Portugal Golf – Exciting Amateur Tournaments

Vale do Lobo Royal Golf Course. Exciting Amateur Tournaments

Exciting Amateur Tournaments

Join one or all of these amateur competitions at the prestigious and magnificent Algarve golf courses.
  This is a great opportunity for keen players to take part in a friendly but challenging tournament experience.

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Tee Times Open Championship Tournament 2022

XXI International Amateur Golf Tournament 2021 JJW

3rd Edition West Algarve Golf Trophy

XI Spring Amateur Golf Tournament 2022 JJW

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CG Évora: champions in Vila Sol
Vilamoura Golf Club – President’s Cup

Portugal Golf – CG Évora: champions in Vila Sol

Vila Sol Golf Course

CG Évora: champions in Vila Sol

The Golf Club of Évora promoted its 5th OM tournament in the Vila Sol golf course sponsored by the wines of Comenda Grande (Arraiolos), which provided to all participants the possibility to taste their high quality products, from wines to sparkling wine.

The great champions were Graça Carter, João Pedro Themudo and José Manuel Gago Leiria.

The tournament, a shot gun with wind and hot weather, brought together about 80 golfers among club members and guests.

Among the members, João Pedro Themudo won with 36 points, followed by Vasco Franco de Sousa also with 36.

In net José Gago Leiria won with 41 points, followed by Manuel Bagulho with 40.

The ladies event was won by Graça Carter with 42 points, followed by Amélia Gabin with 36.

The gross champion was João Pedro Themudo with 31 points, followed by João Teixeira Almeida with 27.

The prizes were distributed during the lively social lunch at the Vila Sol restaurant, which ended with a fabulous tombola (everyone received gifts…) and a unique encounter of Alentejo’s songs, among the members of CG Évora.

The club’s Order of Merit has three more golf tournaments to go until the end of the year.

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Salgados Golf Course in Algarve

Portugal Golf – Salgados golf course in Algarve

Salgados golf course Bacalhau Strings Tournament

Salgados golf course Bacalhau Strings Tournament

An invitation was extended from Salgados Golf Course to Chez Carlos Golf Society to participate in their *Strings* tournament.

7 of our members accepted and were met with a warm day with an abundance of wind and anyone who has played Salgados knows that means some difficult playing conditions are in your immediate future.

The golf course itself is actually in top notch condition and the greens were quite quick. Putts had to be judged for speed quite precisely or there was a penalty to be paid for any exuberant efforts that missed.

The greens were near perfect for roll and it is appreciated that it was apparent the earlier groups made the effort to repair their pitch marks which isn’t always the case around the Algarve. The concept of the Strings game was somewhat lost on a few of our members but the round actually moved along at a reasonable pace. None of our Chez Carlos group placed in the prizes for scoring, but Jim Gillis came away with the long drive prize of one large bacalhau. As has been the case in these Salgados events, the lunch provided afterwards was spectacular.

Several codfish dishes and plenty of other options for those born without the I like fish gene, with an assortment of salad options and a well-done sweets and fruit table for dessert. The cheesecake was amazing and there was plenty of wine which seemed to be much appreciated by all. Simply said, the value for these events hosted by Salgados are unbeatable and everyone has a great time. Its a bit of an earlier start than our usual, but highly recommended to try at least once.

By Jim Gillis organizer of C.C.G. Society

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