2024 IAGTO European Convention: meeting with colleagues and friends

Four remarkable days in Malaga. With the same enthusiasm our team brings to their daily work, Tee Times Golf Agency participated in the 2024 IAGTO European Convention (IEC), a testament to our unwavering commitment to the golf tourism market.

Carlos Ferreira, CEO and founder of Tee Times, and Jorge Diogo, Director of Sales and Marketing, represented the agency at the convention. Held from May 13-15 on the Costa del Sol, this event is recognized as the premier golf tourism trade meeting in Europe, attracting around 750 delegates from across the globe.

The 2024 IAGTO European Convention, held at the FYCMA Exhibition Centre, is renowned for its innovative approach to networking, offering two days of pre-scheduled 20-minute meetings. Unlike traditional forced appointments, this unique format allowed parties to connect with key stakeholders and potential partners more organically and productively, underscoring the value of the event.

IAGTO European Convention Golf Tournament

Ferreira and Diogo’s active participation extended beyond the meeting rooms, demonstrating Tee Times Golf Agency’s deep-rooted passion for golf. They not only participated in the IEC Golf Tournament, showcasing their skills, but also finished third in the contest played in Real Guadalhorce on a team with Domingo Gavira and Ignácio Sanchez, a testament to our team’s talent and dedication.

The Welcome Cocktail Receptions on May 13 and the IEC Celebration Dinner on May 14 offered additional avenues for networking in a more relaxed setting. These events, filled with engaging conversations and shared experiences, further solidified relationships with peers and potential clients, demonstrating our commitment to building strong and lasting connections in the industry.

The 2024 IAGTO European Convention in Malaga was a key event for Tee Times Golf Agency. It highlighted the company’s active engagement and influential presence in the golf tourism market, offering since 1993 incredible packages and breaks for those looking for their best Portugal and Spain golf holidays.

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