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Aroeira Challenge Golf Course (ex Aroeira II) - latest comments and reviews

Winkelmann Brigitte 2022-11-09
Tee-Boxes in poor conditions, not well maintained. A lot of Pitch marks on the greens, but this is the responsability of the Players, not the Golf Course. Some players from the Residences start from Tee 2, what is bad for the players starting on Tee 1 who have to wait the on Tee 2. We were unlucky and started behind a Group, so playing time was more than 4 hours.

Stuart Green 2022-10-02
Very attractive course on the same estate as Aroeira 1 [A1] but without the clubhouse facilities. Very pretty course with some very impressive properties overlooking the holes. Much more water than A1, especially back nine, and some memorable holes. We felt this was every bit as good as A1

Paul Davies 2022-09-27
The course was not in the best condition. The tee areas were scruffy and there was a lot of damage on the greens with some areas under repair.

Simone Bleeker 2022-09-23
Ich spiele hier immer wieder gerne. // I always enjoy playing here.

Daniel Mara 2022-09-16
Poor condition of course and severe lack of facilities. Incredibly slow pace of play.

Michael Behan 2022-06-14
Not well maintained golf course and Aroeira1 is a much better course

Claudia Bleeker 2022-05-15
Ein schöner Golfplatz. Die Sanitäranlagen könnten dringend erneuert werden. Das Personal ist sehr freundlich und kompetent. Das Clubhaus mit Bar und Pool ist toll. ///A beautiful golf course. The sanitary facilities could urgently be renewed. The staff is very friendly and competent. The clubhouse with bar and pool is great.

Simone Bleeker 2022-05-05
I love to play this course. Nice and helpful staff.

Reinhardt Wiesner 2022-03-29
The best golf course

Haunold 2021-12-02
Good course Exzellent Greens

Marc Eskenazi 2021-11-04
Nice course, still in very decent shape. the only problem is that there is no marshal on course to keep a decent playing pace, we were behind some very slow players and it took 5h15 to finish the 18 holes…

Carlo Bernasconi 2021-10-07
Very nice and challenging course, nice surroundings, fairways and greens in good shape, friendly stall!

Derrick Nash 2021-09-18
Course was okay, greens good but day ruined by very slow play and not Marshalled, couldn't wait for it to end.

Simone Bleeker 2021-09-15
Ein wirklich schöner Golfplatz. Die Angestellten sind sehr nett und hilfsbereit. Ich spiele hier gerne und immer wieder.

Jeffrey Pharoah 2021-09-03
Our group thoroughly enjoyed Aroeira ll golf course. The mix of holes is interesting and enjoyable with a degree of difficulty. We would definitely return to play the course again.

Rolf Zimmerli 2021-05-10
Lovely Golf course, fairways and greens were in good conditions

Alan Masters 2020-01-06
Interesting course to play, quite tight , need to be straight trees lining most fairways and water in play on some holes. There isn’t a clubhouse at course it’s just a shack, but course worth playing. Few dog walkers about, but they were aware of golfers. Not a manicured course but greens tees and fairways all good. Apparently the harder of the two courses

Schrepfer 2019-11-30
Lovely course, lots of trees and water. The tee- boxes need some refurbishing.

Willem de Lange 2019-10-09
Very good course, Friendly personnel.

Heinrich Pitas 2019-10-01
Der Platz ist nach wie vor im einwandfreien Zustand. Immer wieder gerne hier zu spielen.

Chris Grindell 2019-09-28
Great course - our favourite of the 3. Thanks for all your help in organising. We will be in touch again next year.

Heinrich Pitas 2019-09-25
Platz Ok. Pflegezustand Ok.

Jan Huysmans 2019-07-29
The welcome in the shop and clubhouse (@Aroeira I) is every time very professional en friendly. Aroeira II is always nice play with some great holes. Conditions of fairways and greens were good, only the tee boxes could be better (sometimes too round (not flat) , sometimes not many grass). Nevertheless we enjoy coming back to this great course !

