Exploring Greg Norman’s golfing paradises in Spain

Greg Norman Golf Course Design is a beacon of signature golf course design excellence. With a portfolio boasting over 100 courses spread across 34 countries and six continents, the firm has left an indelible mark on the global golfing landscape. However, GNGCD’s presence in Europe is a testament to its exclusivity, with only three developments, two of which are in Spain: Real Club de Golf El Prat and Infinitum Golf Club. The other one is Doonbeg Golf Club, in Ireland.

Greg Norman, known as the “Great White Shark” for his dominance on the golf course, transitioned seamlessly from player to designer, drawing inspiration from his extensive experience playing on some of the world’s most renowned courses over a 25-year career. His personal involvement in every aspect of the design process ensures that each course bears his unique touch from conception to completion. Currently, Greg Norman is also CEO of LIV Golf Investments.

One of Norman’s defining principles is his unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. His “least disturbance” design philosophy prioritizes the preservation of the natural landscape, seamlessly integrating each course with its surroundings. This dedication reflects a broader ethos of responsibility towards customers, communities, and the surroundings, inspiring a sense of environmental consciousness and responsibility in every golfer.

Real Club de Golf El Prat

Real Club de Golf El Prat, situated in Spain, boasts a rich history from 1912. Founded as the Barcelona Golf Club, it adopted the “Real” prefix following a visit from King Alfonso XIII. The club’s relocation to its site in Bonvilar in 1997 marked a new chapter. Greg Norman lent his expertise to craft 45 challenging yet harmonious holes, seamlessly blending the course with the picturesque surroundings.

The club’s sporting excellence is underscored by its numerous accolades, including hosting the Open de España de Golf on ten occasions. Beyond its competitive edge, Real Club de Golf El Prat offers a range of amenities catering to families and enthusiasts, ensuring a holistic golfing experience. In addition, it is one of the most chosen locations among the wide range of Tee Times golf Agency offer for those looking for the best packages for their Spain golf holidays.

Infinitum Golf Club

Infinitum Golf Club, another gem in Norman’s European portfolio, features 45 holes (27 designed by Norman) spread across three distinct courses. With its 18 holes meandering around the Sequia Major wetlands, Lakes offers a challenging yet rewarding experience amidst a protected natural habitat. On the other hand, Ruins presents a unique juxtaposition of golf and history, with nine holes winding through ancient Roman archaeological remains. Both were designed by Norman.

Norman’s designs at Infinitum Golf Club exemplify his ability to create courses that test players’ skills and immerse them in captivating surroundings, showcasing the diverse beauty of the Spanish landscape.

Greg Norman’s influence extends far beyond his legendary playing career. Through his visionary approach to golf course design, he has left an enduring legacy, shaping the way golf is played and experienced around the world, including the picturesque landscapes of Europe, where his designs at Real Club de Golf El Prat and Infinitum Golf Club captivate golfers of all levels looking for unforgettable Spain golf breaks.


Principal photo by: Greg Norman Golf Course Design

Camiral Golf & Wellness: the golfing paradise in Catalunya

Camiral Golf & Wellness has once again solidified its position as a beacon of excellence in golf by maintaining its coveted Gold Flag status at the last 59club Europe Service Excellence Awards.

The Gold Flag, a pinnacle of achievement within the 59club Europe industry benchmark, is bestowed upon properties demonstrating the highest service excellence. The exceptional teams at Camiral Golf & Wellness take immense pride in their tenacious dedication and hard work, which have earned the resort this prestigious honour again. It is one of the most chosen destinations among the best Spain golf breaks.

Behind Camiral Golf & Wellness story

The story begins with the ancient Camí Ral traversing the resort—a Roman road cradled amidst the sea and mountains, weaving through pine forests, lakes, and sun-dappled clearings, connecting Spain to France. This path has been integral to the resort’s history, bridging past, present, and future. 

The resort has recently adopted the appellation Camiral Golf and Wellness to encapsulate the myriad of transformative changes over the past two decades. With its acclaimed Stadium Course and Tour Course, pristine natural surroundings, revamped wellness program, organic vineyards, and gastronomic offerings, Camiral Golf & Wellness is more intertwined than ever with the region. 

Where to stay

Nestled adjacent to the PGA Catalunya Golf Course, the Camiral Hotel stands as a testament to style and luxury. It offers an outdoor oasis with an expansive pool. Each generously appointed room boasts complimentary Wi-Fi, a flat-screen satellite TV, and views of the idyllic countryside. Adorned in warm, natural hues, the rooms feature air conditioning, a minibar, and modern bathrooms exuding elegance.

