Spain Golf Holidays – Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Resort celebrates its 10th-anniversary announcing deluxe upgrades

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Resort

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Resort

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Resort celebrates its 10th-anniversary announcing deluxe upgrades

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Resort will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a festive calendar from now until the fall, with owners, golf partners and resort guests invited to attend. It looks to be an unforgettable year, with the award-winning resort set to showcase new and improved five-star facilities to solemnize the date.

The impressive renovations at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Resort include two unique new dining experiences, an elegantly renewed beach club and an updated golf course, already award four times at the World Golf Awards, as the “Best Golf Course in Spain”, with an additional emphasis on sustainability.

Under the direction of the resort’s new executive chef, Alfonso Lillo, and enjoying the success of the Italian restaurant Il Palco, which has become a favourite among the members and visitors since its opening in 2020, the Unik Restaurant, located in the clubhouse of the golf course, serves now excellent international cuisine with a Mediterranean influence and locally sourced ingredients for different tastes, while the new Umawa Restaurant offers a new gastronomic concept that fuses Nikkei cuisine with the finest Mediterranean products.

Special guests of the popular Las Colinas Beach Club will also be delighted this summer, as it is renamed ‘WOW Beach’ and it will present a new and stylish look as well as an improved gastronomic offering. On the other hand, golfers will also enjoy a great experience after a golf course redesign to increase sustainability.

Working in partnership with the Golf Environment Organization’s OnCourse program, the changes will not only reduce the amount of water, fertilizer and maintenance needed but will also create new natural wildlife habitats for the animals living on the golf course.

After presenting its anniversary program on World Earth Day, inviting owners and employees to participate in a tree-planting project, golf, tennis and paddle tennis tournaments are just a few of the events that can be enjoyed at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Resort.

Summer people looking for something a little less strenuous and glamourous can celebrate at one of several social nights, including an Ibiza-themed ‘White Night at the Beach’ night.

Tee Times Golf Agency congratulates Las Colinas Golf & Country Club Resort on its anniversary and deluxe upgrades that will make this already five-star resort, located by la glea beach and with views of the surrounding forest and mountains, even more, booming and desired by our loyalists. customers.

Always thinking of providing unique and super pleasant moments, any golf break will always be unforgettable, with this resort offering a wide range of golf packages, such as; 3 nights accommodation & 2 rounds, 5 nights accommodation & 3 rounds, 7 nights accommodation & 5 rounds or a long stay of 28 nights accommodation & 16 rounds, which can be in self-catering or with breakfast, in their cosy apartments or villas.

Playing Las Colinas Golf Course that extends across the valley between the hills or on the neighbouring courses; Campoamor Golf Course, Las Ramblas Golf Course or Villamartin Golf Course or staying at the Hotel Golf Campoamor **** or Dna Monse****, will always be a luxury and memorable golf break, wanting to return soon.


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El Bosque Golf Course. Costa Blanca Golf Courses and Valencian Community in collaboration in the Interclubs Pairs Trophy 2021 circuit

El Bosque Golf Course

Costa Blanca Golf Courses and Valencian Community in collaboration in the Interclubs Pairs Trophy 2021 circuit

Recently the inaugural competitions of the circuit ‘Interclubs Pairs Trophy 2021’ took place at the Valencian El Bosque Golf Course, an initiative that arises from the member golf courses of Costa Blanca and Valencian Community association to thank its partners and subscribers for the support received during the harsh months of the pandemic.

The circuit aims to encourage players to visit the largest possible number of golf courses throughout the Valencian Community at reduced prices by setting a maximum number of competitions to play.

On the other hand, all the amateur golf classifications in the Region of Valencia will be surpassed in terms of prizes. Couples ranked first in the final classification, who must compete in a minimum of three competitions, will receive as a prize an entry worth around 30,000 Euros that will allow the two players to have unlimited green fees for one year on the sixteenth golf courses of the circuit. Couples ranked second in each category will receive a similar subscription for six months and couples ranked third in each category will receive a similar subscription for three months.

The golf courses participants in this initiative are El Bosque Golf Course, Foressos Golf Course, Bonalba Golf Course, Oliva Nova Golf Course, La Marquesa Golf Course, Alenda Golf Course, Hotel Meliá Villaitana, El Saler Golf Course, Vistabella Golf Course, Font del Llop Golf Course, Lo Romero Golf Course, Las Ramblas Golf Course, Mediterráneo Golf Course, Altea Golf Course and La Finca Cortesin Golf Course.

The institutions that usually collaborate have wanted to support the launch of this new circuit by providing the welcome packs that the players will receive.

The Golf Federation of the Valencian Community also collaborates with this project and will be in charge of managing the ranking results with all the accumulated competitions, following its policy of support for the golf courses in the region.

The Costa Blanca and the Valencian Community Golf Courses Association has been promoting the destination and golf in the region for almost thirty years. Golf is considered an important factor for the seasonal tourism adjustment, with an annual economic impact of almost 750 million euros and more than 9,000 jobs per year generated in the Valencian Community.

