Los Naranjos Golf Course,
green fees and tee times, Spain



Los Naranjos Golf Course, Information, Directions and Score Card

Location Marbella, Andalusia, Spain
Designer / Opened Robert Trent Jones, 1977
Holes / Par 18 Holes, Par 72
HCP L / G 36 / 28
Length (mt) 6116 m / 5813 m / 5056 m

Los Naranjos Golf Course - green fees deals and tee times:

Playing Date
1 Pax + Buggy
Shared Buggy
Maintenance - Los Naranjos Golf has not informed any maintenance works for this date


Tee Times Golf Agency Overcast Clouds
14 °

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Los Naranjos Golf course celebrates its fortieth day of remembrance this year since its foundation

The follow of golf at Costa del Sol dates from 1928, however it\'s not till late 60\'s once it was properly introduced; it absolutely was a period of mass commercial enterprise, building developments and foundations of the first golf clubs around Marbella and Andalucia province.

With the arrival of noblemen and celebrities in Marbella within the 70s, the town became a trendy place for British, Scandinavian and German tourists with extremely disposable incomes clearly differentiated from the mass commercial enterprise in previous years, as a consequence turning into the foremost luxurious place on the Costa del Sol was we know to the current day. Therefore, new golf courses were incorporated into the traveler supply on the Costa del Sol. In 1977 Los Naranjos Golf Course was inaugurated.

Since its foundation, Los Naranjos Golf Course has maintained a spirit of continuous improvement and also the temperament to please all its guests. Throughout these forty years, the club has been not just renovating all the facilities, but also improving them for benefit of is costumers and members while not losing the essence of the initial style that Robert Trent Jones, created for Los Los Naranjos Golf Course, today an importante milestone on spanish golf.

However, Los Naranjos Golf Course has adapt and improve its facilities to satisfy the foremost hard golfer. Los Naranjos Golf Course forever desires to be one step ahead in technology; this year we\'ve got endowed within the launch of a replacement web site and a mobile application specifically designed to make the customer\'s navigation a lot of easier and intuitive. We offre Tesla electric chargers in the car parking space and what is more, we offer to our customers with a Wi-Fi network during all eighteen holes so our costumers can benefit from the data and also the positioning of the GPS in all our buggies.

Furthermore, Los Naranjos Golf Course has developed associate economical and intelligent irrigation system altogether independente. As part of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary, Los Naranjos Golf Course will held, 3 extra tournaments with themed events to market the social lifetime of the club, additionally to the celebrations, new shares of Los Naranjos Golf Club are going to be place up purchasable for the growth and entry of latest members to the club.

The most outstanding golf holes in Marbella - 24 March 2017
The most outstanding golf holes in Marbella

Marbella is the operational hub of the 'Costa del Sol', an asylum for golf players , attracted by its warm climate, the quality and nature of its Hotels, the typical spainish cuisine and the native surroundings that spread out towards the mountains and the ocean. Marbella is a perfect must for enthusiastic golfers, presenting 16 golf courses. Below we take a look to the most outstanding golf holes from five renowned golf courses, in Marbella universally famous fulfilling the requirements and requests of any golf player.

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