Exquisite à la carte cuisine awaits at Camiral Hotel’s airy restaurant, while guests can unwind at the piano bar or pub. In the summer, beverages can be enjoyed on the terrace. The spa beckons with a sauna, hot tub, hammam, and various rejuvenating treatments. Just a stone’s throw away lies the spa town of Caldes de Malavella, renowned for its natural mineral waters. The vibrant city of Girona and its airport, as well as the best Costa Brava beaches, are within easy reach.

In addition to the sumptuous amenities offered at Camiral Golf & Wellness, guests can stay at LAVIDA Hotel, an innovative establishment boasting 50 rooms nestled within the breathtaking surroundings of Camiral Golf & Wellness—a leisure paradise. Furthermore, various options are available for groups of all sizes seeking luxury accommodation. The open-plan villas, suitable for leisure-oriented groups, exude spaciousness and grandeur. At the same time, the apartments on the edge of the Stadium Course offer endless panoramic views, catering to every preference and ensuring an unforgettable stay.

Two fantastic golf courses

With two world-class golf courses ranked among Europe’s finest, Camiral Golf & Wellness promises an extraordinary golfing experience. The Stadium Course boasts breathtaking beauty and intelligent design. Having hosted numerous Open de España tournaments and graced by the DP World Tour, it captivates and challenges professionals and golf enthusiasts alike. The Tour Course offers a more open and shorter layout than the Stadium Course, providing a more straightforward golfing experience that ensures a challenge for every player level.

Your gateway to your best Spain golf holidays

For those seeking the ultimate Spain golf holiday, Tee Times Golf Agency proudly features Camiral Golf & Wellness as one of its premier packages for the best Spain golf holidays. Whether seasoned golfers or novices, guests can embark on a journey of luxury, leisure, and unparalleled golfing bliss amidst Catalunya’s scenic beauty.

In the heart of Catalunya lies Camiral Golf & Wellness—a sanctuary where golfing dreams come to life amidst a backdrop of natural splendour and unparalleled hospitality. What are you waiting for to visit it?

Barcelona golf breaks: cultural charms and golfing paradises

Are you looking for the perfect Barcelona golf breaks? Look no further than the vibrant city of Barcelona and its neighbouring province of Girona. This beautiful region offers a harmonious blend of cultural heritage, modern attractions, and a thriving golf scene, attracting enthusiasts worldwide to its stunning courses.

With diverse courses catering to players of all skill levels, Barcelona and Girona have established themselves as premier golfing destinations in Europe. They are one of the most requested destinations at Tee Times Golf Agency.

Barcelona golf breaks: golfing paradises for all tastes

Beyond the city limits, Barcelona and its neighbouring province of Girona boast many world-class golf courses set amidst stunning natural landscapes. These courses not only offer challenging gameplay but also provide golfers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the region’s beauty.

The Real Club de Golf El Prat, located just outside Barcelona, is a premier golfing destination with its meticulously designed courses crafted by Greg Norman. Meanwhile, the PGA Catalunya Resort in Girona is home to two championship courses, including the acclaimed Stadium Course, consistently ranked among the best in Europe.

The Club de Golf Llavaneras offers a picturesque setting overlooking the Mediterranean Sea for those seeking coastal views. At the same time, the Golf de Pals, situated along the Costa Brava, treats golfers to sweeping vistas of sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

Cultural marvels of Barcelona

Barcelona’s cultural tapestry is woven with architectural masterpieces, none more iconic than the breathtaking Sagrada Familia. Designed by the legendary architect Antoni Gaudí, this unfinished basilica is a testament to Catalan modernism, featuring intricate facades adorned with symbolic details.

The Gothic Quarter, or Barri Gòtic, is another must-visit destination, where narrow medieval streets lead to hidden squares and historic buildings, including the majestic Barcelona Cathedral and the remnants of ancient Roman walls.

Art lovers will rejoice in exploring the creations of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró at the Picasso Museum and the Fundació Joan Miró, respectively. Meanwhile, the vibrant street art scene in neighbourhoods like El Raval adds a contemporary flair to the city’s cultural landscape.

The Rise of tourism and golf in Spain

In recent years, Barcelona and Girona have witnessed a surge in golf tourism as enthusiasts worldwide flock to the region to experience its top-notch courses and vibrant culture. Tourism and golf in Spain contribute to the local economy and promote sustainable development and environmental conservation efforts. Whether it’s teeing off against the backdrop of historical landmarks or enjoying a leisurely round amidst natural splendour, golfers will find paradise here.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best Barcelona golf breaks, look no further than the captivating capital city of Catalonia. With its cultural treasures, world-class golf courses and stunning natural landscapes, this region is an unparalleled destination for travellers seeking the perfect balance of history, art, and outdoor recreation.