golf Course), Ivete Rodrigues (Verdegolf) and Luciana Reis (Miramar Golf Course).

Portugal Golf Holidays - The Best Places in Europe to Experience Nature

Posted on 21 Dec 2021

Portugal Golf Holidays - Porto Santo Golf Course

The North American publication TheStreet, highlighted in its digital edition the 30 best places in Europe to experience the best of nature and outdoor experiences. Portugal heads the top of the list, with Madeira in 1st position, Azores (5th) and the Algarve region in (12th position).

1. Madeira, Portugal

The Archipelago of Madeira is described as being known for its wine and mild climate all year round. The ideal destination for nature lovers who can enjoy rugged mountain walks, hiking, sailing, dolphin and whale watching, diving and beaches.

Madeira Island was re-elected this year Best Island Destination in the World 2021 and has two excellent golf courses, Palheiro Golf and Santo da Serra Golf Club, with 18 and 27 holes respectively, both offering stunning views.

The second largest island in the archipelago with a stunning golden beach was the location chosen by Severiano Balesteros to design one of his masterpieces, the Porto Santo golf course.

The Madeira Island Golf Open is a very popular tournament held annually at one of the three courses of the archipelago and is part of the European PGA Main Tour where many regional, national and international professional golfers are enrolled.

5. Azores, Portugal

This archipelago is described as being one that is known for its lake-filled calderas, dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, green pastures and blue hydrangea hedges.

Golf in the Azores is characteristic for its strong involvement with nature. Unique landscapes full of colorful flowers and a climate that allows you to play all year round in any of the three golf courses of the archipelago: Batalha Golf Course and Furnas Golf Course located on the main island of the Azores and Terceira Golf Club located in Ilha Terceira.

12. Algarve, Portugal

And finally Portugal's most southern region is described as being world renowned for its beaches and golf resorts. The western Atlantic coast and the rugged interior of the region are less developed. Nature lovers can enjoy bird watching, hiking, cycling and horse riding.

In the Algarve region, most of the golf courses can be found near Faro airport, in the areas of Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura. However, both in Sotavento and Barlavento there are magnificent golf courses to experience, designed by famous architects such as Jack Nicklaus a legendary figure in the world of golf. Some overlooking the ocean and others surrounded by nature and wildlife.

All this has contributed to the Algarve being considered the best region in the world for golf holidays.


Portugal Golf Holidays - Aroeira: golf at the Estado Novo country club

Posted on 21 Dec 2021

Portugal Golf Holidays - Aroeira Pines Classic Golf Course

In the 1970s it was a luxury complex where the high political society lived. Today, Herdade da Aroeira is one of the largest residential and golf complexes in the country.

A quiet, safe, comfortable and enviroment friendly place: this is how people who currently live at Herdade da Aroeira describe it. Located 25 kilometres from the centre of Lisbon, in a vast pine forest overlooking the white sands of the beaches at Fonte da Telha, in Costa de Caparica, this is the largest residential and golf complex in the region.

A greens' paradise

Despite being a residential area, the great attraction of those 3.6 square kilometres of land are the two golf courses with 18 holes. When it comes to golf holidays, Herdade da Aroeira has the perfect environment all year.

Opened in 1973, the 6044-metre Aroeira Pines Classic championship golf course was designed by the Architect Frank Pennick and is considered one of the best golf courses in Europe, featuring in Golf World magazine's '100 Best European Courses' list.

This golf course has hosted the Portuguese Open in 1996 and 1997, as well as several Ladies Opens, the Amateur Champioship Gentleman & Ladies and the European Men Clubs Trophy 2013.

The Aroeira Challenge, inaugurated in April 2000 by former President Jorge Sampaio, was designed by the architect Donald Steel, with 6367 metres in length and 18 long greens - grass mats where the holes are located - which go around five large lakes, having played host for several years to the Qualifying School of Ladies European Tour and various editions of the Portuguese Ladies Opens.

In addition to the two golf courses, Herdade da Aroeira also includes a hotel, a swimming pool, four tennis courts and a shopping area with a range of support services, such as a doctor's office, a parapharmacy, supermarket, stationery shop, art gallery and others. The Arrábida Fund has also approved another project for an aparthotel in the pool area.

There are those who come here to enjoy a quiet meal at the Golf D'água restaurant, to take a dip in the pool in summer, or even to play a few rounds of golf. And there are those who like to know where the ball players live, asking those who know Aroeira well for a guided tour.