For Tee Times Golf Agency this initiative demonstrates great generosity, mutual help and happy harmony between all participating golf courses, being to praise and congratulate them all.
The best way to collaborate is to join this brilliant initiative and participate in all competitions.
To be accommodated in the best way , we have a wide range of luxurious and charming hotels, such as; Hotel La Finca Golf & Spa Resort *****, The Westin Valencia *****, El Plantio Golf Resort *****, Double Tree By Hilton La Torre Golf & Spa Resort *****, Hotel Serena Golf Resort *****, Hotel Principe Filipe La Manga *****, Hotel Alicante Golf ****, Hotel Parador de El Saler ****, Melia Plaza ****, Melia Alicante ****, Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel ****, Hotel Meridional ****, Hotel Golf Campoamor ****, all with breathtaking views and excellent service for a dream golf break.


Costa Blanca & Valencian Community are outraged by the closure of the golf courses and demand its controlled reopening

El Plantio Golf Course. Costa Blanca & Valencian Community are outraged by the closure of the golf courses and demand its controlled reopening

El Plantio Golf Course

Costa Blanca and Valencian Community

As implausible as it may seem, since last January 21, the citizens of the Valencian Community can meet in closed spaces such as shopping centres, go to the cinema, the theatre, get a tattoo, nails or go to the hairdresser, but sports facilities are closed, even those sports that are practised in natural spaces and outdoors, without any physical contact, without public, in very small groups and with distances of hundreds of meters between players, as is the case of the game of golf.

For those unfamiliar with the golf sport, we explain that the distance between players must necessarily exceed two meters to avoid being hit by a ball or golf club. The games cannot be of more than four players, each one playing his ball, being able to also practice alone or in pairs. This particular idiosyncrasy makes it especially safe, golf was one of the first sporting activities to be reopened throughout Europe after the first lockdowns, and the sport that has had the greatest growth in many countries as it has been unanimously recognized as the safest sports activities that can be practised in these times of pandemic.

So, how is it possible that its practice is not allowed in the Valencian Community? So far no one has been able to provide any objective reason, from the Association of Golf Courses of the Costa Blanca and the Valencian Community in total consensus and coordination with the Valencian Golf Federation, it has tried by all possible means to explain to the authorities of Valencia and, specifically, of the Department of Health. Several letters have been sent, officials have been spoken to, meetings have been requested, but all have been in vain.

The golf courses affected by these measures have been; La Finca, Villaitana, El Valle, Mar Menor, Alenda, Alicante, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, Las Ramblas, Villamartin, El Saller GC Parador, El Plantio, La Sella, Excorpion and La Galiana.

The sector is fully aware of the seriousness of the situation we are experiencing, but it cannot be understood that such a safe and health-beneficial activity is prohibited. Golf has been declared a heart-healthy sport and its practice is very beneficial both physically and mentally, especially for the group of elderly players, undoubtedly the most numerous who practice this sport, who find in the practice of golf a healthy and safe exercise of which they are now being deprived with the consequent damages to their health. On all courses, some eighty-year-old players find golf one of the few physical activities that they can practice with the peace of mind of not being exposed to COVID-19.

Economically, this forced closure is creating a real disaster since a golf course works with a “living component” such as the grass, its fauna and flora, which must continue to be maintained, whether the activity is open or closed. Therefore, you have to continue assuming those expenses, even if it is closed and there is no income. The damages will be irreparable in the short and medium-term, also causing an increase in the immediate public spending followed by the closure and dismissal of hundreds of people. Let’s not forget that golf generates almost ten thousand jobs per year, just in the Valencian Community, almost seven hundred and fifty million euros of economic impact and half a million overnight stays in hotels.

The rest of the neighbouring and tourist Autonomous Communities have taken into account how healthy and safe it is to practice outdoor sports in small groups and without physical contact. In Catalonia, Castilla y León, Murcia, Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, etc., the golf courses are open with other similar restrictions. Is there any special risk for practising outdoor sports in the Valencian Community that does not exist in the rest of Spain? What can be the objective sanitary criteria by which the practice of sports outdoors is not allowed, in small groups and without any physical contact, but if we can meet en masse in a shopping centre?

Nor can we forget the “tractor effect” that golf has been playing for the tourism and economy, pushing other tourism subsectors and generating wealth in the territory (seven out of eight euros generated by golf go to other subsectors). Similarly, it is necessary to underline the strategic nature that golf will represent for the recovery of tourism, precisely because of its ability to generate wealth and jobs in other economic subsectors.

For all the above, from the golf sector of the Valencian Community, an urgent reflection is requested regarding all sports activities that take place outdoors, in very small groups and without any physical contact. It is inexplicable that a practice that offers maximum security, that is so physically healthy and so necessary psychically and emotionally, is not allowed now more than ever.

We at Tee Times Golf Agency are certain that the pandemic situation will be overcome in the best way for everyone and very soon we will be able to return to our sport that we love so much.
Reopen as soon as possible we recommend the excellent and very competitive golf courses on Costa Blanca & Valencia; La Finca, Villaitana, El Valle, Mar Menor, Alenda, Alicante, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, Las Ramblas, Villamartin, El Saller GC Parador, El Plantio, La Sella, Excorpion and La Galiana.