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Portugal Golf - 2022 National calendar packed with almost 120 events

Posted on 20 Jan 2022

Royal Óbidos golf course

It starts today, 15th January, with the 1st Drive Tour Tournament / National Youth Championship, at Amendoeira Golf Resort.

The return of the Hyundai National Championship to the Aroeira Pines Classic in Almada is one of the novelties on the official 2022 calendar of the Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG), which kicks off next Saturday, January 15, with the 1st Drive Tour Tournament/National Youth Championship at Amendoeira Golf Resort in Silves.

It is an extensive competitive schedule, with 107 tournaments spread throughout the country, including the autonomous regions, not counting the Drive School events, which are more geared towards the promotion of the sport in schools, than to a "pure and hard" competition.

And if to the FPG events we add the Portugal Masters (still to be confirmed), at least three national professional tournaments organized by other entities and the new Portugal Tour (an international professional circuit in the Algarve), the total number of golf tournaments for top competition in Portugal in 2022 should approach 120.

The federative calendar can be divided into seven major sectors that cover players of all age groups: International Championships, National Championships, FPG Circuit, Mid-Amateur Circuit, Drive Tour/ National Youth Championships, Drive Challenge and Pitch & Putt.

There will also be an intense activity of national teams of all age groups, both amateur teams, as well as the recent project of the national team of professionals; and there will also be, increasingly, the participation of Portuguese players in international competitions, both in amateur circuits and in the main professional circuits.

"We will have, roughly, a calendar very similar to that of 2021, with the big difference that 2022 will be a World Championship year", underlined João Coutinho, the national technical director of the FPG.

In fact, the "World Amateur Team Championships" will be held in France, on the outskirts of Paris, on the Albatros golf course of Le Golf National and also on the Red Golf Course of Saint-Nom-La-Brèteche Golf.

The women's World Championship, the 29th edition of the Espírito Santo Trophy, will be held from August 24th to 27th, while the men's World Championship, the 32nd edition of the Eisenhower Trophy, will take place from August 31st to September 3rd.

Portuguese Open and Portugal Masters

The highlight of 2022 will be the Open de Portugal at Royal Óbidos, for the third consecutive year on that Óbidos Golf Course, designed by the late Seve Ballesteros. The only Portuguese tournament of the Challenge Tour, which always attracts the elite of the second European division of professional golf, is scheduled from September 15 to 18.

The Open de Portugal, an FPG tournament, could eventually become the most important Portuguese golf event in 2022 because the Portugal Masters has not yet been included in the 2022 calendar of the DP World Tour (the former European Tour).

There is, however, an unfilled vacancy on the DP World Tour calendar between October 20 and 23 and, it should be remembered, in 2021, the Portugal Masters was only definitively confirmed about two months before it was due to take place. The same may happen in 2022.

Portugal International Amateur Championships

Right at the beginning of the year, as usual, the 92nd Amateur International Championships of Portugal will inaugurate the calendar of the European Golf Association (EGA), at the Montado Hotel & Golf Resort, in Palmela.

The women's tournament runs from January 26 to 29 and the men's from February 9 to 12. Traditionally, many of the best European amateurs travel to Portugal for these two tournaments.

The importance of the Portugal International Amateur Championship for the best Portuguese amateurs, who can amass important world ranking points there - as has been seen in recent years, with the triumphs of Vítor Londot Lopes and Daniel da Costa Rodrigues, respectively in 2018 and 2019 - means that the FPG seeks to provide them with the best possible preparation.

FPG Circuit and other professional tournaments

In this sense, the 1st FPG Circuit Tournament has been scheduled for February 5 and 6, at Montado Golf Course, three days before the International Men's Amateur Championship of Portugal.

"This event will serve to prepare the field and the players for the International Amateur. The decision to make this tournament at Montado Golf Course followed this strategy", confirmed João Coutinho.

The FPG Circuit has always brought together the best amateurs playing in Portugal, but since 2021 it has raised a qualitative level by also integrating professional players. It has become the new jewel in the FPG calendar and the 2021 experience was extremely positive.

Portugal Golf - Cascais Golf Trophy ready for its sixth edition

Posted on 20 Jan 2022

Oitavos Dunes Golf Course

José Carlos Rodrigues and Vítor Paixão present the circuit which they say is a "meeting of nationalities".

The sixth edition of the Cascais Golf Trophy will start on January 28 and, in 2022, any golf course member can take part in this competition with nine qualifying events throughout the year, to end with the final at Oitavos Dunes. This tournament was created in 2016 by the courses in the Cascais region, and its operational management is the responsibility of José Carlos Rodrigues and Vítor Paixão, who kick off here.

Golftattoo - What distinguishes the Cascais Golf Trophy from other tournaments?

Vítor Paixão - The Cascais Golf Trophy is a competition played throughout the year on the seven courses in the Cascais region. It was created so that members of the various courses could enjoy the region's courses and, mainly, with the aim of creating synergies between all players to make the offer of these seven courses more attractive to members.

José Carlos Rrodrigues - It should also be noted that the Cascais Golf Trophy brings together a wide variety of players from 30 to 75 years of age, of Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese, Russian, French, Swiss and Italian nationalities, all living in the region, making this competition a meeting of nationalities that is difficult to find in other tournaments.

Portugal Golf - Drive Circuit / National Youth Championship kicks off with 90 players in the Algarve

Posted on 19 Jan 2022

Amendoeira O'Connor Golf Course

Absolute national champion, Sofia Barroso Sá, commands the under-1 competition

The Driving Circuit / National Youth Championship opened this Saturday, 15 January, the official 2022 calendar of the Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG).

The first tournament of the main FPG junior circuit took place until Sunday, 16th January at the Amendoeira Golf Resort, in Silves.

It was two days, where 90 youngsters of both genders discussed the first trophies of the year in the under-12 and under-14 age groups on the O'Connor Jr. Golf Course, and in the under-16 and under-18 age groups on the Faldo Golf Course.

The youth elite of Portuguese golf responded present and all the 2021 national youth champions were present, with the exception of Pedro Afonso Mendes, who can no longer join the under-18s.

