Honouring golf and camaraderie in Quinta do Lago: highlights from the 7th Tee Times Open Championship

January was marked by the 7th Tee Times Open Championship (19-21 January), bringing together 60 amateur golfers (in teams of two players) at the prestigious Quinta do Lago, which has some of the best golf courses in Portugal

Supported by sponsors like Hilton, Penina Resort, NAU Palm Village, Quinta do Vale, Espiche, Benamor and Quinta da Tor Wines, the championship showcased the golfing prowess of the players. The “Driving Range Heroes” team emerged victorious with Jim Gillis & Axel Bleymann’s outstanding performance, clinching the champions’ cup and fantastic prizes, including stays at Hilton Vilamoura and green fees in Quinta do Lago.

The camaraderie of the Tee Times Open Championship kicked off on January 18 with a warm welcome at Chez Carlos Restaurant, setting the stage for an unforgettable tournament.


7th Tee Times Open Championship recap

Despite a rainy start at Quinta do Lago North, players enthusiastically navigated the challenging course. The competition continued at Quinta do Lago Laranjal, where strategic play was crucial on the picturesque, sun-soaked course surrounded by orange groves. Axel Bleymann’s remarkable hole-in-one on Laranjal’s second hole added an extra thrill to the event. 

The final showdown at Quinta do Lago South tested golfers with its natural surroundings overlooking Ria Formosa’s reserve. “Last Minute” claimed victory on the last day (John Balvers and Jorge Diogo), demonstrating resilience and skill. Each day featured unique formats, emphasising teamwork and individual prowess.

“Our Open Championship at Quinta de Lago was an excellent excuse to meet friends and clients. We faced three very demanding golf courses, especially in the first round, with adverse weather. Then the sun shone, and the weather was fantastic to enjoy these wonderful and well-prepared golf courses,” said Carlos Ferreira, CEO and founder of Tee Times Golf Agency.

“We celebrate our friendship and the work we have done for more than 30 years, providing golf and tourism services with professionalism and passion,” added Ferreira, who was grateful to the sponsors and those who organised the championship.

The Tee Times Open Championship celebrated exceptional golf and fostered fellowship and friendship among participants from England, Ireland, Netherlands, France and Portugal. The event showcased the beauty of golf in Portugal and the dedication of Tee Times Golf Agency, a key player in promoting golf and tourism in Portugal and Spain for over 30 years. With a legacy of excellent service, Tee Times continues to attract golf enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying its position as a trusted name in the industry.


1st Driving Range Heroes (Jim Gillis & Axel Bleymann) 110 points.
2nd Longman & Rothwell (Paul Longman & Neal Rothwell) 109 points.
3rd Urban Rhino (Michael Hall & Scott Couper) 106 points.


7th edition of “Tee Times Open Championship”: the best of Quinta do Lago ready to celebrate golf and friendship

Golf fans, get ready to pack your clubs and head to Portugal for the Tee Times Open Championship. Celebrating its seventh edition, the tournament promises three exciting days (19-21 January) of golf and camaraderie on some of the most challenging courses in the Algarve region. 

Participants will play in pairs and be privileged to take on the magic of golf in Portugal on three outstanding courses: Quinta do Lago North, Quinta do Lago South, and Quinta do Lago Laranjal. These courses offer not only strategic challenges but also impressive views and the guarantee of a unique experience on every hole. Portugal has become a premier golf destination, and the Tee Times Open Championship highlights this with its three incredible courses.

Tee Times Open Championship Welcome at Chez Carlos Restaurant

The tournament kicks off with a warm welcome at the famous Chez Carlos Restaurant on January 18. Participants can relax, share anticipations, and enjoy delicious Portuguese cuisine. 

Portugal has established itself as a premier golf destination with world-class golf courses. The seventh edition of the “Tee Times Open Championship” highlights the excellence of golf in the country and offers participants the opportunity to enjoy Portuguese hospitality and the scenic beauty of the Algarve.

Portugal Golf Breaks

Golf courses in Portugal are known for their innovative design and strategic challenges, and the “Tee Times Open Championship” is no exception. Participants will experience first-hand why Portugal is a world-renowned golf destination.

Thanks to Quinta do Lago, which welcomes the tournament just like last year, and the sponsors (Hilton, Penina Resort, NAU Palm Village, Quinta do Vale, Espiche, Benamor and Quinta da Tor Wines) who make this competition possible, golfers can enjoy a memorable experience in Portugal’s golf majesty. 

In short, from January 19 to 21, Algarve will be the epicentre of the seventh edition of this exciting tournament that summarizes the camaraderie and more than 30 years of work of Tee Times Golf Agency. From the welcome at Chez Carlos Restaurant to the challenges on the courses at Quinta do Lago, this event promises lots of fun and immersion in the majesty of golf in Portugal. Prepare to score your perfect shot and enjoy three unforgettable days with friends at the Tee Times Open Championship.

Portugal Golf – Grand Young Talent Golf Tournament, by Wyndham Grand Algarve

Quinta do Lago North Golf Course. Quinta do Lago North will be one of the hosts of the golf tournament

The golf tournament will take place at Quinta do Lago

From April 14-16, the Wyndham Grand Algarve will organize the prestigious The Grand Young Talent Golf Tournament on the world-famous golf courses of Quinta do Lago.

This exclusive competition is a great way to allow young golf fans to get experience and exposure to the sport while also having a great time and meeting new friends.

A native from the Algarve and also a DP World Tour professional, the Portuguese golfer Ricardo Santos will be the event ambassador and will lead a golf clinic for all attendees.

“It’s great to be a part of this tournament and to help junior golf”, said Ricardo Santos.

Depending on the participant’s age, the Grand Young Talent Golf Tournament may use a variety of formats, such as stroke play for the U18 and U14 divisions or Stableford for the U10 division.

The rules of the game will dictate how the general and category awards are distributed, and both the gross and net score methods will be used.

According to reports, junior golf in Portugal has been on the rise in recent years, and several groups and initiatives have been established to foster its growth on a national and regional scale.

“Golf is a great sport for children for many reasons, it helps develop focus and resilience, it contributes to the development of social skills and it teaches you about integrity and honesty”, says Ricardo Santos.

Ricardo Santos aspires to encourage and support young golfers at The Grand Young Talent Golf Tournament and beyond through his ambassadorship and golf clinic.

Book your golf holidays in the Algarve with Tee Times Golf Agency and play on some of the best golf courses in Portugal.

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