The Open de Portugal: 50 years of golfing tradition

For over half a century, the Open de Portugal has stood as a testament to excellence in professional golf. Originating in 1953, this annual tournament has been a cornerstone of Portugal’s golfing landscape, showcasing local talent and international stars.

Originally part of the European Tour from 1973 to 2010, the tournament underwent a brief hiatus before resurfacing in 2017 as a dual-ranking event on both the European and Challenge Tours. This revival marked a significant chapter in the tournament’s history, reaffirming its status as a premier golfing event. The promoter of the traditional Open is the Federação Portuguesa de Golfe, which is celebrating 75 years of life in 2024.

Currently, the tournament is only on the Challenge Tour calendar, and this season, it will be played again at Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort from September 12 to 15, with a prize pool of 270.000 euros. The defending champion is the Englishman Marco Penge. 

Throughout its storied past, the Open de Portugal has witnessed the triumphs of renowned players such as Sam Torrance, Colin Montgomerie, and Miguel Angel Jiménez, alongside emerging talents like Matt Wallace and Garrick Higgo. Their participation has not only elevated the competition but has also cemented its reputation on the global stage.

The Open de Portugal venues

The tournament has been hosted at prestigious venues across Portugal, including Estoril, Royal Óbidos, Morgado, Penina, Vale do Lobo, Troia, Penha Longa, and Quinta do Lago, each providing a challenging and picturesque backdrop for the world’s finest golfers. Despite its diverse locations, the Open de Portugal has remained a beacon of distinction, attracting enthusiasts from far and wide to witness the drama unfold on the fairways. At Tee Times Golf Agency, we offer the best packages for those who want to play on courses that have hosted the Open, enjoying their Portugal golf breaks at the highest level.

While the tournament has yet to see a Portuguese champion, players like José-Filipe Lima have come close, embodying the nation’s growing prowess in the sport. Regardless of the outcome, each edition of the Open de Portugal has served as a platform for seasoned professionals and rising stars to showcase their skills and compete for glory.

Notable moments, such as Colin Montgomerie’s record-breaking performance in 1989 (264 strokes), have etched themselves into the annals of golfing history, adding to the tournament’s rich tapestry of achievements. The Open de Portugal has provided countless memories for players and spectators, from dramatic playoffs to historic milestones.

As the Open looks ahead to its next chapter, it remains a symbol of Portugal’s enduring passion for golf and its commitment to fostering excellence in the sport. With each passing year, the Open de Portugal continues to captivate audiences, ensuring its rightful place among the world’s premier golfing events.

In summary, the Open de Portugal is a testament to 50 years of golfing tradition, embodying the spirit of competition, camaraderie, and sportsmanship that define the sport. As it enters its next era, the contest remains a beacon of excellence, inspiring generations of golfers to pursue their passion and strive for greatness on the green.

Photos: © Rodrigo Gatinho / Golftattoo / Federação Portuguesa de Golfe

Federação Portuguesa de Golfe: celebrating 75 years of passion for golf in Portugal

The Federação Portuguesa de Golfe is celebrating a remarkable milestone this year: 75 years of promoting golf in Portugal. In celebration of this anniversary, the federation has an exciting lineup of events and competitions scheduled throughout the season.

Two traditional tournaments are about to dazzle enthusiasts in the coming weeks, highlighting the rich history and vibrant presence of golf in Portugal. These are the 94th Portuguese International Ladies Amateur Championship (January 24-27) and the 94th Portuguese International Amateur Championship (February 7-10).

The historic championships, key in the federation’s calendar, will be held on the Penina Hotel & Golf Resort’s iconic course, Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course. This field, designed by the legendary Sir Henry Cotton, is a jewel of golf in Portugal. Located in the heart of the Algarve, the region famous for its captivating landscapes and warm climate, Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course offers a unique experience.

Penina: golf in Portugal’s jewel

With meticulously designed fairways and challenging greens, this course is the perfect choice for hosting prestigious events. The fusion of tactical challenges and natural beauty makes Penina a dream destination for golfers of all levels. The tournament on this course will celebrate golfing skills and the tradition and elegance that characterise golf in Portugal.

Beyond the competition, those who seek Portugal golf breaks and visit Penina Hotel & Golf Resort can immerse themselves in an unforgettable vacation. With luxury accommodation options, world-class facilities and a location that combines historic charm with modern serenity, this resort offers a perfect escape for golf lovers and those seeking exceptional travel experiences in Portugal.

As we celebrate 75 years of the Federação Portuguesa de Golfe, we invite you to join us in exploring Portugal’s unique golf courses and traditions. Come and experience the fusion of golfing challenges and natural beauty that make Portugal a dream destination for golf enthusiasts worldwide. Long live golf in Portugal!