Moreover, Francisca Salgado, Inês Belchior, Ana da Costa Rodrigues, Sofia Barroso Sá, Francisco Reis, Tomás Afonso Araújo and Afonso da Costa Rodrigues are all competing on the Algarve golf course, all national champions in 2021, but most of whom are playing this year in the next bracket.

Of course, the presence of Sofia Barroso Sá stands out for also being the absolute national champion, since last year she surpassed the best Portuguese amateurs and professionals in the Hyundai Absolute National Championship.

For the fifth consecutive year, the titles of national youth champions, from under 12 to under 18, have been awarded to the No.1 on the Drive Tour Ranking.

So, instead of playing just one tournament, as happened in the past, players must now excel, showing consistency throughout the year, in order to reach the much sought-after No.1.

This year, the regular phase comprises six tournaments that qualify for the Drive Tour/National Youth Championship National Final, scheduled for the Montado Hotel & Golf Resort, in Palmela, on 12th and 13th November.

"The novelty in 2022 is that foreign players will be able to participate in the National Final," said João Coutinho.

The national technical director specified that, "However, as foreigners cannot be designated national champions, they will not be part of the National Final classification."

"This change does not take away any place from Portuguese players, because we have chosen to increase the number of participants in the National Final. The presence of foreigners will raise the competitive level", added the federative leader.

After the Algarve round, the Drive Tour/ National Youth Championship will continue with the 2nd Tournament at the Oporto Golf Club (Espinho) and at the Club de Golf de Miramar (Vila Nova de Gaia), on 19 and 20 March.

This will be followed by the 3rd Tournament on 14th and 15th May in Benavente, at Ribagolfe Oaks and Ribagolfe Lakes; the 4th Tournament from 15th to 17th July at Santo Estêvão Golf, also in Benavente, coinciding on this date and on the same course with the National Youth Championship under-10; the 5th Tournament on 27th and 28th August at Estela Golf Club, in Póvoa de Varzim; and the 6th Tournament at Quinta do Vale Golf Resort, in Vila Real de Santo António.

"I call your attention to two important points in this calendar - says João Coutinho - and the most important is that there are no coincidences of dates between the Drive Circuit and the FPG Circuit, because they are complementary for the best young Portuguese players. But also the fact that we have anticipated a little the date of the 5th Tournament, in August, because it will eventually serve as preparation for the World Championships, something that may be important, especially in the female sector".

The most evident case is that of Sofia Barroso Sá, who is competing in the Drive Tour/ National Youth Championship, in the FPG Circuit and should integrate the national female team, should Portugal go to the World Cup in France.

At the end of the first day the leaders of the various age groups are the following:

Under-18 female, Sofia Barroso Sá (Quinta do Lago), 72 strokes (Par).
Under-18 male, Pedro Sousa Machado (Oporto), 72 (Par).
Under-16 girls, Francisca Rocha (Oporto), 82 (+10).
Under-16 male, Diogo Rocha (Miramar), 72 (Par).
U-14 and U-12 girls, Amélia Gabin (Quinta do Lago), 81 (+9).
Under-14 male, Daniel Riu Vasquez (Tavira), 75 (+3).
Under-12 male, Francisco Reis (Orizonte), 75 (+3).

Portugal Golf - Leonor Medeiros tells us how were the first months for the Bulls at the University of South Florida, in Tampa

Posted on 19 Jan 2022

Quinta do Peru Golf Course

In her first interview since she moved to the USA in August, Leonor Medeiros makes an extremely positive balance, in all chapters, of the experience that she is living as a freshman at the University of South Florida, in Tampa.

After having made a name for herself in Portugal as one of the best Portuguese golf amateurs ever, starring in a historic rivalry with Sofia Sá (who will also be on her way to the States this summer), the 18 year old athlete from Quinta do Peru Golf Course, in Azeitão, feels that this was the right step in her ambition to become a professional player, being able to conciliate her studies with golf at the highest level before launching herself into such a challenge.

In sporting terms, she soon established herself on the Bulls' team: she was a starter in all the tournaments held last year during the Fall Season, a season that you could say was a warm-up for the remaining months and years on the USF campus. Oh, and he had the opportunity to hang out with world golf stars like Nelly Korda, Lexi Thompson and Christina Kim, among others.

She is full of praise for the way she was received, the good environment and the excellent conditions she found, an entire structure built to help. She acknowledges that the pace of life for a student-athlete is very high and hard, but this has not been a problem.

She says that her golf coaches are, more than that, true friends. In fact, Leonor Medeiros says that she has made incredible friendships, namely with Sara Barata, also Portuguese, who is on the Bulls basketball team and has been a fundamental part in her adaptation.

Portugal Golf - Golf Club - Quinta das Lágrimas is in Golf Club - Quinta das Lágrimas

Posted on 19 Jan 2022

Quinta das Lágrimas Golf Course

The Quinta das Lágrimas Golfe Course in Coimbra has a new golf coach who will take over the coaching staff of the Golf Course.

Marta Ramalho has a degree in Physical Education and Sports from the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies.

She is a Grade II Golf Coach, working since 2017 at the National Golf Training Centre in Jamor, of the Portuguese Golf Federation.

To her curriculum she adds a wide range of training and also experience as a National Team athlete.

She is a dynamic and motivated coach whose constant goal is the growth of golf in Portugal, having always shown great commitment and passion in the projects in which she has been involved.

Come and meet Quinta das Lágrimas Golf Course and Coach Marta Ramalho!

Portugal Golf - Golf and its billion in the Portuguese economy

Posted on 18 Jan 2022

Vale do Lobo Royal Golf Course

Federation releases study on the macroeconomic impact on the Portuguese economy

The Portuguese Golf Federation has released a study on the macroeconomic impact of golf on the Portuguese economy, reporting a figure of one billion euros and the creation of around 16,000 jobs.

The study, requested by the Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG) from Deloitte, reveals that the direct and indirect impact of the practice of the sport in the generation of wealth in the national economy, in 2018, exceeded 1.9 billion euros (1,025 million euros direct), and is estimated to correspond to an indirect tax revenue of about 141 million euros, and in the creation/maintenance of approximately 16,600 jobs.

