Diputación de Cádiz boosts golf in Spain tourism with sponsorship in DP World Tour and LIV Golf

In a significant move for golf in Spain tourism, Germán Beardo, Vice President of the Diputación de Cádiz, has announced the sponsorship of DP World Tour and LIV Golf tournaments in the province. The strategic decision aims to leverage the positive impact of golf tourism on the local economy, emphasising its role in reducing seasonality and contributing to the region’s economic growth.

“Golf tourism significantly contributes to our economy, fostering economic growth and reducing seasonality. The sponsorship agreement aligns with our 2024 Action Plan, outlining key strategies for the Tourism Board,” explains Beardo within the first professional day of FITUR and published by www.golfindustria.es.


The importance of golf in Spain tourism

Golf in Spain tourism is a significant contributor to the economy of Cádiz, with a 2022 report by Adeitur Consulting revealing that golf contributes over €770 million annually to the province, with a direct economic impact exceeding €400 million. Golf tourists in Cádiz spend an average of over €120 per day, significantly surpassing the overall tourist average in the region.

Until now, the Diputación has focused on positioning the province and Costa de la Luz as premier golf destinations. Efforts include partnerships with golf tour operators, enhancing air connections, and active participation in industry-specific fairs and events.

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Sponsoring the DP World Tour and LIV Golf tournaments underscores Cádiz’s dedication to becoming a top choice for golf enthusiasts. With an emphasis on strategic planning and economic impact, the Diputación aims to further establish Cádiz as a leading destination for golf in Spain tourism.

Golf in Spain investments: 100 million euros for the San Roque II Municipal Golf Course

Golf in Spain investments: 100 million euros for the San Roque II Municipal Golf Course

Spain is one of the top destinations in the world for golf enthusiasts, offering a wide range of world-class courses and unforgettable golf holidays. The country’s golf industry is continuously growing, and golf in Spain investments are becoming increasingly popular. One of the latest exciting initiatives is the planned asset of one hundred million euros into the San Roque II Municipal Golf Course in Costa de la Luz, southwestern Spain.

Berwick Real Estate, the new concessionaire, plans to modernise and improve the course, adding a new clubhouse, a modern driving range, and a hotel with a capacity of 100 rooms. This investment will revitalise San Roque II and generate considerable economic benefits for the local community and the region’s sustainable development, according to the investors and also communicated by the prestigious site www.golfindustria.es.

The original design belongs to Perry Dye (son of famous architect Pete Dye), who worked in collaboration with Severiano Ballesteros. The course extends over 45 hectares and is characterised by the size of its greens and the challenge offered by the strategically located bunkers.

With an innovative approach, the investors promise to transform the playing experience, attract local and international golfers, and solidify the course’s reputation as a world-class golf destination.

Golf in Spain investments

The planned investment will benefit golf enthusiasts and increase the region’s attractiveness. The Costa de la Luz is renowned for its natural beauty and is home to historic cities such as Cádiz. Its gastronomy is world-famous, and fresh seafood, local fish, and authentic tapas are an integral part of the gastronomy experienced by those looking for Spain golf holidays.

This tourism boost will generate significant economic benefits for the local community and the region’s sustainable development, as highlighted by the mayor of San Roque, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix. The project promises to boost the economy, generate employment and reinforce the reputation of golf in Costa de la Luz as a vibrant and modern destination. Without a doubt, this is one of the many good news we will have this season about golf in Spain investments.

Spain Golf Holidays – More overnight stays and foreign golf tourists in Huelva

El Rompido North. Golf tourism is growing in Huelva

Golf tourism is growing in Huelva

The golf sector in Huelva, in Costa de la Luz, reported a 48.88% rise in overnight stays and a 31.29% increase in foreign travellers in February compared to the same month in 2022, confirming its deseasonalizing role.

The Huelva Golf Course Association, a member of the Tourism Business Circle, has favourably judged these data, released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), which support the increase attached to promoting this sector, which is so essential for Huelva.

“A good scenario was in sight for this segment for this year as a result of the first contacts kept with international operators (European market)”, according to a statement. The scenario has been confirmed by the data obtained in the first months of 2023.

Initial expectations have been exceeded, according to January statistics showing a 72.96% increase in hotel accommodations and a 67.42% increase in foreign visitors.

From a financial standpoint, the industry is still having the same problems it did this time last year due to the “disproportionate” increase in production and operating costs that pretty much every activity is experiencing.

Thus, “we find ourselves with the only segment that actively and certainly complements the development of the tourist activity linked to the holiday segment, and is effective in terms of the fight against persistent seasonality that it suffers from”, the Association concluded after considering the available data.

Huelva is home to stunning golf courses like El Rompido North and South, often considered among the finest golf courses in the Costa de la Luz region.

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