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In view of the emerging global pandemic situation, originated by the novice coronavirus SARS-COV-2, it was the primary concern of the Regional Government of Madeira to ensure the protection and integral well-being of its citizens and tourists. In this sense, the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are a pioneer destination in the fight against COVID-19, being the first region in Portugal to have a Contingency Plan for Emerging Infections, to develop a best practices document and create an online platform for the registration of travellers (

Considered one of the safest destinations in Europe, based on recognized proven criteria, the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) was able to combine safety and leisure, providing its visitors with a peaceful and comfortable vacation or business visit, thus justifying the epithet of the World’s Leading Island Destination.

As a result of the timely promotion for the safeguard of the population’s public health and the prompt adoption of measures by the Regional Government of Madeira, so as to contain and reduce the epidemic, the risk of contagion and the progression of COVID-19, the Autonomous Region of Madeira currently presents a controlled epidemiological situation, with a low rate of infection and active cases, most of which are imported, and fortunately, no deaths have been registered to date as evidenced by the data published by the Regional Health Authority.

In view of the indicators achieved, the Autonomous Region of Madeira decided to reopen to tourism on July 1, date on which the Standardization Plan for Air Accessibility was implemented. Even so, all entry into the territory, by air and by sea, remains conditioned, due to the sanitary control and prevention measures still in force.

Ports and Marinas are also open to all types of vessels, including cruise ships.
However, boarding and disembarkation presuppose the fulfillment of a series of procedures, as stated in Resolution No. 509/2020 (portuguese version).

On August 1, the Regional Government of Madeira determined the mandatory use of a community mask for protection against COVID-19, in areas or places of access, permanence or public use, or equivalent, except for the exceptions as stated in point 11 of Resolution no. 623/2020 (portuguese version).

Trips to Madeira and Porto Santo

All passengers, whether Portuguese or foreign citizens, with trips scheduled for the Autonomous Region of Madeira, can perform PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) COVID-19 tests, without any charge, in several cities in the country. Currently, there are 30 sample collection stations for testing. When planning your trip to Madeira and Porto Santo, it is important to know the local regulations in force in terms of prevention and containment of COVID-19, namely:

1. Epidemiological Survey
All passengers must complete the mandatory epidemiological survey, provided by the Regional Health Authority, on the digital platform The completion can be done in the 48h to 12h prior to boarding and must be done, individually, by each passenger, except for dependents up to 12 years old, whose registration must be included in the survey of one of the accompanying adults. After completing the registration, the passenger receives a notification, via e-mail, with his access code for the platform. The passenger should login to his account where he/she will find the respective QR Code, to be presented upon arrival at Madeira Airport. The PCR test result can also be submitted in advance on the platform.

2. Thermal screening
All passengers disembarked at airports in the Autonomous Region of Madeira are subject to thermal screening, without exceptions.

3. Testing for COVID-19 - Very Important to read
All passengers who, when disembarking, carry a negative PCR test for COVID-19, carried out within 72 hours prior to boarding, in laboratories certified by national or international authorities, can proceed to their destination.
On the otherhand, passengers who have not undergone PCR testing at their location of origin will do so upon arrival at the airport, then proceed to their destination where they must wait for an estimated period of 12h, in confinement, to receive the result.
In the exceptional cases of refusal to carry out the test upon arrival, passengers may choose to 1) fulfill voluntary isolation, for a period of 14 days, at their home or at the hotel where they are staying, and if the accommodation is less than 14 days, the confinement will cover the duration of the accommodation period; or 2) return to the destination of origin or any other destination outside the territory of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, fulfilling, until the time of the flight, isolation at home or in the hotel establishment where he/she is staying. In these cases, the accommodation costs will be borne by the traveller.

3.1 Children
Children are exempt from testing in childhood and pre-adolescence, with exception to:

  • Children from 12 years old, upon decision by the Health Authorities;

  • Children with probable criteria for COVID-19 disease;

  • Children whose family members or companions are probable cases;

  • Other situations validated by the Health Authorities.

4. Monitoring
All passengers will be monitored through the Madeira Safe To Discover app, by the Regional Health Authority, of voluntary but recommended use, or by telephonic contact.
It should be noted that travelling between the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo is exempt from any control of the state of health of the respective travellers.

5. Positive Result
If the passenger has a positive PCR test result, he must comply with mandatory confinement, compulsively if necessary, for a period of 14 days, in a health establishment, in his/her home or in a hotel establishment, upon decision of the competent health authorities.

6. Repatriation
In the case of repatriation, the Regional Government of Madeira collaborates with all diplomatic authorities and tour operators involved.
Charges related to repatriation operations must be covered by the travel insurance policy of the passengers concerned.

7. Diverted Flights
Passengers on diverted flights, from Madeira Airport to Porto Santo Airport, must remain in mandatory isolation at the airport until boarding, by air travel, to Madeira.
Passengers wishing to stay in Porto Santo or travel to Madeira by sea, must undergo PCR testing at Porto Santo Airport, by a team appointed by the Municipal Health Authority, and remain in mandatory isolation until receiving the result;
Passengers, who proceed by air travel from Porto Santo Airport to Madeira Airport, should be identified and their identifications reported to the Health Authority located at Madeira Airport, who will assess the eventual exemption from testing if they have a negative PCR result.
Passengers are advised to establish contact with their airline, tour operator or travel agent to adjust any changes that may arise.

8. Health Safety Regulations
As complementary preventive COVID-19 measures, it is recommended to fully comply with the following rules:

  • Use of a face mask, especially in closed areas and public transport (mandatory);

  • Social distancing (2 metres between persons and avoiding clusters);

  • Frequent hand hygiene;

  • Respiratory etiquette

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