"It is a study that will allow us to support our decision-making. We, without data, are just another person with an opinion, and so we needed to have more concrete data," explained the president of the FPG, Miguel Franco de Sousa.

At the presentation by videoconference, which was also attended by Alexandre Barroso, president of the Golf Managers Association of Portugal, Pedro Santos Rosa, the Deloitte member responsible for the analysis, argued that the study has "a credible and robust result" and that "it comes at a very relevant time, when several golf sectors have been affected."

"In addition to the impact on the economy, golf represents qualitative benefits, at the level of Portugal's notoriety internationally, socio-cultural enrichment, infrastructure development and environmental sustainability solutions, among others," Pedro Santos Rosa highlighted.

Given the closure of 83 infrastructures in Portugal, with an average revenue per golf course of 1.8 million euros, and the stoppage of the sport due to the covid-19 pandemic, the figures presented today will not have the same reflection on the economy this year.

"The estimate is for a drop in revenue from golf courses of around 65%. In March there was already less than 50% of what would be the usual business and in April and May there was no revenue at all, but these three months correspond to the high season in golf. We continue and we will continue without tourists until September, so I would say that these 65% in golf could be a higher percentage in what the hotel business concerns golf", stressed Alexandre Barroso.

As a way of countering these falls in golfing revenues and minimising the impact on the national economy of around 600 to 700 million euros, Miguel Franco de Sousa defends, among other measures, the "reduction of VAT", currently set at 23%.

"It would have a very significant impact. It is such an important factor in the sports and tourism sector, and in a country where the practice of physical activity and a healthy way of life is encouraged, it makes no sense for the activity to be taxed at 23%, a highly penalising tax regime. I believe that reviewing the tax framework applied to golf would be an added value in the long term, as the 'lay-off' and moratoria are being in the short term," concluded the president of the FPG.

Portugal Golf - Elite golf in Hawaii for first tournament of the year

Posted on 11 Jan 2022

Plantation Golf Course

Sentry Tournament of Champions features 17 of the world's top 20 ranked players

Rory McIlroy, by choice, and Cameron Champ, with covid-19, are the only absentees among the players eligible for the Sentry Tournament of Champions ($8.2 million prize-money), the tenth tournament of the season on the PGA Tour and the first of 2022, reserved for winners in calendar year 2021, which is played between this Thursday and Sunday, as usual, at the Plantation Golf Course at Kapalua on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Among last year's champions, the only exception is Xander Schauffele: winner of the 2019 edition and runner-up in 2020 (along with Patrick Reed, upon Justin Thomas' victory in a play-off with both of them), he did not win any event on the circuit last year, but enters the field as a gold medallist at the Tokyo Olympics. In all there are 37 players taking part.

Naturally this Tournament of Champions is packed with the biggest stars in the sport, including the world number 1 and 2 respectively, Spain's Jon Rahm and USA's Collin Morikawa, the latter of whom could dethrone the former from the top of the rankings.

Patrick Cantlay (4th in the world) will play his first event since winning the FedEx Cup at the beginning of September and Phil Mickelson (33rd), who in May became, at 50 years of age, the oldest Grand Slam winner, at the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island, in South Carolina, returns to a tournament in which he has not played since 2001, and which he won in 1994 and 1998, when it was still played at La Costa Resort & Spa, in California.

Of the top 20 in the rankings, the only ones besides McIlroy not competing in Kapalua are Dustin Johnson (3rd) and South African Louis Oostuizen (11th). Dustin Johnson and Scottie Scheffler are the only absentees among the 12 players who represented the US national team and soundly beat Europe at the Ryder Cup in late September in Whistling Straits, Wisconsin.

There are eight players making their tournament debuts: Australians Cameron Davis and Lucas Herbert, South Africans Garrick Higgo and Erik van Rooyen, South Korea's K.H. Lee, Ireland's Seamus Power and Americans Joel Dahmen and Talor Gooch, the latter the 2021-2022 FedEx Cup leader and the latter qualifying for Hawaii after winning on November 21 at The RSM Classic on Sea Island, Georgia.

This edition of the Tournament of Champions marks a return to its normal format, as last year, due to the three-month hiatus in 2020 caused by the pandemic, there was an extension of the field to players who competed in the 2020 Tour Championship (the closing FedEx Cup event) without having won any titles.

Ironically, it would be one of them who would emerge victorious in 2021 and it is he who defends the trophy from today: Harris English, (12th). A year ago, he achieved in Hawaii what was his first PGA Tour victory since 2013, beating Chilean youngster Joaquin Niemann on the first play-off hole. English would go on to make it an encore last season by then winning the Travelers Championship after a play-off with Kramer Hickcok that lasted eight holes.

Only three times in the last 13 years has the winner's aggregate score at the Sentry Tournament of Champions not been at least 20 under par (the average is -22). In 2021, there were only 12 rounds over par. Whoever wants to win will have to make a lot of birdies and eagles.

The event will be broadcast live on Eurosport 2, from 11pm.

Portugal Golf - Montebelo Golf Course Tournament - Order of Merit of Quinta das Lágrimas

Posted on 10 Jan 2022

Montebelo Golf Course

The 7th and last race of the Order of Merit, was played last Saturday (8th of January) in Montebelo Golf Course by more than fifty players representing 9 clubs (Qª Lágrimas, Viseu, Estela, Engenheiros, Benfica, Vidago, Exército, ACP and Miramar). Despite the Montebelo Course not being at its best, the results were good. Rui Brás won in net with 41 points. Nuno Silva got 40, Manuel António 38, Carlos Miranda 37, Jorge Silva, João Monteiro, José António and Pedro Ferreira 36 and António Cunha and Jorge Sousa 35. João Monteiro was the best player with 26 points. Carlos Miranda and Pedro Ferreira scored 1 less point and Arnaldo Paredes, Tiago Rocha, António Cunha, Rui Brás and Jorge Sousa all scored 2 less. The longest shots belonged to José Santos and Isabel Guedes and the most accurate shot in hole 12 was by João Monteiro. At the end of the tournament the prizes were distributed to the winners of the Order of Merit.