Portugal Golf Holidays - Algarve wins again at the World Travel Awards

Posted on 20 Dec 2021

Portugal Golf Holidays - World Golf Awards

The Algarve, has long been recognised as a favourite destination for golf holidays won, for the second consecutive year, the award for "Best Beach Destination in the World", as part of the World Travel Awards, announced on Wednesday.

The Algarve region had already been crowned with the same distinction in 2020 and has now done the "encore", which had not happened in this category since 2015 and 2016, then with the Maldives.

It should be remembered, the Algarve also added, in the last two years, the award of "Best Beach Destination in Europe", given by the same organization.

In the 2021 edition of the World Travel Awards, the region had another winner: the Conrad Algarve hotel won the "World's Best Luxury Leisure Resort" category.

Generations of golfers have come to the south coast of Portugal, attracted by the 300 days of sunshine, the high quality accommodation, the relaxed atmosphere, the perfect landscapes and 40 of the best golf courses in the world.

Not only is the Algarve a must for the amateur golfer but it has also attracted, with the quality of its golf courses, the world's top professionals of the sport and major tournaments such as the 2005 World Cup and the Portugal Masters.


Portugal Golf Holidays - Algarve wins three prizes at the World Golf Awards

Posted on 02 Nov 2021

Portugal Golf Holidays - World Golf Awards

Two golf courses and an Algarve travel agency won awards at the 8th edition of the World Golf Awards, which were delivered last Thursday, October 28th, in Dubai.

Quinta do Lago's Sul Golf Course as the Best Golf Course in Portugal category, Hilton Vilamoura "As Cascatas" was elected the best golf hotel in Portugal, and Tee Times golf agency, based in the Algarve, the best inbound operator in Portugal.

The World Golf Awards also awarded Portugal as the best golf destination in Europe.

The tourism industry has been one of the sectors that has contributed the most to the recovery of the Portuguese economy, after the worst phases of the pandemic.

It is with great pride that Portugal receives these awards as a tourist destination which makes it the place to choose for your golf holidays or golf breaks.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Hotels in Portugal nominated for the Condé Nast Johansens Awards

Posted on 29 Oct 2021

Portugal Golf Holidays - Condé Nast Johansens Excellence Awards 2022

In a selection of the best luxury hotels in the world, Portugal collects ten nominations.

With voting running until November 1, at https://www.johansens.com/awards/, the Condé Nast Johansens Excellence Awards 2022 has the presence of luxury hotels from Europe and the Mediterranean area, United Kingdom and Ireland, Central America and South America, Canada, United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Portugal has nine nominations, under the title of Excellence Awards of Europe and Mediterranean Zone in the following categories: Best Value Experience, Best Dining Experience, Best Waterside Hotel (Riverside, Lakeside, Seaside), Best Urban Hotel (Town, City), Best Countryside Hotel, Best for Families, Best for Weddings, Parties & Celebrations and Best Destination Spa.

Of the hotels nominated, four are in the Lisbon area - the Santiago de Alfama - Boutique Hotel, the Heritage Avenida Liberdade, the Lisbon Heritage Collection, the Tivoli Palácio de Seteais Sintra Hotel and the Palácio Estoril Hotel Golf & Wellness; three in the North of Portugal - the Vila Foz Hotel & Spa, the Torel Palace Porto and the Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel; two on the Island of Madeira - Quinta Jardins do Lago and the Estalagem da Ponta do Sol and one of them in the Algarve - the Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort.

Condé Nast Johansens continues to be the benchmark of excellence for independent hotels inspected annually, with an audience of 6.4 million users while its distribution reaches 27,500 copies internationally.

The results will be announced, simultaneously for all hotels, on 08 November.

Portugal Golf Holidays - Morgado Golf Resort and Herdade dos Salgados get "right shot" and are distinguished internationally

Posted on 21 Oct 2021

Portugal Golf Holidays - NAU Salgados Palace Hotel

Morgado Golf Resort and Herdade dos Salgados were distinguished in the 'Best Golf Resorts in Continental Europe' ranking of Today's Golfer magazine.

Located in Portimão, Morgado Golf Resort ranked 7th in the 'Best Value Golf Resorts' category, which analyses the best value for money golf resorts in Europe.

The jury considered a range of specific features offered by this resort, such as the two golf courses available - Morgado Golf Course and Álamos Golf Course -, the accommodation - NAU Morgado Golf & Country Club - amenities and surroundings, as well as the proximity to Faro Airport.

Salgados Golf Course, at Herdade dos Salgados, in Albufeira, reached the 2nd position of the ranking in the 'Best Golf Resorts for Beach Holiday' category, which evaluated golf courses.