Wolfgang Quinten 2019-07-09
Nice Place to Play ,the Greens and fareways are good. The surrounding could be netter.

POULAIN Patrick 2019-07-08
Nice course but Club House bellow expectations and Practice closed

Thelma Keating 2019-06-07
Staff very pleasant and helpful, course in reasonably good condition, lacking services on the course. Very enjoyable day.

Ended up playing Areoira 1 due to work on No2 course. Enjoyed the course very much condition good greens good service good no complaints. Only We haveQuinta do Peru booked for a second round before we go home We would have played this course again. But time has run out on us

Warren Green 2019-05-19
Nice course but no facility there.

Charles Morgan 2019-05-11
No problems Aroeira 11 in good nick

Adrianus Heskes 2019-04-01
This golfcourse has no bar/restaurant/changing room etc. Quite poor. Course itself is good but some holes are unfair.
Tee Times reply: Aroeira have 2 golf courses and all the facilities are at Aroeira I , 2 minutes down the road

Pieter Sandberg 2019-03-24
Excellent course. Friendly people. Pity the driving range was closed without us knowing. Also pity that the clubhouse is at Aroeira 1.

Sami Kauppinen 2019-02-20
Not nearly as good as course 1. Greens in good condition but fairways in poor condition.

Mrs Joanne Ryan 2018-09-24
Same as above, great golf, able to get the tee-times that we wanted

John Carrigan 2018-09-17
The course was in mostly great shape ... some greens where being repaired . The issue with Aroeria ll was that it has no club house .. you need to use the swimming pool bar that doesn't open till after 10 am ? The other problem is the cost of practice balls 6 Euros for 50 balls and of very poor quality.

Yvonne Kuhnert 2018-08-05
good course but especially the front 9 holes are a little boring because very similar to each other. Back 9 holes better and more interesting. Good greens.

Bruce Graham 2018-07-17
Although the course is still enjoyable its condition has deteriorated over the years to what it was 7-8 years ago.

Mechelinck 2018-05-21
Nice golf course, quiet when we were playing

HOUCKE HERVE 2018-05-10
Très beau golf. Mais ensemble de maisons et d’appartements qui dénaturent un peu . Très beau green

Jiri Hornik 2017-10-31
Straight shots are required on narrow fairways bordered with pinetrees. Only then you will be able to enjoy the scenery. The greens could have been a bit better. Bear in mind that there is no clubhouse at Aroeira II and you need to go to Aroeira I, However, it is not worth going there if you seek for good food.

Anne Gessner 2017-10-30
Nice to play, but difficult to find

Christopher Bennett 2017-10-17
Really enjoyed Aroeira 2 course, found it more interesting and challenging that 1. It was also very quiet. Staff at both courses were very helpful. At Aroeira 1 the clubhouse staff made us a breakfast of ham & cheese toasty, fresh orange and coffee before the kitchen was officially open. Groundskeepers were excellent at not interfering with play whilst they worked

Fred Norton 2017-10-17
A great course. Always a cahllenge. We relly enjoy playing this course.

Jim ward 2017-10-09
Very goid

Geoff Dyas 2017-06-04
Pleasant welcome from staff. Good value.

David Potter 2016-12-12
A much more challenging prospect than it's neighbour. Well placed hazards and large undulating greens. Slightly more strenuous walk than #1 but still very manageable. Some very good holes requiring precision tee shots and a classic closing hole that could easily undo a good round. Absence of any apres golf facilities is disappointing.

Rui de matos machado 2016-07-08
In very good shape

Paul Chattenton 2016-06-20
This course was fantastic, from tee to green a decent test to your game. Just be aware that there isn't a clubhouse at Aroeira 2, it's a short drive to Aroeira 1.

Jorma Paju 2016-03-21
The course layout is good but it was not in a good condition. Fairways near greens were sometimes in poor condition. ''The clubhouse'' was like a trailer without any proper place to change clothes. The green fee was very expensive compared to conditions. I will not play in Aroeira again.


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