Portugal Golf - Senior Ranking - Montebelo Golf Course

Posted on 07 Jan 2022

Montebelo Golf Course

The 1st Senior Ranking event of the current year was played on January 5th, at Montebelo Golf Course. Due to the weather conditions, half of the race was played with heavy fog (those who did not know the golf course could not play it) and the other half, some rain. With this situation, together with the fact that the Montebelo Golf Course was a bit flooded, the poor results were predictable. So, 34 points guaranteed the victory to Carlos Tinoco, followed by Manuel Trindade with 32, José Marques 30 and Samuel Barros and Marco Hélio 29. In the 2nd category the podium was composed by Paulo Neves with 29 and Álvaro Marreco and Américo Melo 27, while in the 3rd category the champion was the "young" Manuel Souza with 27. Manuel Trindade won gross with 21, followed by Carlos Tinoco with 20, Marco Hélio 18, José Marques 17 and Samuel Barros 16. The race ended with the tasting of a meal "Bacalhau no forno".

Portugal Golf - Taça do Capitão - Montebelo Golf Course

Posted on 03 Jan 2022

Montebelo Golf Course

The Montebelo Golf Course, near Viseu and excellent for your golf holidays hosted yesterday (Sunday, 2nd January) the Captain's Cup, an event that the Clube de Golfe de Viseu has instituted to perpetuate João Vinagre, the club's captain, who passed away 10 years ago. The first shotgun holes of this 10th edition were played in heavy fog which made the game very difficult. The golfer Maria Helena Coelho was the great winner of the trophy as her 71 net shots made it possible. Manuel Cardoso followed with the same number of shots, Fernando Pimentel 75, Paulo Camacho 76, João Navega and Paulo Domingues 77 and Roelie Lambrichs, Cristina Sousa and Vitor Costa all 78. The young man (16 years old) from Lisbon, João Iglésias who defends the colours of Miramar, used his handicap (1,7) and won the gross with 85 shots. Fernando Pimentel scored 2 more and Carlos Duarte, António Sousa and João Navega scored 3 more.

Portugal Golf - End of the Year Tournament - Montebelo Golf Course

Posted on 03 Jan 2022

Montebelo Golf Course

The seniors from Viseu played the last round of the year at Montebelo Golf Course, near Viseu, a great destination for their golf holidays. This last round didn't leave much to remember, mainly due to the weather conditions with intense fog and some rain. Even with these conditions, the first four of the net classificative defeated the Montebelo golf course. Luís Eugénio, who defends the colours of Quinta das Lágrimas golf course, reached the first position with 45 points. He was followed by Vítor Costa with 39, Adelino Ferreira 38, Samuel Barros 37, Carlos Graça 35, Álvaro Marreco and Paulo Neves 33 and Ricardo Coelho, José Amaral and Carlos Aleixo 32. Samuel Barros' 23 points gave him the overall victory, beating Manuel Trindade by 2 points, Vítor Costa by 4 and Jacinto Pinto and Paulo Neves by 10. The conviviality ended with the tasting of "Pito no forno", the poet golfer read a poem allusive to the moment and then toasted the end of the year.

Portugal Golf - Golf: 19th International Youth Tournament of Vilamoura

Posted on 03 Jan 2022

Vilamoura Millennium Golf Course

The Algarvian Rodrigo Santos was the absolute winner of the 19th Vilamoura International Youth Tournament, which took place on the Dom Pedro Millennium golf course, organised by Vilamoura Golf Club with the support of Loulé Municipal Council and the Parish Councils of Quarteira and S. Sebastião. Fifty youngsters took part, aged between 4 and 18.

This annual tournament, which is open to a record hundred participants, usually has a large delegation from neighbouring Andalusia and players from various national clubs, but the pandemic has also affected youth competition.

The participants play 9 or 18 holes, according to their handicaps, and the youngsters still without a handicap play a putting match. Most of them had the support of their parents during the competition.

In previous editions, this tournament had the participation of youngsters who are today a reference in national golf, such as the professionals Ricardo Melo Gouveia and Gonçalo Pinto.

In the very competitive putting competition, Vicente Fernandes won with 39 strokes, followed by Varvara Tiagun 39 and Carolina Custodinho 42.

In the 9-hole event, Russian Eleonora Savanovich, 12 years old, who is on holiday in Vilamoura, won and finished with 18 points, followed by Chinese Jia Shi 17 and Tomás Lima Pinto 14 points.

In the Under'10 category Rodrigo Sousa Correia won with 24 gross points and in the Under'12 category Brooks Barker won with 88 shots. In the Under 16's Tiago Abrantes won with 78 shots.

The absolute winner of the competition, Rodrigo Santos, won the ''Under 14's'' with 73 strokes over the 18 holes of the Millennium, followed by Dinis Rebelo with 78.

In the main class, under 18's, Tomas Mician won with 74 shots, followed by Miguel Krowicki with 76 and Gustavo Monteiro with 79.

The tournament closed with a lunch for the participants and their companions, always following the health security indications due to the pandemic, with small groups, separated and whenever possible everyone wearing a mask.

Portugal Golf - Quinta do Lago memories

Posted on 21 Dec 2021

Quinta do Lago South Golf Course

The Association of Sports and Culture of Quinta do Lago (ADCQL) closed its 2011 season with the Closing Tournament at the Quinta do Lago South golf course, which brought together dozens of its members.

The winner in Gross was António Santos, while in the three net categories Michael Vandycke, José Encarnação and António Camacho won. The ladies' winner was Graça Carter.

The prizes referring to the tournament, as well as the other ten tournaments held during the season, in a total of 61 prizes were distributed during a convivial lunch served at the Casa do Lago restaurant.

This year, the ADCQL had 11 tournaments, played on various golf courses in the Algarve region. Every year, the Quinta do Lago club holds a tournament abroad, and this year the country chosen was neighbouring Spain, Isla Canela golf course where the Iberian Tournament was played.

