Spain Golf Holidays – More overnight stays and foreign golf tourists in Huelva

El Rompido North. Golf tourism is growing in Huelva

Golf tourism is growing in Huelva

The golf sector in Huelva, in Costa de la Luz, reported a 48.88% rise in overnight stays and a 31.29% increase in foreign travellers in February compared to the same month in 2022, confirming its deseasonalizing role.

The Huelva Golf Course Association, a member of the Tourism Business Circle, has favourably judged these data, released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), which support the increase attached to promoting this sector, which is so essential for Huelva.

“A good scenario was in sight for this segment for this year as a result of the first contacts kept with international operators (European market)”, according to a statement. The scenario has been confirmed by the data obtained in the first months of 2023.

Initial expectations have been exceeded, according to January statistics showing a 72.96% increase in hotel accommodations and a 67.42% increase in foreign visitors.

From a financial standpoint, the industry is still having the same problems it did this time last year due to the “disproportionate” increase in production and operating costs that pretty much every activity is experiencing.

Thus, “we find ourselves with the only segment that actively and certainly complements the development of the tourist activity linked to the holiday segment, and is effective in terms of the fight against persistent seasonality that it suffers from”, the Association concluded after considering the available data.

Huelva is home to stunning golf courses like El Rompido North and South, often considered among the finest golf courses in the Costa de la Luz region.

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Spain Golf – Isla Canela Old Golf Course installed photovoltaic panels for self-consumption

Isla Canela Old. Isla Canela Old installed photovoltaic panels for self-consumption

Isla Canela Old wants energy independence

Isla Canela Golf’s photovoltaic enclosure on the Isla Canela Old course has been recently installed and turned on. Located in the out rough area of the golf course, the installation has a total surface area of around 1500 square metres and has been used as part of a larger effort to reduce the irrigated area and make better use of water.

The Isla Canela Golf Hotel, the clubhouse, and the golf course’s irrigation water pumping system will all be able to utilise electricity from the solar array, which includes a compensation mechanism for energy that is not self-consumed.

The owners of Isla Canela Golf are hoping to further advance energy transition initiatives and implement steps from its Strategic Plan for Social and Environmental Sustainability in accordance with the sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations.

Isla Canela may now reduce its CO2 output thanks to this new installation. The owners have been calculating the company’s carbon impact since 2019, and this action will help them get closer to their decarbonization target.

Isla Canela is located in a truly unique place on the Costa de la Luz region, near Huelva, right next to the border with Portugal, and it is one of the most popular golf holiday destinations in the region.

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Spain Golf – The golf courses of Huelva highlight a “good summer” and are “optimistic” about the autumn season

El Rompido North in Huelva

El Rompido North in Huelva

The golf courses of Huelva highlight a “good summer” and are “optimistic” about the autumn season

The Huelva Golf Courses Association has stressed that this summer season 2021 “has been good” for them, due to the arrival of the national golfer, and has been “optimistic” for the autumn season because “it seems to be confirmed that almost all markets will begin to issue players.

This has indicated its president, Tino Cordero, who explained that the autumn of 2020 practically no international tourists arrived due to the pandemic of covid-19 and that, as it has been developing this year, they did not expect to have them for 2021, but that with the vaccination “the situation may change”.

In this sense, he pointed out that the “problem” comes from the United Kingdom, as with the restrictions they currently have, he believes it is “complicated” for travel agents to “start sending people out of their country”, as he pointed out that the rest of the European markets “are starting to work” and that this week they have already noticed “an increase in players”, as well as the hotels “changing from national to international tourists”.

Despite this, he stressed that they do not expect to have “pre-pandemic data”, although he was “happy” that the sector “can work”. On this point, he recalled that last summer the ERTEs were still in force and “some of the courses were closed, cutting the work dynamic that began after the confinement”, while this year “the idea is to keep the hotels open, especially the golf hotels” and “try to be open all year round and not close in December”.

After indicating that the “strong” season is the months of October and November, he pointed out that “when you really register occupancy that can be considered high season is during the month of October”, which is usually around 60-70% occupancy, while November is considered “mid-season” because “the days are shorter”, as well as “there are not so many people travelling” during that month. He also added that December and January are “quieter” months.

With regard to UK tourists, Cordero said that “their absence is noticeable”, because although the golf destination of Huelva is “well established in Scandinavia and Holland”, among other countries, the main market, “especially the larger hotels that operate much larger operations, not only in golf, but others who also send many golfers to the courses, if they are going to notice the lack of the UK”, because it is “the first country of origin to Faro”.

For this reason, he stressed that if this market were reactivated and they had “some demand” from tourists “an increase would be noticed, especially in the large hotels”. In this sense, he pointed out that the courses that remained open last year did so “above all to serve national and local clients”, but “not because there was business, but because it was a commitment by the owners of the golf courses”, despite being “a very bad and loss-making year”.

He stressed that this year “the scheme is different” and that they will try to “save the season and make it better than last year”, while expressing his desire to “get back to normal”. “This will be a year of transit, but we hope to be preparing for 2022 when we can return to real numbers”.

The province of Huelva has seven golf courses, two in Ayamonte –Isla Canela and Valle Guadiana Links-, one in Islantilla, two in Cartaya -El Rompido and the Nuevo Portil Golf course– and two in Aljaraque, one in Bellavista and the other in La Monacilla.

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