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Spain Spain north Golf Ulzama Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Señorío de Illescas Golf Course Teetimes

Señorío de Illescas

Modern and functional facility that aims to serve the population of southern Madrid. Excellent facilities especially designed for beginners in golf and enjoy the paddle. Products designed for all ages, all levels and all ages.Long golf course 9 holes, par 36, Pay & Play model with different tees departures between rounds, allowing greater enjoyment of the players who want to play 18 holes.(...)

Spain Spain north Golf Señorío de Zuasti Golf Course Teetimes

Señorío de Zuasti


Spain Spain north Golf Izki Urturi Golf Course Teetimes

Izki Urturi

Izke golf course, designed by the renowned Severiano Ballesteros, brings innovation to golf architecture. The design of its spectacular holes and open fairways, surrounded by oaks, beech and holly trees, make playing at Izki a unique experience to enjoy golfing and nature alike.(...)

This golf course has season with the following available 1 type of rate: 18 Holes Round.

Spain Spain north Golf Goiburu Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Real Zarauz Golf Course Teetimes

Real Zarauz


Spain Spain north Golf Laukariz Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf La Junquera Golf Course Teetimes

La Junquera


Spain Spain north Golf Zuia Club Golf Course Teetimes

Zuia Club


Spain Spain north Golf Nestares Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Isla Dos Aguas Golf Course Teetimes

Isla Dos Aguas


Spain Spain north Golf Rioja Alta Golf Course Teetimes

Rioja Alta

Located between the villages of Cirueña and Ciriñuela, in the heart of the north of La Rioj.a, Upper Rioja , set in magnificent scenery in the world famous Rioja wine producing area, we find Rioja Alta.(...)

Spain Spain north Golf Villarias Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Lerma Golf Course Teetimes


Constructed in 1992 on a former estate of hunt for 220 hectares named The Andaya, Lerma's golf course condenses in its 18 holes the grand simplicity of the Castilian nature, surrounded by holm oaks and oak trees. A place of wide and luminous horizons, of sober orography and powerful vegetation, easy to walk and not so much of negotiating at the moment of seizing the clubs when the wind decides to be invited to the game, thing that happens two of every three days. The course is made; God did it '', affirmed the designer of the course Pepe Gancedo when he recognized the area before drawing what today is a reality. Oaks and sabinas splash 5.900 meters of its fairways in which is frequent to see hares or to spy the flight of flocks of ducks and geese that rest and are fed in someone of eight lakes and two creeks that mark the course. From its inauguration, Lerma has been a stage of prestigious professional and amateurs tournaments: PGA European Challenge Tour (1993), Professional Circuit of Golf of the RFEG (1995, 1996 and 1997), Professional Circuit Oki Tour (2000), Professional Circuit Peugeot España (2003 and 2005), Championship of Spain Amateur (1996 and 1998), among others. In 2004, Golf Lerma was chosen one of the 6 courses preferred by the Spanish seniors (Aesgolf) and considered by the prestigious Guide Peugeot of Golf among the best European courses by 17 points on 20.(...)

Spain Spain north Golf Riocerezo Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Llanes Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf La Rasa de Berbes Golf Course Teetimes

La Rasa de Berbes


Spain Spain north Golf Las Caldas Golf Course Teetimes

Las Caldas


Spain Spain north Golf La Morgal Golf Course Teetimes

La Morgal


Spain Spain north Golf Villaviciosa Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf La Fresneda Golf Course Teetimes

La Fresneda


Spain Spain north Golf La Barganiza Golf Course Teetimes

La Barganiza


Spain Spain north Golf La Llorea Golf Course Teetimes

La Llorea


Spain Spain north Golf Real Club de Castiello Golf Course Teetimes

Real Club de Castiello


Spain Spain north Golf Madera III Golf Course Teetimes

Madera III


Spain Spain north Golf Augas Santas Golf Course Teetimes

Augas Santas


Spain Spain north Golf Montealegre Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Val de Rois Golf Course Teetimes

Val de Rois


Spain Spain north Golf Meis Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Real Aero Club de Vigo Golf Course Teetimes

Real Aero Club de Vigo


Spain Spain north Golf Larrabea Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Real Nuevo Club Basozabal Golf Course Teetimes

Real Nuevo Club Basozabal

R.N.C.G. de San Sebastián Basozabal is an 18 Holes golf course designed by the famous professional player, José Mª Olazábal. Located in the city of San Sebastián, just a few minutes from the center. The Real Nuevo Club Golf de San Sebastián Basozabal lies in mountainous terrain and offers a panoramic view towards the famous peaks in the area. The course lies in a large amphitheatre, crossed by an irrigation channel where the waters from the surrounding hills converge, and there are two beautiful lakes which come into play: the first between the 3rd and 9th holes and the second between the 13th and the 15th. Basozabal is a long course, 6,499 metres from the white tees, and it is extremely varied and technical.(...)

Spain Spain north Golf Uraburu Golf Course Teetimes



This golf course has season low and high with the following available 1 type of rate: 18 Holes Round.

Spain Spain north Golf Abra del Pas Golf Course Teetimes

Abra del Pas

Abra Del Pas Golf course lies in the small town of Mogro, located in one of the most beautiful and most charming of the Cantabrian Sea landscapes, a place where the golfer can enjoy this sport in a comfortable, quiet and peaceful surrounding. The course is 8 km from Torrelavega and only 15 kms from Santander. It is called Abra del Pas as it is located precisely at the mouth of this river that surrounds the golf course. In addition to golf, the golfer can enjoy the beauty of their surroundings because the golf course is surrounded by forests and fine sand dunes making the fairways like meadows. The golf course has 18 holes and par 70. The Golf course has gentle ups and downs, a large lake that affects 6 holes and helps in draining the golf course and game strategy. Today it is a publicly owned course CANTUR (Cántabra Regional Tourism Promotion Society). It was redesigned by José Manuel Gutiérrez Serna.(...)

Spain Spain north Golf Logroño Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Meaztegi Golf Course Teetimes


Meaztegi Golf Club is the first public golf club owned by the Bizkaia Provincial Government and managed by Grupo Ansareo AEB S.L.Laid out to the design of Severiano Ballesteros and under the supervision of Trajectory, S.L., it has 18 holes with par 72 and it is more than 6 kilometres long.(...)

Spain Spain north Golf Ría de Vigo Golf Course Teetimes

Ría de Vigo

Challenging & beautiful championship course with numerous water hazards.(...)

Spain Spain north Golf Castillo de Gorraiz Golf Course Teetimes

Castillo de Gorraiz


Spain Spain north Golf Real Aeroclub de Santiago Golf Course Teetimes

Real Aeroclub de Santiago


Spain Spain north Golf Mondariz Golf Course Teetimes


Situated in the River Tea Valley, with superb views of Galicia´s verdant inland countryside.(...)

Spain Spain north Golf Mataleñas Golf Course Teetimes



Spain Spain north Golf Real de Pedreña Golf Course Teetimes

Real de Pedreña


Spain Spain north Golf Santa Marina Golf Course Teetimes

Santa Marina

Golf Santa Marina is the unique 18-hole course designed entirely by the cantabrian Severiano Ballesteros on their land. The 18 holes Golf course, counts with a wide range of services such as practice range, paddle, social club,… all it is located in a XVI century huge rural house and a XVII century chapel, integrated in a natural space, where the local wooded masses predominate between the streams that cross the property.(...)

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