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Portugal Golf - Montebelo Christmas Tournament

Posted on 20 Dec 2021

Montebelo Golf Course

23 pairs took part in Montebelo's Christmas tournament, a charity event which this year reinforced the S. S. de Farminhão Association's coffer. As in recent years, it was played in texas-scramble mode with no limit to the number of the drivers , which allowed, along with the good condition of the Montebelo golf course and the excellent sunny day, the excellent results achieved, given that the first 21 teams were above four dozen points. The Coimbra duo Vicente Gouveia / Fernando Pimentel (they played with 15 handicap) was the protagonist of the day, as they won both tables. In the standard ranking they got 51 points, José Cabral / Teresa Cabral and Idalina Cardoso / Delfim Cardoso got 49, Romeu Coutinho / Paulo Coutinho 48 and Paulo Domingues / Manuela Domingues, Agostinho Lopes / Jorge Toste, Samuel Barros / João Navega and Luís Marques / Helena Coelho all with 47. In the ranking, the double from Coimbra equaled the pair of the golf course, being superior by 2 points to the pair António Cunha / José Santos and by 4 to the doubles Agostinho Lopes / Jorge Toste and Romeu Coutinho / Paulo Coutinho. This Christmas party culminated with an excellent buffet followed by a prize draw with vauchers from various golf courses in the country.

Portugal Golf - Portugal as one of the best destinations for golfing

Posted on 07 Dec 2021

Vale do Lobo Royal Golf Course

Portugal has been considered the 'Best Golf Destination in Europe' six times and in 2013 it was even the best in the world. This kind of title attracts a lot of public and many people can mean excessive spending of resources and generate a lot of pollution.

"The agents of the sector, public entities, associations, managers, maintenance teams and coaches are professionals with training in the areas of sustainability and our golf tourism resorts have already adopted measures aimed at a more efficient use of existing resources and a reduction in waste production and greenhouse gas emissions," contradicts the FPG.

Turismo de Portugal intends to empower the sector for a trajectory that wants to be more sustainable and support companies in this transition, which means increasing the skills of professionals in the sector with regard to the sustainability of the activity, leverage existing initiatives, give visibility to good practices and inspire everyone to do more and better in building an increasingly sustainable tourist destination.

According to the Study of the Macroeconomic Impact of Golf in Portugal in the year 2018, developed by Deloitte for FPG, the direct and indirect impact of the practice of golf in generating wealth in the Portuguese economy exceeded 1.9 billion euros, being responsible not only for 16500 jobs, but also for reducing the seasonality of tourist destinations, creating greater sustainability in business and employment throughout the year.

An undeniable example of golf's contribution to the sustainability of regions that depend, to a large extent, on tourism, especially when characterised by seasonality, is the Algarve.

Portugal Golf - Are golfers really aware of environmental challenges?

Posted on 07 Dec 2021

Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course

"The practice of golf puts the athlete directly in contact with nature and the environment, making them aware of environmental issues from an early age. The preservation of the golf course and the environment in which it is located, the environmental challenges faced by the golf club, among others, are known by the members of the club", says the Portuguese Golf Federation.

Tomás Bessa Guimarães is one of the golfers aware of the environmental challenges the world is facing. At 21, the Portuguese athlete adopted a vegan lifestyle and four years later says he feels "a great improvement in various aspects that contributed to an improvement in performance in general".

"I adopted a vegan diet roughly four years ago. I've always been a sportsman and a nutrition enthusiast . Half way through I would 'wander' through the literature looking for new studies that could add something new and improve my routine as an athlete. I accidentally came across a site called Nutritionfacts.org and was super impressed with the accuracy and content of the site. After checking that there was strong scientific evidence that a vegan diet could be advantageous over an omnivorous diet I decided to venture out. This was the main reason for my change", said the golfer from Oporto to SAPO Desporto.

Currently living in the Algarve, Tomás Bessa has already represented the Portuguese national team and was national champion in 2020, counting also with two international victories.

I feel I am giving the best 'fuel' to my body and at the same time having an ecological attitude and respect for animals and their ecosystems.

Over the years, the Portuguese golfer has felt increasingly activist, this because the benefits of this lifestyle have brought him the certainty that there are countless unfounded myths that lead people to completely reject these principles.

"Why should we kill animals to feed ourselves if we don't need them to survive? Why choose animal products when we know that their production involves an expenditure of natural resources that is not at all sustainable for the planet? I don't think it's fair for a child in Africa to die of hunger while a cow drinks more than 15 litres of water a day and eats as much feed to provide a few kilos of steaks?

The golfer explains that at the beginning of the change to veganism - which includes a new diet - he was accompanied by a nutritionist, but that today he already has a basic knowledge that allows him to be more autonomous.

In one of SAPO Desporto's reports about vegetarianism in Portuguese football, nutritionist António Pedro Mendes, currently working for Sporting Clube de Portugal, explained that "science seems to show that, when metabolic parameters are evaluated, or even through the direct evaluation of performance, there are no significant differences" between a vegetarian/vegan diet and an omnivorous one.

The nutrition professional also made it clear that an athlete will not be better on a vegetarian/vegan diet, underlining that there is no evidence that points in that direction. You can read the full interview HERE.

Tomás Bessa, who intends to compete in 2022 in the Challenge Tour circuit - the second European division of European professional golf - and achieve the ascension to the main division of golf in Europe - also left a message to all those who are reading this article.

"Reducing the consumption of animal products helps, and a lot, to protect our planet. Many people are unaware of the energy expenditure required to get the final product to the consumer and the impact that this whole process has on global warming and public health..."

Perhaps most prominent among vegan athletes is Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time world champion of the sport has already won the Person of the Year award for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for his activism in the sustainability of the planet, as well as having invested in the vegan fast food restaurant "Neat Burger" in London. He also produced the documentary "The Game Changers".

At 37, at the peak of his career as a Formula One driver, Hamilton has achieved celebrity status - which he seems to reject - allowing him to speak his mind, even if it means hurting organisations like the FIA (International Automobile Federation). The most important thing is not to let issues like the well-being of the planet, the importance of veganism and, above all, that we are all treated equally, regardless of the differences that may exist between humans, fall into oblivion. You can read SAPO Desporto's exclusive interview with the British driver held in 2020.