For the placement of the two Portuguese resorts in the top 10 were taken into account unique features provided by the resort - the golf course - Salgados Golf Course -, the various accommodation units of Herdade dos Salgados - NAU Salgados Palace, NAU Salgados Palm Village and NAU Salgados Dunas Suites - amenities and surroundings, as well as the proximity to Faro Airport.

The Algarve golf courses of the NAU Hotels & Resorts group host renowned events such as the "Portugal Masters", the "Algarve World Cup" and the "Nations Cup".

The Morgado Golf Course and the Álamos Golf Course, both at Morgado Golf Resort, are located close to the Monchique mountain range.

Salgados Golf Course, which is part of the NAU Hotels & Resorts offer at Herdade dos Salgados, is located next to Salgados Beach and only 10 minutes away from the centre of Albufeira.

The publication highlighted the facilities and valences offered by the resort "which is a few metres from the beautiful white sandy beach. An excellent option for golf holidays or golf breaks near beach.

Portugal Golf Holidays - NAU Morgado: how a hotel dedicated to golf became our perfect Algarve Holiday

Posted on 14 Oct 2021

Portugal Golf Holidays - NAU Morgado Golf & Country Club Hotel

NAU Morgado Golf & Country Club was one of the last hotels in the NAU group to reopen this year after being forced to close due to the pandemic, but with the same beauty as always.

All that green nature of the wonderful golf course, the hugee of the room and the iconic beds with giant red velvet headboards, are all features that bring together the essentials for a golf break, golf holiday or a simple short getaway. Not wanting to leave aside the pools with a wonderful view, the food, the starry night sky, the smell of fresh air and also, the food that is great. The NAU Morgado Golf & Country Club is literally hidden between the beaches of Portimão and the Monchique Mountains, which makes it an ideal place for those who want to set off to discover the inland Algarve, but at the same time also stay close to the famous Algarve beaches.

Here, space and greenery are constant and essential features, but the main characteristic is its two golf courses (Morgado and Álamos), which offer sports fans and enthusiasts various opportunities for practice and competition. The resort also has four swimming pools - two of them for children - two bars, a restaurant and a Kids Club, which is only open in high season. The hotel and its services together with the golf courses form a complete and unique experience, an authentic Algarve golf holiday or golf break.

The property is absolutely enormous: from the moment we officially enter Herdade do Reguengo until we reach the reception, there are kilometres of green, mountains and trees.

The rooms, 98 accommodation units, with balconies and terraces with unobstructed views of the fields, are in isolated blocks, built horizontally, as if we were staying in a small private villa, which we can always access without any glimmer of confusion. Almost as if we had a holiday home there, and could simply go for dinner in a common space.

The restaurant is spacious and has a large terrace, so that we can always enjoy breakfast and dinner (the hotel operates on a half-board or breakfast-only basis) in peace and quiet. The staff, is extremely friendly, everywhere.

The atmosphere in this country club hotel is, even so, the best and very peculiar: there's something about the tranquil air of nature and the silence, interspersed with the passing of golf carts or groups of foreigners carrying clubs, that makes it a pleasant surprise. Going there as a family, as a couple or with friends the feeling is exactly the same, the calm and the air of civility, the pools always with space and free loungers, in everything, the spirit with which you stay is really of a secret that we have just discovered and that we do not want to reveal to anyone.

It's not that Morgado is a total unknown for those seeking a good Portugal Holiday: judging by the many overwhelmingly positive reviews on TripAdvisor, many have already found it, but interestingly, almost all visitors report the same peace and unique ambience, even in the peak season months, which dispelled our doubts about whether we'd had a lucky September. "We love everything, great for relaxing, socialising, dating, spending a lot of quality family time," wrote one visitor in July this year, with similar opinions even in August.

In theory, the space doesn't exactly seem to have been made with children in mind - there's the Kids Club, there's the children's pools and all the necessary equipment, chairs and support, but there's no childishness in the spaces or environments, which, in fact, doesn't seem to be a problem for the smaller guests. For them, the children's pool itself becomes a gigantic private crocodile pool, kids have fertile imaginations but when the space is unique it doesn't pass them by.

The main pool also deserves a paragraph as it is absolutely amazing and still semi-infinite. A characteristic of NAU Hotels, is their always gigantic round pool, which gives the sensation of swimming in a lake. And there, there is also a nook where the earth falls away and the view is of the golf courses, with a wonderful infinity result. Nights at the NAU Morgado Golf & Country Club start at €76, with regular campaigns that you can take advantage of, if you are passionate about golf holidays, golf breaks or a simple family holiday.

This place is magical for everyone and is ready to welcome both a golf lover or a family who comes to rest and enjoy.

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