IAGTO Awards 2024: recognising the best in European golf tourism

The 24th edition of the exclusive annual IAGTO Awards, focusing on the European and African sectors, was recently announced at the IAGTO European Convention (IEC) in Malaga, Spain. These prestigious distinctions, determined by the votes of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) members, honour the exceptional service provided by golf courses, resorts, inbound operators, and golf destinations over the past Year. The 2024 recipients, including Madrid, Cadiz, La Cala Resort, and Dom Pedro Vilamoura Golf, come from Spain, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece, and Scotland.

During the Opening Address of the IEC, Peter Walton, Chief Executive of IAGTO, proudly announced the ten winners of these highly esteemed awards. Walton stated, “Golf tour operators responsible for 90% of all international golf tourism organised travel have once again focused worldwide attention on a handful of suppliers and destinations that delivered the best possible experience to their golf travelling clients over the past 12 months.” This global recognition underscores the influence and reach of the IAGTO Awards.

Madrid, Golf Destination of the Year European (City).

The Asia Pacific Awards were revealed in March, and the awards for North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean will be announced in June.

For over three decades, Tee Times Golf Agency has been a key player in offering the best golf and tourism packages for those seeking exceptional Portugal and Spain golf holidays. As a long-standing partner of IAGTO, Tee Times has played an active role in promoting golf tourism, contributing significantly to the industry.

La Cala Resort, Golf Resort of the Year for Spain.

IAGTO Awards winners of the year

We are thrilled to acknowledge this Year’s award winners, who are among our premier golf destinations: Madrid, as European City Golf Destination of the Year, known for its world-class golf courses and vibrant city life; Cadiz, as Southern European Golf Destination of the Year, renowned for its stunning coastal views and challenging golf courses; La Cala Resort, as Golf Resort of the Year for Spain, offering a unique combination of luxury and natural beauty; and Dom Pedro Vilamoura Golf, as Golf Resort of the Year for Portugal, a golfer’s paradise with its championship courses and top-notch facilities.

Dom Pedro Vilamoura Golf, Resort of the Year for Portugal.

Cádiz, Golf Destination of the Year for Central & Southern Europe.

Tee Times Golf Agency extends its congratulations to all the winners of the IAGTO Awards 2024 and expresses its sincere gratitude for their continued collaboration. We look forward to our ongoing partnership in providing outstanding services for golf enthusiasts worldwide.

Photos by: © IAGTO – Peter Ellegard

2024 IAGTO European Convention: meeting with colleagues and friends

Four remarkable days in Malaga. With the same enthusiasm our team brings to their daily work, Tee Times Golf Agency participated in the 2024 IAGTO European Convention (IEC), a testament to our unwavering commitment to the golf tourism market.

Carlos Ferreira, CEO and founder of Tee Times, and Jorge Diogo, Director of Sales and Marketing, represented the agency at the convention. Held from May 13-15 on the Costa del Sol, this event is recognized as the premier golf tourism trade meeting in Europe, attracting around 750 delegates from across the globe.

The 2024 IAGTO European Convention, held at the FYCMA Exhibition Centre, is renowned for its innovative approach to networking, offering two days of pre-scheduled 20-minute meetings. Unlike traditional forced appointments, this unique format allowed parties to connect with key stakeholders and potential partners more organically and productively, underscoring the value of the event.

IAGTO European Convention Golf Tournament

Ferreira and Diogo’s active participation extended beyond the meeting rooms, demonstrating Tee Times Golf Agency’s deep-rooted passion for golf. They not only participated in the IEC Golf Tournament, showcasing their skills, but also finished third in the contest played in Real Guadalhorce on a team with Domingo Gavira and Ignácio Sanchez, a testament to our team’s talent and dedication.

The Welcome Cocktail Receptions on May 13 and the IEC Celebration Dinner on May 14 offered additional avenues for networking in a more relaxed setting. These events, filled with engaging conversations and shared experiences, further solidified relationships with peers and potential clients, demonstrating our commitment to building strong and lasting connections in the industry.

The 2024 IAGTO European Convention in Malaga was a key event for Tee Times Golf Agency. It highlighted the company’s active engagement and influential presence in the golf tourism market, offering since 1993 incredible packages and breaks for those looking for their best Portugal and Spain golf holidays.

Commitment to golf and tourism will shine at the 2024 IAGTO European Convention

The golf tourism industry is set to converge again at the prestigious 2024 IAGTO European Convention (IEC) in the vibrant city of Malaga, Spain, at the FYCMA Exhibition Centre. From May 13th to 15th, industry leaders, golf enthusiasts, and key stakeholders will gather on the sun-kissed Costa del Sol to explore new opportunities, foster partnerships, and celebrate the ever-evolving landscape of golf tourism.

Among the participants stands Tee Times Golf Agency, a stalwart full member of IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) since 1997. Our presence at the convention underscores our enduring commitment to the industry.

Our membership in IAGTO, spanning nearly three decades, exemplifies our dedication to excellence, offering golf packages for the best golf holidays in Portugal and Spain. And not only affords access to a global network of industry players but also positions us as frontrunners in driving innovation and best practices within the sector.

2024 IAGTO European Convention

At the heart of the convention lie two days of meticulously scheduled meetings, allowing delegates to forge meaningful connections and explore collaborative ventures. Tee Times Golf Agency’s involvement ensures we remain at the forefront of these discussions, leveraging our expertise to chart new pathways for sustainable growth and development.

Beyond the confines of formal meetings, the convention offers many networking opportunities, including the IEC Golf Tournament and celebratory dinners. Of course, our active participation in these events strengthens our industry relationships and reaffirms our status as pioneers in the field.


Founded in 1997, IAGTO has played a pivotal role in shaping the golf tourism landscape worldwide, providing its members (with more than 2300 accredited golf tour operators) unparalleled resources and support. Tee Times Golf Agency’s longstanding membership is a testament to the enduring value of IAGTO’s initiatives and underscores their shared commitment to driving the industry forward.

As the curtains rise on the 2024 IEC, Tee Times Golf Agency stands poised to impact the future of golf tourism. Our unwavering dedication and extensive industry knowledge ensure that we will continue to be a driving force in shaping the landscape of golf travel for years to come for Portugal and Spain.

Photo by: IAGTO.