As golf is an Olympic sport, and considering that the theme sustainability is one of the pillars of Agenda 2020+5 of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which guides the actions of the international Olympic movement, the Portuguese Golf Federation has sought to mobilise sports agents, including golf professionals, for sensitive issues such as water consumption, habitat protection, waste management and the adoption of more sustainable maintenance practices.

Portugal Golf - Is golf environmentally friendly?

Posted on 07 Dec 2021

Quinta da Ria Golf Course

The practice of golf puts the athlete directly in contact with nature, making them aware of environmental issues from an early age. The preservation of the golf course and the environment in which it is located, the environmental challenges faced by the golf clubs in Portugal, among others, are known by golfers.

We think that sport in Portugal is just football, but the truth is that golf attracts thousands of tourists to our country, generating almost two billion euros for the Portuguese economy, translating into more than 140 million euros in taxes for the State finances. What's more, the golf sport is responsible for employing more than 16500 people.

Golf players play outdoors, close to nature and tend to value good environmental practices. The Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG), who talked to SAPO Desporto, says that golfers are aware of climate changes and how important it is to take care of the Portuguese golf courses, either by moderating natural resources or by preserving the environment.

For the entities that oversee the sport of golf and those who practice it, there is a very serious commitment to sustainability. There are various types of golf courses, from compact urban courses covering an area of 5 to 10 hectares (ha) to 9 or 18 hole courses occupying areas varying between 20 ha and 70-80 ha. Whatever the typology or size, the "coexistence of golf courses in Portugal, managed in a sustainable way, with the promotion of biodiversity is not only possible, but is a reality", the FPG tells us.

In urban and rural environments, golf courses have a relevant environmental and ecological function for the community. In addition to their important contribution to the experience and quality of life of users, whether they are golfers or not, locals or tourists, "golf courses have a high ecological value due to the diversity of flora, predominantly native, and important habitats for conservation that provide refuge and food for the fauna".

In addition, "the golf sector in Portugal has invested in reducing the size of irrigated areas, in the adoption of grasses adapted to the local climate and to specific soil situations and in the implementation of new technologies, assisting not only the programming process, but also the efficiency of irrigation, allowing significant water savings (20-30% reductions), through optimised irrigation, with smaller quantities of water, without the vegetative aspect of the plants on the lawn losing quality". More recently, the use of treated wastewater has become an important factor in irrigation management planning, except in situations where it is not technically and economically feasible.

The Portuguese Golf Federation intends to rehabilitate "urban areas and degraded landscapes, to enhance the improvement of air quality, thermal mitigation, water infiltration into the soil and the recharge of groundwater" on several Portuguese golf courses.

In protecting the environment, the Portuguese Golf Federation promotes "the adoption of environmental qualification tools for new or existing sports facilities, for example through the Golf Environment Organization (GEO) OnCourse® programme, promoted by the R&A." There are also the thematic awareness campaigns that stimulate the "implementation of good environmental practices through the Golf Development Fund (funding mechanism for Club projects)".

As an example, the FPG promoted a pilot project aimed at reducing the volumes of water consumed in the irrigation of the golf course at the Jamor National Golf Training Centre.

Portugal Golf - Royal Caribbean Match Play 2021 consecrates its winners

Posted on 02 Dec 2021

Salgados Golf Course

The 15th edition of the tournament was held at Salgados Golf Course, with excitement and a Sponsors Invitational.

CN Sports and Melair, the Portuguese representative of Royal Caribbean International, organised the 15th edition of the Royal Caribbean Golf Tournament. This year, the event had something new, as in addition to the Match Play played over several months from north to south of the country and with the participation of around 320 players, the Sponsors Invitational was held on the following day.

These two days of golf took place at Salgados Golf Course on 20th and 21st November and ended with a fantastic cocktail served by the W Algarve, followed by the prize giving lunch.

Patrícia Matias and Eduardo Lima were this year's great champions. In the second category, Patrícia Matias tied the last hole of the last match of the day to win...

In the first category it was necessary to resort to a play-off between three players. Eduardo Santos Lima won on the first hole with a birdie. He beat Tiago Costa and José Cândido de Oliveira.

The two winners were invited for a Royal Caribbean "golf cruise", between 12th and 19th June, in the Mediterranean, on board the Wonder of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, still under construction.

The following day, also at Salgados, the Royal Caribbean Sponsors Invitational took place, a tournament for 60 guests of the event's Partners. The net champion was Luís Filipe Luís with 36 points, and in gross Ricardo Pereira also won with 36 points.

The young Lucas Azinheiro was in evidence, by making a hole-in-one in hole 12; a par 3 of about 115 metres, playing a wedge. After the prize giving, there was also a raffle, highlighting a trip for two people in executive class, offered by Turkish Airlines, won by Tiago Costa, among others.

The 2022 edition, which will bring some new features, is already being prepared.

The Royal Caribbean Match Play 2021 had as main partners the Ageas Portugal Group, the W Algarve and LeasePlan, Banco Carregosa as official bank; as partners Freixenet, Turkish Airlines and Revo; it also had the support of Avila Spaces, Infusões com História, Shirt by Hand and Vista Alegre.

The official courses of the event were Nau Hotels & Resorts, Quinta do Peru and Oporto Golf Club; the official app of the event was Hole19 and had as Media Partners the TV program Golf & Golfistas, with transmissions in the several channels of SPORT TV, as well as GolfTattoo. All were essential to the success of another edition of the Royal Caribbean Golf Tournament.

Portugal Golf - Amarante Golf hosted an event with professional players from the country

Posted on 29 Nov 2021

Amarante Golf Course

Golfe de Amarante hosted, on November 20 and 21, the Amarante Invitational PRO AM, a golf event that brought together the best professional players in Portugal.

According to the organisation, it was "two days of competition at the highest level, which brought to Amarante big names of national golf, such as Pedro Figueiredo, Pedro Lencart, Tomás Bessa, Leonor Bessa and the former selector of the Portuguese Golf Federation, Sebastião Gil".

On the first day of competition, 20 professionals and 60 amateurs formed teams and the victory went to the MA Videira team, accompanied by the professional João Pinto Basto. On the second day the competition continued with pairs of one professional and one amateur, with the Fianor team, formed by Armando Ribeiro and João Ramos, a professional, winning. Professional Pedro Figueiredo, a European Tour player, was the winner of the event with an aggregate score of -7.

"The first edition of the Amarante Invitational PRO AM marks the return of high competition to the Amarante course and given its success, all participants look forward to a new edition of this fantastic tournament", guaranteed Golfe Amarante.

Portugal Golf - JM Golf Trophy: Golf helps attract investment

Posted on 24 Nov 2021

Santo da Serra Golf Course

Custódio Correia, CEO of the Socicorreia Group, begins by listing the "four brands" involved in the JM Golf Trophy and for which he admits to having "great regard". Then comes his personal taste for golf. "It's not a new experience for me, I've already done it in other parts of the country, and I have no doubt that it will be a way for us to boost both the companies involved and the Autonomous Region of Madeira."

"More and more our main client is foreign. The bet is abroad", points out Custódio Correia, with conviction. "The JM Golf Trophy will be a great event, it will show what can be done in Madeira and what can be taken out of Madeira, organized by Madeirans."

Custódio Correia knows that "golf meets our clients, it's the most appropriate sport for attracting this type of client. Most of our clients play golf, it's a sport much appreciated by emigrants and foreigners who want to settle in Madeira. We will show that in Madeira there are good golf courses, as there are quality flats and very good hotels, we have activities that allow us to conclude that it is very good to live in Madeira."

"This golf tournament will help us in attracting investment," concludes Custódio Correia.

Portugal Golf - Golf gives oxygen to tourism in the Algarve

Posted on 18 Nov 2021

Quinta da Ria Golf Course

In this second year of the pandemic, the Algarve has relied on residents to support tourism and minimise the loss of golf rounds on the algarve golf courses, reports 'Dinheiro Vivo'.

Golf has supported the activity in the south after the return to school, registering "some relevant demand" until the first half of December.

"July was not a month with good performance in the domestic market or in the foreign market. August was very marked, and similarly to what had happened in 2020, with record levels of hotel overnight stays in the domestic market that continued into September, so until September 10, when school started again," explains the president of the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA), João Fernandes.

According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), the Algarve recorded 8.2 million overnight stays between January and September, an increase on the 7.8 million recorded in 2020.

Until September, residents ensured more than half of the overnight stays - 4.6 million - having been 3.8 million last year.

According to João Fernandes, the return to school generated a drop in domestic demand "soon afterwards compensated by the start of the golf season and the resumption of the British, German and Irish markets," with "the courses with a good level of demand until the end of November."

Portugal Golf - Portugal golf courses – San Lourenço

Posted on 16 Nov 2021

san Lorenzo Golf Course

The San Lourenço golf course, located in the Algarve and ranked in the top 5 of the best golf courses in Algarve, has a fantastic lay-out as a result of its location, next to the Ria Formosa and Faro beach. This prime location and the existence of a huge lake next to holes 8, 17, and 18, favour the concentration of an abundant and varied animal fauna.
Yesterday I played this wonderful course with a professional and a lady with a high handicap, and I could see that in many of the holes, good strategy—club selection—is essential for the tee shot. The professional did not use the drive in any holes on the front nine, but due to the wind direction, he used it six times on the back nine. For an amateur player whose tee shot is not much longer than 220 meters, the drive should be used much more often.
The golf course features a wide variety of dog legs, with some strategically placed fairway bunkers and a not-too-aggressive rough. The greens are all generously sized, bunkered, and have very different shapes, making for always interesting situations when shooting the green.
The par 3s are all accessible with short or medium irons except for the 16th hole, which requires a 180m shot.
The practice putting green is small.
The driving range near tee 1 makes warming up easy.
The club house is old and rustic in appearance, but with excellent service and a sunny terrace.
This is the ideal golf course to visit for those looking for some great golf holidays or golf breaks.

Portugal Golf - Portuguese fail to make cut and say goodbye to the Dubai Championship in golf

Posted on 16 Nov 2021

Ricardo Santos - Dubai Championship

The Portuguese Ricardo Santos and Pedro Figueiredo missed, on Friday, the 'cut' at the Dubai Championship, thus saying goodbye to the last event of the European Tour golf season.

After a discrete performance on the first round, the two players did not improve today and finished well below the cut, thus missing the maintenance of the main European golf circuit. Ricardo Santos finished in the 83rd position, with 142 strokes (two under par), and Pedro Figueiredo in the 110th position, with 148 strokes (plus four).

Ricardo Santos, who on Thursday was equal in 38th position, still in a position to fight for the top places, had a very irregular round, with five birdies (one under), at holes 1, 7, 9, 13 and 18, and six bogeys (one over), at holes 2, 3, 8, 10, 15 and 17.)

Pedro Figueiredo, who had already had a bad round in the first round, had another day to forget, making a round with four more shots than the day before, on a day on which he scored only two birdies, at holes 7 and 15, for four bogeys, at holes 1, 2, 3 and 17, and a double-bogey at hole 8.

Portugal Golf - Pádraig Harrington and Matt Wallace confirmed for the 15th edition of the Portugal Masters in Vilamoura

Posted on 03 Nov 2021

Portugal Masters - Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course

Golf tournament will take place from 4th to 7th November at Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course.

Pádraig Harrington, European Ryder Cup Captain and former champion of this tournament, and Matt Wallace, winner of four European Tour titles, are confirmed for the 15th edition of the Portugal Masters, which will take place from 4th to 7th November at Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course, in Vilamoura.

The Portugal Masters distributes this year 1.5 million euros in prize money and is the last qualifying competition for the closing tournament of the European first division, the DP World Tour Championship, in Dubai.

Irishman Padraig Harrington, 50, won his 15th and final European Tour title at the 2016 Portugal Masters and "retains all his competitiveness". This year, he "shone in one of the Grand Slam tournaments, having been 4th at the PGA Championship, and was also 6th at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic", says the competition's organisation.

"I have always enjoyed playing the Portugal Masters. It's a fantastic tournament, where it's usually good weather and has a really good atmosphere," said Padraig Harrington, the European selector who lost this year's Ryder Cup to the United States.

Harrington joins five other Portugal Masters champions returning to Vilamoura this year: South Africa's George Coetzee (who will defend the title he won in 2020), England's Andy Sullivan and Steve Brown, France's Alex Levy and Denmark's Lucas Bjerregaard.

If for the Irishman "the Portugal Masters is the last trophy in his Palmares, where three Grand Slam titles stand out", for Matt Wallace, the victory at the Open de Portugal @ Morgado Golf Resort, in 2017, "was the beginning of a beautiful story".

The 31-year-old Englishman "was not a major figure on the international circuit when he won his first European Tour title in Portimão in May 2017. He had not even won any tournaments on the Challenge Tour, the second division of European golf, although in 2016 he had been No. 1 on the Alps Tour, with six titles won in that third European division," highlights the Portugal Masters.

The Portuguese Open "was unblocked and after that he seemed like a hurricane, adding in bursts, in 2018, three more trophies to his Palmares".

In 2018 "he was seriously chagrined at not being called up to the European team that won the Ryder Cup in France and he paid back with a 2nd place finish at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai" at the close of the 2018 season. In 2019 he proved his worth again with a 3rd place finish at one of the Majors, the PGA Championship.

"I won my first European Tour title at Morgado, not far from Vilamoura, and I always have good feelings when I return to the Algarve. It's a great place to play golf at this time of year and the Portugal Masters is a tournament I've always enjoyed playing in," said Matt Wallace, who has two top-10 finishes this year on the European Tour and three more top-10 finishes on the PGA Tour, with last week's 4th place at the Zozo Championship in Japan a highlight.

As previously announced, the 15th Portugal Masters will also count with four players that won tournaments on the European Tour this year: Scotsmen Grant Forrest and Calum Hill, the Danish brothers Nicolai and Rasmus Hojgaard, and also Frenchman Victor Perez.

The tickets for the Portugal Masters amount to 20 euros per day, for adults, 17 euros for those taking part in bonus programmes, 8 euros for youngsters from 12 to 17 years old, and are free for children under 12 years old.

Portugal Golf - Cascais home of The World Corporate Golf Challenge

Posted on 29 Oct 2021

Oitavos Dunes Golf Course

Kleya will be present in the 2021 World Corporate Golf Challenge World Final (WCGC) as official sponsor. The brand of Ageas Portugal Group dedicated to providing specialized consulting services to foreigners thus joins the event that will take place at The Oitavos Hotel - Oitavos Dunes, in Cascais, between November 1 and 4.

Vasco Rosa da Silva, founder and CEO of Kleya, explains that sponsoring an event such as this is in line with what the company wants: "Partners and events that present differentiating concepts, that may raise the profile of the tourist offer and that may contribute to the socio-economic development of the country".

In a statement, Vasco Rosa da Silva also stresses that "Portugal can be a very attractive destination for those looking for the ideal golf holidays, which attracts this type of investment, whether it is recognised world events, congresses or conferences".

Portugal Golf - South African George Coetzee returns to defend his Portugal Masters title

Posted on 26 Oct 2021

George Coetzee returns to defend his Portugal Masters title

Among the Portuguese players, besides Pedro Figueiredo and Ricardo Santos with direct access to the 15th edition of Portugal Masters, it remains to be seen who will benefit from a wild card.

The South African golfer George Coetzee will return to defend his Portugal Masters title, in Vilamoura, between November 04th and 7th, at Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course, which opens its doors to the public again this year.

After the health bubble imposed a year ago due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Portuguese tournament of the European Tour, endowed with 1.5 million euros in prize money, will once again be attended by the public on the Algarve course (Par 72) to watch the penultimate event of the season.

Although the entry list has not yet been revealed, the European Tour announced today the presence of defending champion George Coetzee, who won in the Algarve in 2020 his fifth trophy on the circuit, Scots Grant Forrest and Calum Hill and the Danish twin brothers Nicolai and Rasmus Hojgaard.

Among the Portuguese, besides Pedro Figueiredo and Ricardo Santos with direct access to the 15th edition of the Portugal Masters, as effective members of the circuit, it remains to be seen who will benefit from a 'wild card' for the only European Tour event that takes place in Portugal.

Portugal Golf - Portuguese golfers in good shape in the Swiss Challenge

Posted on 11 Oct 2021

Swiss Challenge - Ricardo Melo Gouveia

After having achieved on Sunday the fourth place in the Portuguese tournament of the Challenge Tour, Melo Gouveia, number two in the "Race to Majorca", completed the first round of the French course with 70 shots.

The Portuguese golfers Pedro Lencart, Ricardo Melo Gouveia and Tomás Bessa started this Thursday in good shape at the Swiss Challenge, led by the Portuguese Open champion, the German Marcel Schneider, at Golf Saint Apollinaire.

After having achieved on Sunday fourth place in the Portuguese tournament of the Challenge Tour, Melo Gouveia, number two in the "Race to Majorca", completed the first round of the French circuit with 70 shots, two under par, after recording three birdies (one under) in holes 2, 3 and 12 and a bogey to close the 18th.

Like the Quinta do Lago professional, holder of five Challenge Tour titles, two of which won this season, Pedro Lencart, who turned professional in the summer, also delivered a first card with 70 shots, but with a less consistent display.

The young golfer, 21 years old, made five birdies (1, 2, 5, 7 and 15) against three bogeys (3, 4 and 6) to reach the 43rd place of the leaderboard, tied ahead of Tomás Bessa, who reached the Par of the course in his debut.

German Marcel Schneider, who finished the opening round with 61 shots, 11 under, and leads the tournament with a two shot advantage over Frenchman Frederic Lacroix, runner up at Royal Óbidos, and Italian Enrico Di Nitto.

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